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Beetles (Coleoptera) (41 Galleries)

New images will appear at the beginning of the gallery for a few weeks.

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Please feel free to correct my ID if you see any mis-identifications. Thank you!

Clay-coloured beetle  (Anomoea laticlavia)
Clay-coloured beetle (Anomoea laticlavia)
Two-horned powder post beetle (Lichenophanes bicornis)
Two-horned powder post beetle (Lichenophanes bicornis)
Two-horned powder post beetle (Lichenophanes bicornis)
Two-horned powder post beetle (Lichenophanes bicornis)
Clown beetle (Atholus)?
Clown beetle (Atholus)?
Goldenrod leaf beetle
Goldenrod leaf beetle
Crawling Water Beetles  (Family:  Haliplidae)
:: Crawling Water Beetles (Family: Haliplidae) ::
Ground Beetles (Carabidae)
:: Ground Beetles (Carabidae) ::
Tiger Beetles (Family: Carabidae, Subfamily: Cicindelinae)
:: Tiger Beetles (Family: Carabidae, Subfamily: Cicindelinae) ::
Predacious Diving Beetles (Family: Dytiscidae)
:: Predacious Diving Beetles (Family: Dytiscidae) ::
Whirlygig Beetles (Family: Gyrinidae)
:: Whirlygig Beetles (Family: Gyrinidae) ::
Carrion Beetles (Family: Silphidae)
:: Carrion Beetles (Family: Silphidae) ::
Rove Beetles (Family: Staphylinidae)
:: Rove Beetles (Family: Staphylinidae) ::
Scarab Beetles (Scarabaeidae)
:: Scarab Beetles (Scarabaeidae) ::
Stag Beetles (Family: Lucanidae)
:: Stag Beetles (Family: Lucanidae) ::
Soldier Beetles  (Family: Cantharidae)
:: Soldier Beetles (Family: Cantharidae) ::
Fireflies (Lampyridae)
:: Fireflies (Lampyridae) ::
Net-winged Beetles (Lycidae)
:: Net-winged Beetles (Lycidae) ::
Click beetles  (Elateridae)
:: Click beetles (Elateridae) ::
Checkered Beetles (Cleridae)
:: Checkered Beetles (Cleridae) ::
Soft-winged Flower Beetles (Family: Melyridae)
:: Soft-winged Flower Beetles (Family: Melyridae) ::
Metallic Wood-boring Beetles (Buprestidae)
:: Metallic Wood-boring Beetles (Buprestidae) ::
Blister Beetles (Meloidae)
:: Blister Beetles (Meloidae) ::
Tumbling Flower Beetles (Family: Mordellidae)
:: Tumbling Flower Beetles (Family: Mordellidae) ::
Darkling Beetles (Family: Tenebrionidae)
:: Darkling Beetles (Family: Tenebrionidae) ::
False Darkling Beetles (Family:  Melandryidae)
:: False Darkling Beetles (Family: Melandryidae) ::
Hairy Fungus Beetles (Family: Mycetophagidae)
:: Hairy Fungus Beetles (Family: Mycetophagidae) ::
Fire-coloured Beetles (Family: Pyrochroidae)
:: Fire-coloured Beetles (Family: Pyrochroidae) ::
False Blister Beetles (Family: Oedemeridae)
:: False Blister Beetles (Family: Oedemeridae) ::
Dermestid Beetles (Family: Dermestidae)
:: Dermestid Beetles (Family: Dermestidae) ::
Sap-feeding Beetles (Family: Nitidulidae)
:: Sap-feeding Beetles (Family: Nitidulidae) ::
Parasitic Flat Bark Beetles  (Family:  Passandridae)
:: Parasitic Flat Bark Beetles (Family: Passandridae) ::
Handsome Fungus Beetles (Family: Endomychidae)
:: Handsome Fungus Beetles (Family: Endomychidae) ::
Pleasing Fungus Beetles (Family: Erotylidae)
:: Pleasing Fungus Beetles (Family: Erotylidae) ::
Shining Flower Beetles (Family: Phalacridae)
:: Shining Flower Beetles (Family: Phalacridae) ::
Fruitworm Beetles (Family: Byturidae)
:: Fruitworm Beetles (Family: Byturidae) ::
Ladybeetles (Family: Coccinellidae)
:: Ladybeetles (Family: Coccinellidae) ::
Pea and Bean Weevils (Family: Chrysomelidae, Subfamily: Bruchinae)
:: Pea and Bean Weevils (Family: Chrysomelidae, Subfamily: Bruchinae) ::
Chrysomelid beetles (Family: Chrysomelidae)
:: Chrysomelid beetles (Family: Chrysomelidae) ::
Tortoise Beetles and the Hispines (Family: Chrysomelidae, Subfamily: Cassidinae)
:: Tortoise Beetles and the Hispines (Family: Chrysomelidae, Subfamily: Cassidinae) ::
Broad-bodied Leaf Beetles (Family: Chrysomelidae, Subfamily: Chrysomelinae)
:: Broad-bodied Leaf Beetles (Family: Chrysomelidae, Subfamily: Chrysomelinae) ::
Shining Leaf Beetles (Family: Chrysomelidae, Subfamily: Criocerinae)
:: Shining Leaf Beetles (Family: Chrysomelidae, Subfamily: Criocerinae) ::
Casebearing Leaf Beetles (Family: Chrysomelidae, Subfamily: Cryptocephalinae)
:: Casebearing Leaf Beetles (Family: Chrysomelidae, Subfamily: Cryptocephalinae) ::
Aquatic Leaf Beetles (Family: Chrysomelidae, Subfamily: Donaciinae)
:: Aquatic Leaf Beetles (Family: Chrysomelidae, Subfamily: Donaciinae) ::
Oval Leaf Beetles (Family Chrysomelidae, Subfamily: Eumolpinae
:: Oval Leaf Beetles (Family Chrysomelidae, Subfamily: Eumolpinae ::
Skeletonizing Leaf Beetles (Family: Chrysomelidae, Subfamily:  Galerucinae)
:: Skeletonizing Leaf Beetles (Family: Chrysomelidae, Subfamily: Galerucinae) ::
Long-horned Beetles (Cerambycidae)
:: Long-horned Beetles (Cerambycidae) ::
Weevils (Curculionidae)
:: Weevils (Curculionidae) ::