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John Shen Photography14-Jul-2017 08:27
We will all miss you very much, Kerry!
Alan20-Dec-2016 06:45
Someone who needs to take better photos.
Alan05-Dec-2016 11:53
wall hangers
tpaustin15-Jun-2009 21:06
Great pix, terrific eye
Guest 22-Jan-2009 22:01
Hi Kerry,

Thank you for your educated response to my uestion on Dpreview. Had to drop by your site - loved the selection of pics I saw.

Deney Perkins 08-Apr-2008 22:52
Your photos are amazing. Please tell me who the inspired artist is of the Viet Nam Nurses Memorial is. I have an inkling she/he is from Northfield, Mn. - my home.
Thank you
Guest 20-Jun-2007 05:43
Wow, that is great. I'm at a loss of words.
Guest 07-Mar-2007 14:44
Your photos ignite a lot of inspiration.
44lefty21-Feb-2007 20:11
Very nice work. Very creative in many subtle ways.
Marchal Marc 04-Mar-2006 22:42
Big gallery.And great pictures. Very nice;) I saw that you visited my homepage;) And i'm still waiting at your guestbook comment;)
Greg 21-Feb-2006 22:55
Hey Kerry,
I found your gallery from Nikonians. Your statement "my gallery of so-so photos" is total bull! I think your pictures are actually very good! Keep up the great work!
Greg (PhotoMaster)
Mikhail Iakovlev 26-Aug-2005 20:35
Hi Kerry. I was looking for Sigma 100-300mm and this brings me to your gallery of animals. Absolutely wonderfull shots! Excellent work! Unfortunatelly we don't have a Zoo in Bergen (Norway). Only in Kristiansand but that one is not good as on your pictures. Anyway I think I could not make a pictures near your quality. Thank you for pleasure!
Best regards - Mikhail
Guest 16-Jul-2005 01:43
Wow, the zoo pics are really nice. These might be the straw that broke the camel's back in my D70 vs. 20D decision ...
anton 06-Jul-2005 18:50
nice site. gave me some good ideas.
Mark Erickson 31-May-2005 20:25
Excellent work, Kerry. Makes me think of the possibilities. Appreciate your help on the D70 forum too.
Kerry Pierce09-Mar-2005 04:02
Hi Joe,

I generally shoot JPG. The custom curve is not the only change to the camera. I also changed the other defaults to my tastes. If you look up the d70 point&shoot threads, you'll see what I and other folks are using for default settings.
Guest 08-Mar-2005 11:17
Yes thats great :) its excellent you get such great shots without much change in the settings, ;) ill have ago with that custom curve and see how it goes. thanks alot, ps do you shoot raw or jpeg?
Kerry Pierce08-Mar-2005 03:16
Hi Joe,
Thanks for the kind compliments. :-)

I generally use the in-camera presets for white balance. Having said that, my most accurate way of setting white balance is by using the Expodisk to make a custom preset of the scene.

I haven't used custom curves, per se, until very recently. I've loaded Fotogenetic's EV3 curve to play with now. It seems to work fine, but I haven't really had a chance to wring it out real well. Before, I was just using the medium-high Tone Comp setting, which worked okay for me, but I don't worry about blowing highlights as much as other folks seem to do....

As for post processing, I don't usually do very much. I have the camera defaults set where they give me pretty much what I want. I'll tweak the WB and colors, perhaps contrast a little and then sharpen with USM. Most of the time, I'll only spend a couple of minutes on post, unless I have to do a lot of cloning to remove dust bunnies or an unwanted item in the frame.

Hope that helps. :-)
Guest 06-Mar-2005 19:18
also forgot to ask, what post processing do you usually do with your images?
Guest 06-Mar-2005 18:25
I have looked at alot of your images on dpreview and i always like your shots! I just have a quick couple of questions for you:
which do you think is the best way of setting white balance manuall? (if so how) or by using a photo as reference. (i shoot in raw so adjust after, so just wondering what you do).
Also do you use custom curves? do you feel these make a big difference, its an area i have untouched and would appreciate any tips :D

thanks alot and a pleasure to look at your photos
Kerry Pierce21-Feb-2005 06:24
Thanks, Vinka! I hope things work out for your gift. :-)
Guest 21-Feb-2005 04:59
Hi Kerry -
Wow, great stuff here. Thanks for your advice on DP Review...=)
Kerry Pierce11-Feb-2005 01:46
Wow! That is quite a compliment! I don't know what to say, other than thank you very much for your very kind words. :-)
rbfresno10-Feb-2005 16:49
Dear Kerry,

Just came across your gallery for the first time and I'm adding it to my "favorites" list.
I really like your work!! I'm relatively new to Digital photography--got my D70 last spring. I agree with you that one of the advantages of digital is how the instant feedback accelerates the learning curve.

Keep up the great work. You are now one of my role models!!
Kerry Pierce06-Feb-2005 18:57
Hi Dave,

My favorite zoom is the 80-400vr. Next favorite would be the 70-200 f/2.8 Sigma. Another good zoom is the 100-300 f/4 Sigma. If you're wanting something less expensive, the Sigma 70-300 Macro Super II seems to be a very good lens for the price.
Guest 06-Feb-2005 18:37

Last question, what is your favorite two zoom lens you use on the D70. I want to get my wife a longer lens besides the 18-70 that came with the D70.

Thanks in advance,
Kerry Pierce04-Feb-2005 03:19
Thanks! I'm pleased that you liked the gallery. I'm fascinated by other photographers as well. :-)
Kerry Pierce04-Feb-2005 03:16
Hi Dave,

Thanks for the kind compliment. :-)
I haven't used it a great deal yet, but I like it very much so far.
Guest 04-Feb-2005 01:32
i like your gallery of photographers. i'm fascinated by people taking pictures. here is one you might find humor in...
Guest 27-Jan-2005 04:08
Great photos! How do you like that Sigma 18-50 lense? I was thinking about it for my D70.

mallam mugu 01-Nov-2004 18:25
i dey here
Kerry Pierce25-Jul-2004 14:46
Gracias, Francisco. No puedo hablar en espanol que mas poquito, pero voy a tratar para dar mi opinion.
F García Robles25-Jul-2004 12:33
Interesantes fotografías
Gracias por compartirlas
Saludos desde España, donde si vienes tendrás un amigo
No te olvides de votar por mi trabajo si es que te gusta, me interesa tu opinión
Kerry Pierce16-Jun-2004 10:53
Hi Augusto,

Thanks for your kind comments. I'd suggest that you visit the Sony Talk forum at for your information on taking IR photos with your 707. You can get a lot of information there.
Augusto 16-Jun-2004 10:49
your galleries is fantastic. Very beautiful. I like to know Ir photography. but I do not know. My camera is Sony F707 and my filter is Hoya R72. I have to learn but where?
Kerry Pierce10-Jun-2004 10:35
Hi Guzy,
You're very welcome. It was a pleasure meeting you and I wish you well. If you want larger sizes of your photos, I can email them to you.
Best Wishes.
Guzy 10-Jun-2004 04:52
Hi, Kerry Pierce! Thank you for those pictures of me in your website.
Guzy from Uzbekistan(we met in Washington D.C
Kerry Pierce04-May-2004 13:51
Thanks, William! Glad you liked them. :-)
Kerry Pierce04-May-2004 13:48
Thanks, Gary. I appreciate your comments. :-)
Gary Retterbush25-Feb-2004 00:38
Kerry, thanks again for your kind help and pointers. And, thanks for sharing all these wonderful photos.
WilliamO 14-Feb-2004 22:23
Beautiful shots, Kerry - and anything but "so-so"! Loved the IR shots especially.
F García Robles29-Nov-2003 21:44
Preciosas fotografías
Gracias por compartirlas
Kerry Pierce18-Nov-2003 09:12
That's too cool, Michele. I've not been active on SIG for quite a while. Glad to see you active on STF. :-) Thanks for the compliment, too!
Michele17-Nov-2003 23:35
Wow a blast from the past !! I remember your help from the ole Sigger days with IR shots. Your galleries are great. Glad I saw you post on STF. Michele
Kerry Pierce24-Oct-2003 04:38
Thanks Berber! I'm very pleased that you liked the photos. :-)
Berber 22-Oct-2003 20:27

I saw this page on the PSP8-Forum, and I decided to visit. I think it's awesome, really!
Kerry Pierce14-Aug-2003 16:01
Thanks Ralph, Your comments are greatly appreciated. :-)
Ralph Booth 13-Aug-2003 23:53
Hi Kerry,

Just linked in from the PSP8 discussion group and wanted to compliment you. I'm especially taken with your macros.

I've been a very serious amatuer photographer for about 30 years now, and I'm finally making the transition from film to digital. Though I don't think I'll ever be without my trusty Canons. I do a little of everything, but macrophotography has been a passion a long tme.

Great work!

Kerry Pierce19-Jul-2003 05:06
Hi Richard,

Thanks for the kind words on my photos. :-)

Not sure what to tell you about pbase. I don't do anything other than upload the photos here, using the default settings for the pages.
Kerry Pierce19-Jul-2003 05:04
Hi Lisa,

Not sure what to tell you about the focus problems you're having. IR light will focus at a different point than visible light, thus all IR shots will have some softness. I assume you're using manual control for f/stop and shutter. You should probably use a middle f/stop setting, such as f/5.6 or perhaps a little higher to get greater depth of field. Windy days, hand held shots will also contribute to soft focus. Use a tripod and try to take the photos on days where the wind doesn't blow the foliage as much. You might also want to check some of the photography forums, especially one like the Canon forum on, to see if those guys have any tips for IR shots with your A70.
Richard Silverstein 05-Jul-2003 05:07
Kerry: Just saw a link in the PSP discussion group to yr. photos. Wow, they're great. Love sunsets myself, but yours are out of this world.

Can you tell me more about pbase? I have a photoblog on blogger & I can't stand the way it looks. I'm not very good at code & I'm sure I could make it look a lot better if I was. SO I need to find a way to create my own type of photoblog w. a more flexible software. I wonder if Pbase might be that?

Tell me more about it.

Guest 06-Jun-2003 00:50
Infrared advise needed
I have a new Canon A70 camera. The filter I am using is a Tiffin #87 filter. It is black, and sees only IR light.
The results I am getting are very Infrared, indeed, but the focus is crap. How is it your pics are so sharp? I know the G1 does great IR...but still.....
Could it be the filter I am using is too much for the camera? I am going to get a r72 filter also.
Any ideas on how to focus? What do you do?
Donna 03-Jun-2003 02:51
PS. Just received my PSP 8 Solutions in the mail today, June 2, 2003. Bye for now, Donna
Donna 03-Jun-2003 02:48
I am about as new to the web and PSP 8 as a person can get. I'm still taking course from Webtech U. I have learnt that I have a bit of a talent for PSP. I downloaded the "goodies" from PSP 8 solutions. My ".com" is more for webspace and sick of cheap "freebie" sites than anything else. Although I promised my dentist I'd make him a website. More as a favour than profits. I know my website looks like the pits right now and is not "layered" properly...but I'm trying to get it functional before I really work on "looks". I downloaded your patterns because I was impressed with them. If I use them can I use them in my site too? (in a pic I make? that is what I mean by site) My site isn't completed yet but maybe you'd like to have a look at my patterns that I made and give me your opinion? I'd appreciate it. Only my stuff is on my site. I've only been at this a few months. Ginny at Webtech U taught me. How and what is "giving a person credit" having a link and saying you used their pattern in making a pic? If you are curious how I made them just ask with the pattern name. Love your work and your pics. Donna
Kerry Pierce11-Apr-2003 15:04
Thanks for your very kind words. I'm glad that you enjoyed the photos and hope that I can continue to provide things of interest. :-)
Bear 05-Apr-2003 15:17
Wow - what lovely images! Just found your page thru the PSP8 beta group. Your photography is stunning. Have now bookmarked and am sending a link to my daughter (who has just started photography). Hope you don't mind?
Kerry Pierce04-Apr-2003 00:49
Thanks for your very nice compliments, Mario. In the past, I tried to update with some new photos every week or so, but the last 3 months have been a very busy time for me. Plus, it has been winter here in Detroit, which makes it a little more difficult to get out and enjoy photography. :-) I plan to add some new stuff in the very near future.
Mario Leon Castro 12-Mar-2003 02:55
Kerry I want to thank you for sharing you photographs. I enjoyed visiting you galleries. I'll be back, By the way how often you update this site?. CU next.
Kerry Pierce24-Oct-2002 13:58
Thanks for your kind comments. :-) The moon shots are done with the digital camera, Sony DSC-f707, which is connected to the telescope via a special eyepiece and adapter. I'm pleased that you enjoyed the photos.
Cindy B 20-Oct-2002 13:38
Hi Kerry, I linked here via the cgapsp group too.
Your photos are phenomenal, I can't believe you refer to them as "so-so"!!
Cindy B
Barbara Bradley 16-Oct-2002 01:50
Kerry, I saw your post on the PSP ng. Your moon pictures are great. Are you using a digital camera (or SLR) to connect to your telescope?