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Scenic Waterway With Abandoned Cars

Scenic Waterway With Abandoned Cars

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Guest 03-Mar-2009 02:28
i saw the 57 chev, thats a real shame. i want to go pull it out and put it in my barn where it can get warm and be safe!
David 05-Jan-2008 21:56
If you look close you can see a 1957 chevy bel on top of what looks like mercury montego. Also a 1961 ford galaxie can be seen on the left of the 57 chevy (left and above the blue car)this should be illegal using cool american cars to stop a flood. I think that every american car that is old abandoned or even rotting away at junkyards(see be taken and restored.
Sea 15-Nov-2007 00:31
I floated the river in September and from what I understand, the flood of 1967ish, was so devestating, the only thing people knew to do as a last ditch effort was to drive their cars into the river in hopes of saving the town. I guess they had limited resources. It worked.
Deve Shokar 20-Dec-2006 21:09
I tHiNk UsE sHoUlD gEt Um OuT, fIx Um, 'N' sElL uM!!! $INIT$
daniel blaylock 07-May-2006 01:45
The souths version of valet parking!
Erich Mangl02-Dec-2005 02:23
does it really matter how the cars came there ? more important should be to remove them as fast as possible
n09-Aug-2005 01:58
The cars are nearly a half century old -- they were likely placed there long ago.

I did a Google search on "erosion control" AND "junk cars" and found some links. Here is one from Alaska along with the relevant text:

2. Does the city promote using old objects like (old cars,
and metal) for erosion control in our local rivers?

I believe they used to, but I don't think they still do, or if they
do, they probably have some serious restrictions on what can be used. I
think using old objects (like the abandoned cars on the Mendenhall River) is a bad idea if there is a chance that something could wash out from the object that would cause pollution. For example, if you didn't drain out the oil or gas from an old car and used it to hold up the edge of a river that was eroding, then there is a good chance the oil or gas would leak out and pollute the river. If you use an old object that didn't have anything in it that would cause pollution, then it would probably be okay, it just doesn't LOOK very nice! It might not be an environmental problem, but it would be an aesthetic problem because people like to go to rivers to enjoy the peace and beauty and seeing old junk cars along a nice river is not very enjoyable!

Karen Stuebing08-Aug-2005 09:54
Now you're breaking ignorant. I don't mind someone poking a little fun but this is over the top. I'll chalk it up to not being familiar with the area.

Believe it or not, our highway departments are very modern. See this link:

And you've obviously never seen the power of a spring flood when rain combines with melting snow running straight downhill off the mountains to turn small creeks into raging rivers. People die every year when they don't have time to get out of the path of the wall of water.

As a rule, I don't promote my own galleries when making comments but for educational purposes take a quick look at this. And note what has been used for erosion control. It ain't old car parts.
n07-Aug-2005 23:10
Lance, I believe you are right. They are all along the river. I hope they took the batteries out before placing them in the riverbank.
Lance Driver 07-Aug-2005 23:08
more like they've been put there on purpose for erosion control.
Karen Stuebing07-Aug-2005 18:09
This could have washed downstream during flood stage and gotten stuck up there. Of course, that means everyone probably dumped this stuff out back by the creek. :)