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My Top Hits

These are the most viewed images from all my galleries. They are ranked highest to lowest. Thank you to all of you for taking time to visit, view, comment and vote for my photos. It certainly encourages me to keep on taking pictures.
leaf collage.JPG 8-5-05 Lily Pads.JPG 10-6-05 Tri-colored Heron2D70.JPG wallshot804.JPG
10-8-05 Laguna Madre6Z20.JPG 4-26-2005 Butterfly on Firewheel.JPG Woolly Mammoth in Victoria Museum.jpg 10-8-05 Orangutan2Z20.JPG
9-11-05 Sunset2Z20.JPG Burrard Street in Vancouver.jpg 4-13-2005 Sunrise2.JPG 10-9-2005 Orangutans.JPG
going up.JPG 7-13-05 pm clouds Z20.JPG Vancouver Downtown.jpg 10-6-05 Port Isabel Causeway 2D70.JPG
longclouds1204.JPG 5-2005 Cactus Flower Study.jpg 7-17-05 Sunset2.JPG 10-4-05 Rain at DawnZ20.JPG
Fulton Mansion Rockport Texas.jpg 10-8-05.JPG Split  Infinity 2-16-05 Sunset1.JPG
3-2005 Salado Creek Tree.JPG 10-6-05 Port Isabel Causeway.JPG sunrise gull .JPG 1-19-05sunsetc.JPG
Orb Web Spider Hanging by a Thread.jpg Vancouver Aerial Shot.jpg 1-2007 Ice Storm 6.jpg 10-8-05 Orangutan Z20.JPG
10-9-05 Gulls on BeachZ20.JPG 8-19-05 PM Thunderstorm.JPG 10-2005 South Padre Island.JPG December red sky1204.JPG
Mary Duff Joins Daniel ODonnell.jpg 10-4-05 Evning PalmsZ20.JPG twisted tree1204.JPG 3-31-05 2Chicks.JPG
10-2005 Gorillas.JPG 1-1-05.JPG 10-4-05 One Palm SunsetZ20.JPG 10-2005 Gulf of MexicoZ20.JPG
1-05 Streaks.JPG PM Cloudscape.jpg swallowtail4.JPG 2-05 tree.JPG
Gulf of Mexico Sunrise.jpg 11-10-2005 Lost Maples31.JPG 2-16-05 Sunset5.JPG 1-14-05c.JPG
11-10-2005 Z46.JPG 10-6-05 Dawn.JPG 1-04-05b.JPG 11-10-2005 Lost Maples26.JPG
day3sunup.JPG 7-18-05 Afternoon Clouds.JPG 10-6-05 Monarch2Z20.JPG Bridge to Vancouver.jpg
Artistic Nature 4.jpg P8040201.JPG leafy carpet12-04.JPG 10-6-05 Sunrisre Over the GulfZ20.JPG
Lubbock Wind Power Museum.jpg 6-22-05Swallows.JPG 11-6-2005 Autumn Foliage1.JPG 10-8-05 Laguna Madre7Z20.JPG
leaf 11-04.JPG 1-14-05f.JPG 2sunrays904.JPG 11-24-2005 Sunset3Z.JPG
8-19-05 PM Thunderstorm3.JPG 9-30-05 Tigger.JPG Daniel O'Donnell 035b.jpg 3-20-05 Sunset2.JPG
Daniel O'Donnell and Mary Duff.jpg 10-4-05 Rain at Dawn2Z20.JPG Sleigh Ride and Ice Skating on Grouse Mountain.jpg 3-31-2005 PM Clouds.JPG
yellowsunrise804.JPG ccsunsetgull2.JPG 10-2005 Sunrise Gulls.JPG 4-25-2005 Cactus Flowers.JPG
White Night Spider 1.jpg Salado Creek 3-2005.JPG red82004.JPG 2-06-05a.JPG
10-2005 S.Padre IslandD70.JPG 6-21-08 Corpus Christi Sunrise 3.jpg 2-2005 Salado Creek Sunset.JPG 12-04 Close up Chinese  Tallow.JPG
Garden Orb Web Spider 3.jpg 4palms2.JPG 10-9-2005 Gulls at DawnZ20.JPG am9 Corpus Christi, Texas .JPG
1-10-05j.JPG Water Lily Bloom  8-2005.jpg Red Before the Sun 2005.JPG 1-21-05 Salado Sunset5.JPG
Vancouver from the Air.jpg 11-10-2005 Lost MaplesD70c.JPG cc nov03 272.jpg 10-4-05 Sunrise ReflectionZ20.JPG
10-9-2005 Morning Walk Z20.JPG 8-4-05 Water Lilies1.JPG Sunset Through Trees.jpg 1-22-05 Spiral Sunset2.JPG
o3o4sunrisecc.JPG 11-3-08D200 Lost Maples 21.jpg 10-2005 S. Padre Island Texas2.JPG P1011138.JPG
10-9-2005 DawnZ20.JPG 10-2005 AM CloudsZ20.JPG 1-2007 Ice Storm 11.jpg Salado Creek Oak Tree 2-23-05.JPG
5-2-2005 Thistle.JPG 1-21-05 Salado Sunset6.JPG 1-19-2005sunsetd.JPG 10-2005 Sunrise Palms Z20.JPG
5-2005 Cactus Bouquet2.JPG 3-2005  Spring Rose.JPG 5-2005 Cactus Flower.JPG 1104sunrise3.JPG
Beautiful Trees of Vancouver Island 0162.JPG 10-2005 SunriseZ20.JPG