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Church entrance.jpg

Church entrance.jpg

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Fred 09-Jul-2007 02:43
The "joker" I'm sure was in regards to Tammy - pray for her, I know she has colon cancer and it is terminal. Tammy herself might have got a kick out of the comment too. Didn''t she lighten up on the makeup after the 80's and the T-shirts came out?
Guest 09-Jun-2007 08:25
joker comment = hillarious
Guest 10-Mar-2007 09:04
To the last guest. did you know that they opened that amusement park because more and more people were trying to get in to see them preach, remember, they were on TV EVERYDAY!! (People were planning there summer vacations around them!) The more people that came to see them, the more places those people needed to stay overnight. The more people that came to stay over night, the more children that came with them. o naturally, you would want to give those people more amenidies, fun things for their children, another reason to spend your vacation there. They wanted a place for families to come and vacation in a place surrounded by God. In a place surrounded by love for one another instead of hatred.
Did you know that they were the first place to ever have smoke free areas in the park? Did you know that alot of business ventures today are based on the concepts of HUSA? Do you even know what Fundamentalist are? Moron.
Guest 16-Jun-2006 22:19
So the best way to spread the word of God is by opening an amusment park? Fundamentalist are so entertaining!
CHRISTIAN ROSS 11-Jun-2006 21:23
The whole place was wonderful.I actually lived with Jim and Tammy for a summer.They were some of the smartest people I've ever been associated with.I just pray that everyone realizes that there calling was to SAVE SOULS,and I'm sure they brought many people to the LORD!Mission accomplished!Thank GOD for people who are willing to risk it all to follow their callings.God bless,and never lose faith for he is a mighty GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! C
Pastor Ron Campbell 04-Jan-2006 22:17
i was a former pastor in the Upper Room. Thanks for the pictures. Pastor Ron Campbell Th.D.
Guest 16-Dec-2005 03:12
what ever happened to the batman tv show? I used to love that one!
Guest 16-Dec-2005 03:11
I'm a hard core Christian, but that joker comment was hilarious! God bless that guest for the comment.
guest 20-Oct-2005 16:15
to previous guest we will all pray for you...and God still loves you too
Guest 03-Sep-2005 02:11
That settles it. I'm gonna start my own church, go on TV and get the cash flowing. All I have to do is thow out some bible verses, get a woman dressed as the Joker to cry every once in a while and I'm as good as gold! Then, when my followers discover what I'm going with the money, I can blame it on the Devil. I envy the Bakkers. I wish I could be as smart as them. I'm gonna go look for my Bible.
Jerome F. Brown 31-May-2005 18:55
As a fomer employee at PTL, it is so sad to see the pictures.
God has a plan and a purpose for ALL THINGS. EVERYTHING has a SEASON.
We as Christians can mess things up at times.
Thanks be to God for his GRACE, MERCY, FORGIVENESS and most of all SALVATION through his Son Jesus CHRIST!