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unfinished tower today 1.jpg

unfinished tower today 1.jpg

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Guest 19-Apr-2009 03:00
I went to Bible Baptist (off Margaret Wallace) in the 70's and 80's (am curious about who the previous post was from). I finally was asked not to re-enroll for school when I was going into the 9th grade in 1985. I spent much time during the 80's at Heritage vis-a-vis my friends at the school and actually had a seasons pass for the water park in the mid-90's. It was a very cool place in a weird theme park-ish kind of way. Many years later, I am now an architect with a great affinity for themed places.... and I attribute part of this to my experience at Heritage. It had no other bearing on my life because now I am a very open minded "left wing" liberal with a huge heart and great respect for all of humanity.
Guest 29-May-2008 06:54
It definitely looks like something that belongs in a ghetto and not an amusement park. Isn't that an appropriate monument to the reality that existed long ago. Sleaze and naive people giving their life savings and foolishly thinking they're going to get credited it for it in heaven. Well folks, God gave you a brain and a bible for dsicernment and you will get something other than a reward for not using those two things. One of the big mistakes that people make is believing that you should go with "FEELINGS" from the heart. Going with "feeeelings" makes you bait for charismatic and greedy pie in the sky conartist such as Jim Bakker. Long ago it was believed that thought (intellect/mind) resided in the "heart" and not upstairs between the ears.
Guest 29-May-2008 05:46
I don't approve of homosexuality, and I wished I had to said something to her. She had grown up around prostitution and was forced into it by her mother, some of their clients were the uppity Charlotte are businessmen and the types that would
you find at places like Heritage with their kids and grandkids. as far as drinking goes, I haven't had a beer in a year at least, just never been a drinker except for when I was underage and it seemed more fun. I don't promote the smoking of pot either but it sure beats alot of the legal psychotropic medications that are regularly prescribed to children and adults. I have no doubt that Marijanna has less damaging effects on the brain than those drugs that screw with the brain chemistry and have never really been thoroughly studied. So here I am today, a light drinker
although I killed my first 12 pack at around age 13, and non pot smoker although I smoke my first "J" at 13 and finally a non prescription med of any sort person, which makes me quite the rarity these days. I don't go to church and if I did it sure wouldn't be the overly legalistic to the point of cult silliness like Bible Baptist, nor would it be a gay and anti second amendment church like the United Methodist or Presbyterian Church USA.
Guest 29-May-2008 05:04
I had been a Baptist Christian school (Bible Baptist Christian school off Margaret Wallace) student when it was under construction. I knew the Bakkers were phoney and prosperity theology a joke. My friend and I played around the amphitheater and I remember thinking how phoney it all was with the false front buildings on the stage and the nothingness behind it. A few years later around 1984, I returned for the Christmas light disply as a public school student sitting in back of an old green Chevy Impala (the tank) with a lesbian aquaintance behind the wheel and some other friends. We were all drunk off beer and wine and high from weed. We went into the Mooseburger restaurant (I believe that was it's name) and received a lot of snooty looks from the conceits there and they kicked us out for smoking cigarettes.
It's kinda poetic justice that the Fed gov "kicked" them all out a few short years later.
Guest 29-May-2008 04:51
I remember running around and playing at Heritage USA while it was being built. A friend of mine's Dad was a heavy equipment operator. What I remember most about those times was leaving hungry. We were poor kids and besides that, there were no places for grub. Alot of subcontractors in the region were hurt financially by the evangeligal flavored shenanigans but fortunately the 90's were boom years.
Guest 27-Aug-2007 22:11
Insert part A into part C while wrapping part G around part B.
While part B is still lying flat, drive part Q into Part H and on through part B.
Hook part J through long end of part K and chain to part B under the longer of part G.
Use one end of Part M and bend part C to match part H. Throw Parts D, E, N, O, & T away, not needed.
Place Parts A,C,G,B,Q,H,J, & K on flat end of man-hole cover and repeatedly run over with truck (Part Y).

Point being, not every idea written on paper are meant to pan out. Jesus is NOT always the answer. But if you'll notice, I refrain from calling you a fool just because what seems to make you happy doesn't bring me happiness.
If Jesus IS the answer, then why is it people with your "Your not doing right with Jesus" additude running people off from your great religion? Why is hypocracy in churces so high to the point that churces are corrupt? If I must live with a corrupt organization who insults others for the sole purpose of making themselves feel better, then what would be the good in that? If your the example of how a true christian should behave, then I guess that would explain the continuing drop in church organization's attendence. Very sad indeed.

The PTL may be over in your opinion, but the truth is, it will never be over. There will never be an ending to it. Its only over to people who choose to ignore what has happened.
Sadly, the PTL is a part of history, and history never ends. A wise man will learn from the good and the bad of past events and improve on them. A wise person does not live for the moment. They learn from our history, right or wrong, agree or disagree, and try not to make the same mistakes.

Mabey you should overcome your own anger before telling others how they should live their lives. As I write this right now, Michael Vick is speaking and announced he has found Jesus. Its really sad christianity has become so politically correct, criminals always fall back on it.
This is not a bash on all of the many great Christians, but your way is not always the right way. And if you would have fully read my previous posts, you would have read how much better my life had become without Jesus. But that does not make me an evil person.

Bottom line here is, your way is not always the best way, and the PTL is a great part of our history, christian or not. Therefore, this issue will never be over.

BMW 26-Aug-2007 02:48
People, you must get over your angers. I do NOT care what you have been through in your life, Jesus will always be the answer. If you think God is not hearing you then maybe he is not hearing you because you need to first repent of your sins. The bible says in Isaiah that you call out to him but because of your sin he cannot hear you. Gid turned from his only son oin the cross because at that moment Jesus took the sin of the entire world on.As Jesus called out to God, " Father why have you forsaken me".
God cannot look upon sin, yet through Jesus Christ you can be forgiven. Confesss your sind befor ethe Lord through Jesus and he will forgive you. The communication will now be restored. I know this first hand because I was in bad sin and yet I prayed everydayu. I knew God was there but he wanted me to deal with the sin I was in before he would hear my plea. I was so afraid to let go of my sin could I make it? well I called out to God repented I then asked him to deliver me from my situation. When I repented and submitted to God my life in 1 year completly changed. I have a beautiful life now because I trust only God and not man. God hears me because I pray all the time and keep my heart clean. I ask God to let me walk with him and abide in him forever. My old sinful life was very complicated and the way I got out of it was nothing short of pure miracle.

Christian life is not easy but neither is being secular. If you think living in the world without God is easy then I can tell you that Satan has blinded you and you are a fool. With Christ I can do anythingf and achieve happiness and peace.

PTL is over---> You can see what happens to those who decieve the LOrd and his people. However we should not rejoyce for their puniushment byt rather pray that God will give them mercy. Never rejoyce over anyone being punsished.

Tammy Baker has died that last few years of her life has been hell. I was sad to see her lat interview on TV with LArry King I think she knew she was going to die because she begged Laryy King to allow her this chance to speak one more time> I was so touched because before the whole world Tammy profeessed Jesus Christ and that she was going to be with him. What an awesome way to submitt yourself before the Lord.

Do not deny Jesus, do not turn away because you think it is easier without him, this world is very eveil and there are entities in this world that will destroy you without you realizing it. MOst of you blame this on God, but you must understand evil is out there and God does not give evil--->This evil comes from Satan and only through Jesus Christ can you be protected.
Guest 19-Aug-2007 15:41
This is still one of the saddest pictures today.
It symbolizes a man and organization who were in hast to cover up for all the memberships sold.
The hast and lack of thought which were thrown into the plans of this building are evident. It looks more like it belongs in New York City or Ghicago than Heritage USA. There is nothing about this building that sets it apart from urbanized buildings. Every other building in Heritage has some unique quality to it except this one. I guess though this building does share a uniqueness set apart from the other buildings in Heritage if you see it as the PTL's "last stand", a desprite effort to thrort off athorities.
There are other pictures online which someone took from inside of this building. The further up you go into this high rise, the less complete it becomes. When Jim Bakker was last asked how the progress of this building was, he replied that it was almost ready for use. But if you look at interior pictures of the building, you will see that was far from the truth. Some pictures even showed unfinished walls with dryrock mud still exposed, and no ceiling, but there are pictures hanging on the walls. The further up you go, the more you see of this. A true depiction of a man and his organization riding out there last stand.
If I were a membership holder and was exspecting a room like the ones in the Grand Hotel, but ended up here, I definetly would be po'd.
Guest 10-Aug-2007 14:22
Amen, Fred. These people who make fun of all of this are ignroant, and God will deal with them. They won't be laughing on judgment day.

Now for more intelligent conversation, was this tower supposed to be a hotel, or a condominium ? I am so saddened to see all of this. I remember the PTL Network, in fact I was saved through it. God bless Jim and Tammy. This is all so sad. Christians could really use a wonderful place like this to vacation.
Fred 02-Jun-2007 04:21
All I can say is - we can't judge this and point a finger at the Bakkers. If we were in their shoes - it could have easily happened to any of us. Compassion goes a long way and it would be great if someone could take what has happened and turn it around - make something of this place.
Guest 29-Jan-2007 01:58
History does repeat itself, and this time on the same property!
Guest 16-Jan-2007 10:37
Does reignite their giftings and anointings have anything to do with checkbooks and life savings?
Jim Kingma 31-Dec-2006 13:40
Praise the Lord this looming facility will once again be used for Kingdom purpose, Morningstar Ministries will be using this as a "refirement" facility for senior saints to again reignite their giftings and anointings. They will then also impact the coming generation of young people who will also be in the same general area on the HIM (Heritage International Ministries) grounds. Hallelujah! The land is once again being redeemed!
David 17-Apr-2006 23:06
If you see her again, tell I'd like some of my money back. Praise you Jesus!
Brian 27-Mar-2006 03:41
Actually, Tammy lives about 20 miles away, and though she is not involved in any of this, she has visited the property and has stated she is greatly disturbed by what it has become. As such, I would think she would support the towers being rebuilt and converted into a hospice and senior/nursing apartments. (No, I do not know her personally. Her stepdaughter is an old friend of mine, but I have not heard from her in a few years). Yes, Tammy has late stage cancer, right now, but she is still trying to keep active and involved in life. She never struck me as one who "doesn't give a crap" regardless of what the topic was.
Guest 08-Mar-2006 03:30
Tammy is dying from cancer and couldn't be here now to properly give a crap.
Guest 07-Feb-2006 07:51
Is it true?? Is it true??? Is Heritage going to really re-open? Is Jim Bakker going to be back in the Drivers seat with his new wife.... What does Tammy think of all this??
Guest 21-Oct-2005 00:25
yeah, for target practice.
Guest 08-Sep-2005 03:17
Is this building usable?