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tower in distance 2.jpg

tower in distance 2.jpg

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Guest 24-Aug-2007 01:48
I was tired of all of the bad weather we have had north, that I threw on my rain suit and went for an all day (well, 17 hours) on my motorcycle.
I'm riding through Kingston Illinois at approx. 8:30 am and something caught me from the corner of my eye. I pulled off to the side of the road to get a better look (and it was about time for a smoke). What I saw was kinda erie looking, like something you'd see in a horror movie. I wish I had my camera with me.
What I saw was off a little distance from the road. I seen a small man-made lake where the Kishwaukee river ran beside it about 100 ft. south. I peered through the fog that was lingering oner the lake, and on the opposite side I faintly saw three white crosses about 15 ft. tall.
I wish you could see it, then you'd understand why I say it was erie looking.
Well, being the curious person I am, and still having plenty left to smoke on my cigar, I climb the fence to get a closer look. I also seen several older buildings, some barn shaped. It reminded me right away of HUSA, because of the pictures I've seen here, but much smaller.
Still unsure what it was, I put out my cigar, placed my helmet and gear on and rode down the road a ways. It was down the road I found my answer.
WALCAMP! No, not WALMART, WALCAMP! (they have a web site). WALCAMP is an "outdoor ministries family camp".
Thinking back to some of the comments I've read here regarding people wanting a place to go for a getaway like HUSA, I thought, they're are still places to take your family for getaways. And what a great place too. To worship your god in the natural suroundings he created. (ofcourse, my opinion is bias, because I love to camp). But if your willing to search, you can still find a family friendly atmosphere to go (minus the rides).
I turned around at the gate, but was invited in by the ranger guy, who showed me around the site and told me the history of it. It was actually quite beautiful, and had several little shops further back in the camp. And he treated me to a breakfast and a cup of joe. While it was offered free, I had to pay, and made a small donation on my way out. Help support these places. The ranger I think was especially nice I think cause in his own words, "I know what its like to be on the road for 5 hours with the wind in your face". How cool, we shared something in common. He pulled pictures from his wallet to share with me. They were from the 2003 Kyle Petty Ride Across America Charity ride. As a rider, I have alot of respect for someone cross-country riding for a carity for children, cause its not that easy as it sounds.
Thats the great thing about just getting on a motorcycle and riding. You see so much more and find so many interesting places. And if your a camper, look this up if your in that area.
Ofcourse, when I got home, I slept 12 hours! I wanted to share this with you all. It may not have had the "flash" that HUSA had, but it had the qualities ANY camper looks for in a VERY friendly atmosphere.
Thanks for listening to me babble
Kappasigmapi22-Nov-2005 22:31
Off 77, you'd take exit 90, just over the SC line. Take a a left on 21, and another left on Regent Pkwy. Or you can just google: 9700 Regent Pkwy Fort Mill, SC 29715.
Guest 22-Nov-2005 02:09
How do you get to Heritage? I know it's off of 21, but from this view it looks like it's practically in Pineville. Where is it from 77?
Kappasigmapi18-Nov-2005 01:41
That's 64A off I-485..takes you to Hwy 51 near the Carolina Place Mall south of CLT. 485 is the outer beltway, so it's not really going to or from Charlotte at this point.
alyx devereux 16-Nov-2005 16:24
exit 64A off of what interstate in which way coming from charlote or going into charlote
LIZ WINSOR 01-Dec-2004 03:41
One remembers