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Jason Anderson | profile | all galleries >> Weather and Seasons >> Summer 2009 tree view | thumbnails | slideshow

Summer 2009

Plants are identified wherever possible—
suggestions or corrections are welcome!
Pink campion Chickory Morning glory
Daylilly buds t1%2f71%2f685571%2f4%2f114653563.qxVXRNAT.jpg Pink campion
Mulberry tree Daylily Busy bee
Perfect day Purple loosestrife Mullein
Clover Mullein t1%2f71%2f685571%2f4%2f114851073.PQ2nwsxX.jpg
White sweet clover Mullein Swamp milkweed
Evening primrose Smartweed Smartweed
Swamp milkweed Evening primrose Oak leaves
Purple loosestrife St. John's wort Purple loosestrife
Clover Sweet pepper bush White sweet clover
Sweet pepper bush Sweet pepper bush Daisy
Snail Pokeweed Wood sorrel (oxalis)
Sweet pepper bush White campion Morning glory
Philadelphia fleabane Asiatic dayflowers Queen Anne's lace
Asiatic dayflowers Deptford pink Deadly nightshade
Evening primrose Spiderwort t1%2f71%2f685571%2f4%2f115797507.UgKZTIzE.jpg
St. John's wort t1%2f71%2f685571%2f4%2f115835423.wZzBBD8M.jpg Chicory
Queen Anne's lace Campion Evening primrose
Evening primrose Rabbit-foot clover Queen Anne's lace
Wild bouquet t1%2f71%2f685571%2f4%2f116363920.HTX95Dun.jpg Deadly nightshade
Bumblebees Sulphur cinquefoil Swamp milkweed
True forget-me-nots t1%2f71%2f685571%2f4%2f116675723.D4KGIblo.jpg t1%2f71%2f685571%2f4%2f116675724.d1qfABF4.jpg
White campion seed pods Elm-leaf goldenrod St. John's wort
True forget-me-nots Oak Eastern pondhawk
Curly dock Evening primrose Jewelweed
Elm-leaf goldenrod Acorns Sweet pepper bush
Jewelweed The cradle Elm-leaf goldenrod
Mushrooms Jewelweed Berries
t1%2f71%2f685571%2f4%2f117658404.patZSM1H.jpg t1%2f71%2f685571%2f4%2f117658405.lD5Re4Sb.jpg t1%2f71%2f685571%2f4%2f117658406.UyKlb9qV.jpg
Pokeweed Tree of heaven Morning glory
Morning glory Spiderwort t1%2f71%2f685571%2f4%2f117875534.lzojj6FM.jpg
t1%2f71%2f685571%2f4%2f117875539.ulV18BpY.jpg t1%2f71%2f685571%2f4%2f117875541.BRrukJu0.jpg t1%2f71%2f685571%2f4%2f117931302.efW68pLP.jpg
Mulberry sapling Pokeweed t1%2f71%2f685571%2f4%2f117970689.WSwQfJUW.jpg
Tree of heaven t1%2f71%2f685571%2f4%2f117970691.W397GBA6.jpg Smartweed
Red maple t1%2f71%2f685571%2f4%2f117971037.dbMtBTZk.jpg Ash
Pickerelweed Smartweed Eastern pondhawk
Elm-leaf goldenrod t3%2f71%2f685571%2f4%2f119711859.SuwGLBKR.jpg t3%2f71%2f685571%2f4%2f119711881.Wp9yOwXn.jpg
White campion Droplets on spiderwort t3%2f71%2f685571%2f4%2f119810679.GxROZxjD.jpg
To fit in the frame... Red berries Blue berries
Bokeh bouquet Mullein Evening primrose
White campion Red maple Apple colored
Morning glory Hints of fall