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Untitled *
Victor Engel

Untitled *

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Victor Engel12-May-2006 23:04
Traveller, I'm flattered by your comments. This picture was taken with my one and only zoom lens, and I didn't have a subject likely to move quickly. Consequently, framing was done on site. This is an occasion where I've posted the entire frame. That being said, I tend to agree with you about the sign. I don't believe it was visible in the viewfinder, which doesn't show the whole frame. I disagree about the light pole, though. Try this excercise. Take your browser window and shrink it sideways so that the end of the browser cuts off the image (or bring another window in front of the picture). Now compare this vertical edge to various features in the photo. The perspective is low, so distant things high up will be closer. Consequently, items on the left lean to the right and items on the right lean to the left. If the image is straight, items in the center should be vertical. Now, with that in mind, compare the supports of the overpass. -- Victor
Canon DSLR Challenge12-May-2006 22:34
Victor, because you are such an acomplished photographer, I hesitate to post my quibbles.
1. I can see a glow, I suppose, but it is soooooo very faint as to be almost non-existent. At least on my monitor. I also would be interested if other people can see the glow.
2. I think you should try to crop about 10% of the right side of the frame to get rid of the sign that is partially exposed there.
3. With that done, I'd try to straighten up the light pole on the right.

Victor, I'm not real big on perfect images, good enough is good for me...but this is so close to perfect that I throw these out there for your consideration.

PS I love the bear

Best Wishes,


Canon DSLR Challenge11-May-2006 16:40
Traveller, I don't understand what your quibbles are. And I'm a bit surprised you can't see the glow. It was designed to be subtle, the purpose being to draw your attention to the bear rather than to be something unto itself, but I think you should be able to see it if you look for it. Are other people able to see the glow?

In an effort to try to get a handle on how strong the glow is, I've encountered, again, one of my pet peeves about Photoshop. It has an RGB mode and a lab mode, but there is no HSL mode. You can adjust hue and saturation, but how can you view them? If someone can explain to me how, I would very much appreciate it. -- Victor
Canon DSLR Challenge11-May-2006 09:52
Dear Victor, Yes, finally. I was very conflicted over the color version and so refrained from saying anything. The Teddy Bear in color is very good, but I don't see the glow referred to. (Okay two quibbles for you to wrestle with...I'd like and this is just me...)
Best Wishes, Traveller
Michael Puff09-May-2006 21:39
Victor, yes, I can see a significant difference. I didn't expect it the difference to be that striking. In my opinion, this has really become quite extraordinary. -Michael
Canon DSLR Challenge09-May-2006 05:06
By the way, this picture is from a photo scavenger hunt from a couple years ago. I was the only one who used the same subject for all the categories. I've filed them away here.
-- Victor
Canon DSLR Challenge09-May-2006 05:04
Reprocessed now from raw. Can you notice a difference? -- Victor
Michael Puff09-May-2006 04:49
Yes, Victor, I saw the bear and meant to say something but I was at work and moving too fast. I hadn't seen the bear at all in the color version and I doubt that I would have seen it in full b&w. Leaving the bear in color and creating a glow above it works really well. While I'm not a fan of partial desaturation, this is a perfect case for it. -Michael
Canon DSLR Challenge09-May-2006 02:48
Yes, I like this better, but I really need to reprocess it. By the way, what do you think of the glow I put in above the bear? That's a gimmick I hadn't thought of until you suggested a black and white. -- Victor
Michael Puff09-May-2006 00:03
Yup, I like's now much more about shape and form and still maintains that quiet eerie quality. How about you? Which is your preference? -Michael
Canon DSLR Challenge08-May-2006 23:32
How's this? I need to find the raw file and reprocess it to get better detail from the concrete and sky -- and to lose some jpeg artifacts. -- Victor
Michael Puff08-May-2006 21:58
A very interesting interpretation of the topic. It's almost eerie to see these massive structures without traffic. I like the long sweeping shapes across the frame. Did you consider b&w for this image since it's mostly about form rather than color? -Michael