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Wm. Bates | all galleries >> A New Beginning...Picture A Day >> Click Here For August 2005 Photos > Wanda's Cuffs Match The Collar 08_01_05.jpg
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Wandas Cuffs Match The Collar 08_01_05.jpg

Wanda's Cuffs Match The Collar 08_01_05.jpg

Wanda has been planning this image for months. And for those friends and family members who are raising their eyebrows. . . Again, as per her rules, "all the bits and pieces are covered!" Now we will be sending on the World Wide Wig.

For some background and more photos from others here is the link to the World Wide Wig project

Canon EOS 20D ,Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L USM
1/125s f/5.6 at 62.0mm iso200 with Flash full exif

other sizes: small medium original
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Guest 29-Mar-2010 04:20
oh Wanda you are just toooooooo Sexy!!!!!!!
Realtin 31-May-2006 04:05
lovely purple
Guest 29-Oct-2005 20:13
Wanda you are soo sexy ... I never get tired of looking at you
Don Z 16-Aug-2005 19:23
You two have such class, no matter what the two of you compose in your pictures. I have enjoyed all of your pictures for a year or so now. Wish for one minute I could do what you do Bill and it would be nice to have a subject like Wanda to pose for me...keep up the great work!!!
virginiacoastline13-Aug-2005 19:55
Sorry Wanda . . .do not post that . . and don't even respond. That is TOTALLY none of my business!!
Guest 05-Aug-2005 12:20
Wanda, after the year long PAD I never thought we’d see this – it was worth the wait, you’re a sight for sore eyes. Brilliant concept and execution guys, this one will take some beating.
isleman05-Aug-2005 12:13
So this is the girl replacing Sydney Bristow on "Alias" while she is off having Ben's baby. I think Miss Garner has lost her starring role to our very own "Wanda". Great shot! Smart, sexy, and creative beyond imagination. Wanda, what you do to the hearts and minds of men.... !
PauloCGama04-Aug-2005 16:23
love it!!!
Wm. Bates04-Aug-2005 03:09
Ian, it is an emergency space blanket...which is like plastic with a silver finish of some sort.
Ian Chappell03-Aug-2005 17:00
Was that Bacofoil you used as a background??
Chris Brooker03-Aug-2005 16:47
I’ve heard of purple sprouting broccoli but this is ridiculous!!
Wm. Bates03-Aug-2005 15:18
Oh there are out-takes all right, and Bill had better have deleted them or else!

pelicans_rest03-Aug-2005 11:37
Bill, there must be outtakes from this shoot? :-))))))
Guest 03-Aug-2005 11:01
you guys rock..and Wanda you look soooo HOT.....and beautiful..v
Guest 03-Aug-2005 06:54
you look good with short hair Wah, and it would be easier to take care of. JSW I can see you now as "Barneys" kinky sidekick.
Khalid Hameed03-Aug-2005 04:24
Great image!! well done
thatweirdgirl03-Aug-2005 03:39
I think i'll stick with funny wig. There's no way I can ever top this. Bold. Brilliant. Beautiful.

I love it.
Guest 03-Aug-2005 02:04
Wanda, you have tan lines?
Guest 03-Aug-2005 01:58
Oh my husband does have this wicked habit of putting 'words in my mouth'!! I most certainly did NOTgasp or raise my eyebrows! hmmph!!! Think this is a lovely image and I happen to love purple! Glad to be back, too :-) gerie
Jim McKinlock03-Aug-2005 01:41
raised eyebrows? Maybe you could raise the lower brow a tad. Beautiful image you guys, you never cease to amaze me.
John Nasche03-Aug-2005 01:14
Ah yes, … Gerie and I raised our eyebrows. Then Gerie gasped. I smiled. “Bits an pieces Gerie, …” says I, … “Bits and pieces! Not to worry my dear, we’re on the list to get the WWW and we’ll do an image similar to this!” “The HELL you are!” says she. (Sigh) Sounds like another one of those challenges Huh? Oh, it’s a heavy burden I tell Ya! Good job you two! It’s GOOD to raise eyebrows on friends and neighbors occasionally! It gives them something to gossip about!
Shayne03-Aug-2005 00:53
Technically FANTASTIC, Artisticly pleasing, and absolutely hallarious!!

and Wanda looks much better in the wig than Bill, though it was hard to imagine
Lee Rudd02-Aug-2005 22:15
omg the wig has a matching merkin! brilliant
Wm. Bates02-Aug-2005 22:02
What on earth? Kenneth didn't mention My incredible eyes!!! (giggling) He must have been distracted somehow. (smirk)

Wanda (still giggling)
Kenneth Zimmerman02-Aug-2005 18:06
ahhh! A natural blonde!
CJ Morgan02-Aug-2005 17:43
LOL. Okay, very well done.
Cheryl Hawkins02-Aug-2005 17:02
LOL, this is effing fantastic!!!!
Guest 02-Aug-2005 16:24
Awesome shot and expression. Wanda is always beautiful and reminds me of Julia Robert in "Pretty Woman" with the wig and her expression.

Congratulations to both of you!
DJ 02-Aug-2005 15:19
She looks a whole lot better than Bill in the wig!!!
dazedgonebye02-Aug-2005 14:55
It may be time to retire the wig. It won't get any better than this!
I feel older every day, but somehow you only become more stunning.
Dennis Steinauer02-Aug-2005 14:25
What an absolute HOOT! Anyway, I've never liked the shaved look. :-) This is destined to be a classic; hell, it's already a classic. And I always thought a merkin must be something like a tam. :-)
Guest 02-Aug-2005 14:02
OK...WHAT collar? lol...and I have to tell you....while I generally admire Bill's work, I honestly thought I was past the point of an image flabberghasting me. I stand corrected. And Wanda...who knew you'd look so good in that wig! And one of the best facial expressions in a long time. Bravo, both of you.

John from Missouri
Wm. Bates02-Aug-2005 13:38
David commented that it's too bad I didn't have matching lipstick. I felt the same way but I just couldn't bring Myself to buy a tube of lipstick I would wear only once! (laffin) I suppose Bill could have changed the color in photoshop, but then again, the more I look at the picture, I think having My lips a slightly different color makes My face stand out more.

Oh, and Aestus, YOUR picture in the wig was My inspiration for this one! (grinning) I thought you were pretty damned brave in the image you created!

Robin Reid02-Aug-2005 13:16
Well I knew you had promised you would do something 'creative' with the wig, and this one is over the top. Quite creative and well executed! Wanda you look great in that color. And Bill great work. Stunning result! Way to go!
kent larnhill02-Aug-2005 12:30
Wow...this is great..fantastic..
Niall O'Shea02-Aug-2005 12:11
And jude ought to

Great to see people getting sexy and creative with the wig again. A new lease of life. :)
jude02-Aug-2005 10:58
Wow.. excellent and sooooooooo creative... If you get heat for this, Wanda.. just smile and know you're one in a million..
Jeffrey Ferguson02-Aug-2005 10:03
Outstanding effects! For more history and definition re: merkin go to:
Aestus Rogers02-Aug-2005 08:41
I don't even know what to say... This is excellent; beautiful model, beautiful photography, beautiful imagination, beautiful PS, beautiful wax!!

I bow to the master and mistress!!
Eric Hewis02-Aug-2005 08:02
Oh!, is there a sparkelfoil background?
I'd just got out of the shower when I looked at this, now I'm going to have to get back in.
John02-Aug-2005 07:58
Good heavens - The rrug does match the drapes, as they say? AND Jeanne never said it was a 2 wig set??

But seriously good shot and you look seriously GOOD Wanda

Dan ..... you notice the background??????? {lol}
Bob from Down Under 02-Aug-2005 07:23
Ferkin merkin!!!!
Great shot. Wanda always is stunning, and in this shot she amazingly looks even younger than ever, in her www!!!
Bring on more like this, Wanda and Bill. You are both brilliant!!!
Dan Chusid02-Aug-2005 07:20
Love the sparklefoil background...
Really makes the wig "pop!"
Ooh La La!
antidote302-Aug-2005 07:10
not sure the next person wants to put that 'wig' on! :P
Dougie Young02-Aug-2005 07:09
Fantastic and most certainly appeals to my sense of humor Wanda. Keep em coming Mr Bates Cheers Dougie
Jude Marion02-Aug-2005 06:46
This is hilarious!
Wanda, you look devine in pink! ;)
RTHawk02-Aug-2005 06:43
Now I have to say....Bravo...
Nice matching colors....
Beautiful....I have to agree with Bill...Wanda....A well groomed image is always desirable...
There is enough heat here already...I should say that I doubt anyone could raise it hotter...
Wm. Bates02-Aug-2005 05:56
Yup, Brandy, that is how it is spelled.
MARUETEA02-Aug-2005 05:55
GO GO Wanda, and an extra hot for you.
Love the style and the color set.

Brandy 02-Aug-2005 05:53
Nice looking merkin! (I think that is how you spell it) Yep, that sure is my Mother. Love ya!
Wm. Bates02-Aug-2005 05:46
I tried to convince Bill to really go wild with photoshop, but apparantly he prefers a well groomed image. (laffin)

Guest 02-Aug-2005 05:40
I'm sorry, I'm STILL laughing here!!! OMG!

And Wanda, SERIOUSLY this wig looks GOOD on you!!!!
Guest 02-Aug-2005 05:38

I love thisssssssssssssssssssssssssss

you guys ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm DYING here, I SOOOOOOO love this.

Cuffs and COllar, Drapes and Curtains OMG! (I've heard it all being a redhead!!)
Wm. Bates02-Aug-2005 05:30
Oh Man! We are going to take some heat for this one! (cringing) I just hope the world has a sense of humor!