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Ron Montgomery 15-Jan-2009 18:17
Hello, I cane across your links looking at someone else's pictures. I am most definately looking forward to going home and find my PBASE account info so I can see your Iwo Jima pics. I was there on March 12th, 2005. I might be contacting you in the near future if I can't get in, I'm very curious to see your pics..
Alina20-Aug-2007 13:36
You have a lot of pictures worth 1000 words.
Guest 27-Jun-2007 13:19
Lovely work. Share more please.
Guest 08-Mar-2007 09:24
I really appreciate the effort you put into your pictures.
Guest 08-Mar-2007 07:17
Tears to my eyes...almost.
Michael 13-Aug-2006 13:59
Best regards from NY! nie znaleziono slownika... moze zla katagoria
ddd 20-Jun-2006 08:49
Very interesting
EARTH LING 12-Mar-2006 21:28
ToughLove 27-Oct-2005 21:52
Kevin Carter's photo. im reminded of Sapir-Wharf hypothesis. We have no right to do anything but we're allowed to try and understand. It really is "African language" that's been captured. Issues like female mutilation or is it circumcision? We're getting wiser to the world and more attuned. One day we'll all have to work together and move towards the same goal. I look forward to that.
M.J. Hevezi29-Aug-2005 05:55
There are things that once you see or experience ... they can never be undone. I think that photo is a good example. Thanks for writing about that in such a personal way.
Guest 27-Aug-2005 20:22
I saw that your favorite photograph, at one time, was Kevin Carter's baby girl and vulture. I saw that for the first time 2 days ago and cannot get it out of my mind (my heart). I don't know why I'm writing to you other than to tell someone that it hurts so bad, someone who might understand. I'm going about my business but tears just keep rolling down my face; talking to my dog or cat, doing the dishes, cleaning up the mess at my computer desk, it doesn't matter. Something about her posture and the patience of that bird, he's going to wait, you know he is. No photograph has ever burned itself onto my brain like this one and I am hoping that as time passes I can become not desensitized but appreciative. I don't know what will happen but I suspect that there is no going back to before I saw it. I think that if I learn what I can about her and Kevin I will have a larger context in which to live with this image. It is OK that I am changed, I accept the change, I just want to be able to go on with an ordinary life; I want to go grocery shopping and get my truck serviced and buy a friend a birthday present with attention, I want these things to occupy me. I guess I am afraid, yes, I know I am but of just what I don't know. All of a sudden I am lost - in my own body, in my own mind, it's like it is so dark that the familiar are not familiar anymore, my reflection in the mirror is of a stranger, what is her problem? Enough I guess, thank you for being here, I needed you very much, still do but I think I can close and proceed. I'm trying anyway. Bye, Suzy
Luis Montero16-Aug-2005 16:03
Hola Matt
A very nice captivating photojournalistic type work, beautiful images, colors, themes, thanks for sharing and have another perspective & point of view of different cultures so far from where I stand.
Best regards from Peru
Guest 15-Aug-2005 01:57
Hi Matt your uncle Alex from Columbus here. Good luck on your gallery opening.Just an update since we havent' seen you in awhile. Your cousin Chris joined the Marines last summer and is an MP reserve stationed in Dayton Ohio, All else is well, hope things are going well.
Take Care Alex, Tina and boys.
Kathy Patz 11-Aug-2005 19:52
Hi Matt,hope all is well with you. Your pics are great.Glad we got the link on our family website. You have a cousin that got a great pic in the Indianapolis star newspaper, Brea is a freshman in high school now and on the golf team. I saw the other golf pics you took, they are really good. If you want to check her's out it is on their website search Breanna Patz.
Take care, Aunt Kathy
David 23-Jul-2005 16:34
Hello Mr. Hevezi,
I just wanted to say that the pictures from Iraq are heartwrenching.
My brother who is a Marine with the VMFA(AW)533 will be going to Iraq
early next year.

Take care and God Bless all the Marines and Troops who are fighting for
my freedom.

David Outman
Susan Swanson 21-Jul-2005 22:15
Amazing and very moving pieces, really a great eye for these works. Grateful that you are sharing it.
Niki Kalogiratou20-Jul-2005 20:18
I like very much the action depicted in your pictures. They are almost never stationary and always saying a story!
"Dee" 21-Jun-2005 00:43
I just wanted to drop another comment in and say thank you very much for being out there and protecting the US!!! You and the rest of the military is very much appreciated by all of us here on the island of Molokai, with much love and aloha THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!!!!!!
M.J. Hevezi28-Mar-2005 15:15
From: Q Madp ( Date: 28-Mar-2005 00:08
You have a great website!! Keep it up. We must not forget our men and women that gave their all. To some they are just Iraq war casualties but to many of us they are Iraq War Heroes. Don't Let The Memory Of Them Drift Away
Guest 01-Feb-2005 10:50
hi i like most of your galleries........
just curious ? u work for us army ? .......
really appreciate you all !
the pic was taken in a very hazy afternoon is hong kong !
those views with harbour and ferries are not difficult to find in hk,just one
thing hk is becoming toooo hazy ! dont know why .......
dont know what to say but just feel very proud of you guys who work for army .( esp those in iraq)
Ewart Lucius 26-Jan-2005 05:46
What proffesionalism in your work and it comes from the heart. Matt their is no words to express your work, just like a singer that sings from the heart and soul.

Great web

Take care Brother

Guest 18-Nov-2004 03:17
Great photo, it is impossible to pick a fav from the collection.
AB Richardson 17-Nov-2004 23:23
I love the photos. The jungle section is my favorite by far. Your good...keep up the good work.
Guest 02-Nov-2004 20:17
Hey Matt,

Just replying to your message. What would you like to use my pictures for? By the way, very nice pictures you have there.
Semper Fi,
-Sgt Nguyen
Guest 30-Oct-2004 07:16
You have very interesting fotos, they took all amy attention.
Thank you for sharing!
Andrew Meyers 20-Sep-2004 13:37
Matt- Your images motivate me! Thanks for the professional kick in the ass. Drew
Martha 15-Jul-2004 13:52
Matt, my favorite is Kyushu, the soldier with the flag background. I learned from Tina in Ohio about your photos. I have a Marine son who is currenly in Kuwait at this time. I love photos....Keep up the good work...when you retire you can be a wedding photographer...Be STRONG, BE PROUD, You are a Marine....
Guest 03-Feb-2004 00:55
wow, I love the pics in your page. I have a lot of heart, pride, dedication and motivation for the corp and the few I trust within it. My friends are my heart, and most of the ones who are like family to me are in the corp, better than many as people and as friends. Thank you for what you do. - Mary
framewerkz19-Dec-2003 11:10
Just wanted to drop by to say that your colelction of images rank among some of the most inspiring I've seen. The photojournalism here is simply amazing. Thanks for sharing.
Rob T18-Dec-2003 05:05
Your galleries are fantastic. Great composition and timing.
Semper fi,
Paul Teixeira 13-Dec-2003 12:30
Hi Matt,

Thanks for the comment you left in one of my galleries. It's nice to read a comment like that from a fellow photo journalist. Especially one that is such a good visual journalist as you are! I loved the series you made on Fuji.

Best regards,
Paul Teixeira
Colin Horne11-Dec-2003 10:13
Hi Matt!
Just wanted to say thanks for visiting and commenting on my site. Glad you enjoyed!
Had a look at your pics....fantastic! Mind if i ask your opinion on something? ..... am starting wanting to get serious with my photography,but haven't got a clue what setup to buy. I need something thats going to be durable as well as good value for money....any suggestions?
All the best and Season Greetings..
Emi 29-Oct-2003 06:09

You have a great set of photos. I was very impressed with them. I initially came here because I was looking for Okinawa pictures...I am not usually distracted to sidetrack to look at other photos than my objective. You are doing a great job, please keep up the great work! Do you have more pics of Okinawa? : )
M.J. Hevezi18-Oct-2003 18:09
Thanks, Dee, very much for the comment. I had a student named Matt who was a younger Marine at Camp Hansen. I was in Okinawa for three years and knew many Okinawan and Japanese photographers, but not too many Americans who worked off base.
Dee 18-Oct-2003 07:54
Hi, Matt;

I have a friend who has a friend named Matt who is (was?) a photographer here on Okinawa, and I wanted to see if he has anything online. I don't know if you are one and the same, but I absolutely enjoyed your work. You must love your job.

Take care,
Dee :-)
Guest 22-Sep-2003 09:50
love your photos, especially the ones from micronesia, formerly from there, missed the islands sometimes.
M.J. Hevezi16-Sep-2003 10:33
Hi Matt,

I'm a PBase user also. When I went to pbase, it came up with YOU logged in yet. A bad guy would wipe out everything you have. I'm a good guy and will just log you out. Please log out next time you leave a public PC! =)
Nice Guy.
Donna Nelson 15-Sep-2003 22:02
I loved your photos. Being away from home and being able to view photos that i so much miss helps a whole lot. I'm currently in Iraq on deployment. I cannot wait to come home, all of us are ready to go home. We all need to be thankful for the freedom that alot of us take advantage of. I personally don't know how these people live, but this is all they know, this is how they've been brought up.
Alright i gotta go. Continue to do good things for the island.
I can't wait to come back to yap for a visit and to especially visit my family.

Donna Nelson
JP Atkinson06-Sep-2003 14:46
Excellent work, Matt. Your dedication to your craft and personal ingegrity come through in every photo.
Don Northup08-Aug-2003 16:50
Sweet galleries and I did enjoy the Jungle Grunts. I spent some time in Sasebo when I was in the USN back in the mid 80's. You have some great captures and I am sure your future projects will be successful.
Jane Hevezi 03-Jun-2003 20:41
Hey Bro- This is awesome! Hope all is well, Love, me
Mawther 12-Jun-2002 00:45
Please disregard what appears to be spelling errors.(You KNOW that I don't do that.) I'm at Dan and Jeanne's and their keyboard SUCKS!!
Mawther 12-Jun-2002 00:41
Too late...I'm already your photos son, and wish I could tell yo that face to face. I'll bet you have some awesome portfolio. Now, since you're a photographer, howzabout som photographs of my grandsons????? Love and Kisses, Mom