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why can't i have my milk in a saucer like other cats!!.

Canon EOS 20D ,Sigma 24-70mm f/2.8 EX DG ASP DF
1/60s f/2.8 at 45.0mm iso100 with Flash full exif

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Robert Nielsen09-Mar-2012 15:14
Funny and well capture Helen of you beautiful cat :-)
Can cats relay drink with a straw, or have it got training for it ?
Raymond12-Sep-2010 14:09
heather10-Dec-2009 15:25
Oh this made me laugh.. what a great photo!! V
laine8214-Jul-2009 09:59
I was just looking through a website that is part of a discussion on the forum when I saw this photo of Jasmin which I recognised. Here is a link to what I found. It seems a Russian is using many pbase photos & this one has also been used it appears by someone else...just thought you may want to know !!
Flo Hendry26-Aug-2008 07:36
So cute! Now if only I could get one of my client's cats to drink out of a cup! She has beautiful eyes. V
Luc Meynaerts01-Mar-2008 09:02
great shot
Sherri17-Nov-2007 04:01
This is just great!!! Love it...V
legendz25-Aug-2007 17:47
Excellent capture - what composition/details
Guest 09-Jul-2007 14:34
Too funny, great shot.
Simon Chandler08-May-2007 21:20
Excellent. Great lighing and composition. Very special subject. v
Debbie Blackburn Beierle04-May-2007 18:59
This is just too cute for words!! What a shot! v
Ohad.R08-Apr-2007 15:24
this is a SUPERB catch !!
so sharp, so funny.
perfect perfect.
millions of PBASErs have commented it before, not for nothing !!
Richard Calmes18-Feb-2007 19:55
Excellent shot and very funny! V
william mahan31-Jan-2007 23:25

Having a spot of tea is best thru a straw. I love it!
william mahan31-Jan-2007 23:24

Having a spot of tea is best thru a straw. I love it!
Marijka24-Jan-2007 19:17
smart puddy cat :)... very nicely done!!
Graham Tomlin02-Jan-2007 15:04
well done mumy from alex
Yves Rubin09-Dec-2006 04:51
Such a terrific image! Rarely do snapshots get so good...
dinah saluz10-Nov-2006 17:34
UNE VRAIE STAR nice capture !
Neo03-Nov-2006 22:02
I think this is my favorite photo in all of pbase. I come back to it often.
Donald Verger14-Oct-2006 20:39
ah, it is YOU that is lovely!
kind regards, Helen
rsub802-Oct-2006 22:08
No! Cannot be! ;>) ;>) ;>)

Dan Chusid19-Sep-2006 01:24
Feeling special?
: )
zyziza05-Aug-2006 18:28
nice weekend Jasmine !
Maria Feht04-Aug-2006 21:12
Gary & Sam Wilson02-Aug-2006 01:20
Now if I could teach my cats to do that. Great shot.
Rosemarie Kusserow31-Jul-2006 14:39
Great shot, I like it a lot, Rosemarie :-) v
Naoki Hayashi's Photo Gallery23-Jul-2006 02:18
Very cute!! Lovely shot!! Thank you.
Guest 16-Jul-2006 17:30
Hahahaha.... I´m lovin it!!!!!!
Dennis Hoyne10-Jul-2006 04:02
Absolutley stunning kitty photo. GMV
John Beck09-Jul-2006 10:43
This is a great photo. The colors really make it special. (The cat's 'pose' doesn't hurt though). One of those rare moments most of us wish we could capture.
Adam Sharp07-Jul-2006 21:42
lol great
Shimon Levkovich07-Jul-2006 15:52
Fabulous. GMV.
Samer Jabri A.06-Jul-2006 09:38
Awsome ! , I love it .
Bjarne Øymyr03-Jul-2006 15:52
Excellent! A great story that's very well captured!
Guest 02-Jul-2006 00:27
Adorable! Great composition, lighting and contrasting colors!
Guest 02-Jul-2006 00:27
Adorable! Great composition, lighting and contrasting colors!
aLub@29-Jun-2006 15:27
LOL. I can not believe it either. GMV.
Bryan25-Jun-2006 17:04
OMG, great shot/idea. Boy, i've never had to scroll down so low to get a comment in. Nice.
Blair Howell23-Jun-2006 16:24
LOL....This has to be one of the cutest shots I've seen in a very long time......Gret Job!
Andrew Vincent19-Jun-2006 06:56
Very clever. Lovely composition too! Voted
Shirley R. Rebortira14-Jun-2006 23:04
made us all smile and wonder...geat capture!
Bernard VINH07-Jun-2006 21:03
Too funny !! and very nice picture voted
Gil Purcil03-Jun-2006 16:52
Love it. Amazingly funny, great timing and very clever.
I won't be surprised if he uses a knife and fork. :-)
Guest 03-Jun-2006 05:06
Nice one Graham, looks great well done
Marcia Colelli02-Jun-2006 11:33
This is just so cute, I don't know why I did not notice it before. Always discovering things when you visit several times. Thanks so much once again for your comment
Donald Verger02-Jun-2006 09:34
hi Helen! me... i am not going to drink today...
but i love this little kittie!
vote! thanks for all your wonderful and helpful comments... have a nice day... today is my first open studios here where i have moved to wondrful portland maine from the lake sa nd courntyr.. so much to see here also! best, don
Guest 02-Jun-2006 04:59
Now this one has an overwhelming "cool" factor.
Guest 31-May-2006 23:46
Brilliant picture.
I used to have a cat like this. So sweet.
Konrad Busslinger31-May-2006 05:20
So lovely this cat. V
carol j. phipps26-May-2006 02:18
Oh my goodness! Vote.
Christina Conroy18-May-2006 04:27
Fantastic! Excellent! Such a great shot!
toxaphene12-May-2006 13:07
My cat might be smart too...he like me to drink water from my cat with my handling...haha
Bea.04-May-2006 09:32
This is one smart cat. Is it really drinking through the straw? You must let me know, please!
Larry Hill24-Apr-2006 17:27
Thank you for today's smile!
Ana Carloto O'Shea22-Apr-2006 10:31
This one has got to be one of the most famous cat photos in Pbase and it's well deserved :)
caveman_lee21-Apr-2006 17:15
A great shot.
Ramiek13-Apr-2006 07:39

PicsbyTammy10-Apr-2006 08:23
This is awesome! GMV
Guest 26-Mar-2006 04:07
Clyde20-Mar-2006 00:49
Made my day!
Guest 18-Mar-2006 14:19
You can name the amount of cash, because you will want to pay me to take the boys back after a week and I'll still have
Graham Tomlin17-Mar-2006 17:25
how much cash are we talking about here.
Guest 17-Mar-2006 03:42
I will trade you three adult sons for your cat plus throw in some cash! I love the entire series.
Chris P.28-Feb-2006 02:46
Wow, clever cat. Nice shot.
rick bolt05-Feb-2006 21:07
Absolutely amazing. I have two cats, and I can't imagine... John Matt
Sam X29-Jan-2006 21:11
...amaizing, nice and hard to believ that cat can do it...
akleja15-Jan-2006 21:35
Cute and funny! Loved the picture!
Pedro Silva08-Jan-2006 00:30
This has got to be one of the funniest photos i've seen. Great momment!
Piotr Stankiewicz07-Jan-2006 22:41
Nick Clarke28-Dec-2005 21:05
Very pleasing! :)
laurent lardière22-Dec-2005 15:19
Good Pic, The cat's is so unforeseeable

Bye Laurent
Donnaray19-Dec-2005 03:10
fantastic! Love it
CIS13-Dec-2005 01:18
What an amazing moment...voted! I'll be smiling all night.:-)
Vilone05-Dec-2005 02:38
Great capture! Too cute!
LEO.D27-Nov-2005 14:51

you should proud of he/she~~~~~~~~~~
Reflections by Ruth25-Nov-2005 04:03
:)) this cat has it all. Dont think my cats would have ever done this.
chrisse21-Nov-2005 22:24
Wow, this is so wonderful. I have to try this with my cats some time.
Going to bed with a smile now. I'll check out the rest of your galleries tomorrow.
Jim Chiu13-Nov-2005 14:37
so funny..
Jim Chiu13-Nov-2005 14:37
so funny..
lilac_purple01-Nov-2005 00:25
She is so cute. I will let me cat take a look at this picture. Voted
Marisa D.L.29-Oct-2005 21:02
This cat is a star!
no name29-Oct-2005 06:31
Unreal! and very cute!
Guest 27-Oct-2005 02:23
HAha!! This is too funny......
scgirl200019-Oct-2005 16:46
Smart cat! lol Great image!
Helen Betts17-Oct-2005 21:47
This is obviously a very talented (Russian Blue?) kitty! Helen
Josy's Pics16-Oct-2005 17:57
Very funny!!!
Nicki Thurgar14-Oct-2005 15:22
Well, I can't add more to what others have said.... but I love it, made me laugh aloud! :o)
Guenter Eh12-Oct-2005 21:04
Please, give`em a saucer - poor cat !
Can`t stop laughin`....
You make me smile for this day..
Norman Richard11-Oct-2005 03:23
Oh boy, nice timing.
Jeanelyn 09-Oct-2005 02:04
this is sooo funnny!
victor valle08-Oct-2005 17:42
This is sooooo coool! Love it. Voted.
viljamix07-Oct-2005 18:54
Cool, cool cat!
shatterbug07-Oct-2005 01:26
Amazing shot! Vote.
David Royall06-Oct-2005 15:06
Fantastic... I bookmarked this page.
Ron Horloff05-Oct-2005 22:32
Amazing cat, and great capture. Should be on the cover of Cat Weekly.

northstar3702-Oct-2005 22:21
very refined!
Al Chesworth26-Sep-2005 18:39
A superb shot. Voted.
Barb26-Sep-2005 02:39
Great shot and beautiful cat.
coaster25-Sep-2005 19:37
Great shot! gmv
Guest 18-Sep-2005 21:52
Very original. :) Is she really drinking it?
Heather Sweeney16-Sep-2005 14:51
LOL, this is too great not to vote for!
Guest 16-Sep-2005 14:07
great shot.haha!!!
See Why See15-Sep-2005 14:45
What a cat! Voted!
Daniel Gallagher15-Sep-2005 01:54
haha, this photo is awesome! excellent capture..
Focus14-Sep-2005 13:18
Outstanding capture........well done!
Nichole Dillon-Lee14-Sep-2005 06:37
awesome capture!
Torben Jorgensen13-Sep-2005 21:29
Great shot. What an irrisistable cat. Very funny.
Torben Jorgensen13-Sep-2005 11:31
Great shot. Great looking cat.
Rob Oele11-Sep-2005 20:36
This is so funny!
Greetings, Rob
Robin Reid08-Sep-2005 02:44
Guest 07-Sep-2005 09:31
Your cat will soon be wanting a soda!
This is a fantastic pic :-)
laine8204-Sep-2005 10:43
That is so comical. Love it.
Michael D03-Sep-2005 17:10
This cat pic gets my vote. Keep up the great work.
uofmtiger03-Sep-2005 15:43
Possibly the best cat shot ever! GMV
audra baecker02-Sep-2005 20:09
and vote!
audra baecker02-Sep-2005 20:08
ohmygosh! this is so sweet!
BonsEYE02-Sep-2005 17:20
Great shot! Looks like you have the perfect poser at your disposal.
Roe..02-Sep-2005 09:59
amazing capture...v
Tor01-Sep-2005 16:31
Great shot! I didn't know cats could do that...
Utsav 01-Sep-2005 14:47
hehe!! LOL .. this is ssooo funny and cute.. Voted !!
and you get Best Picture Award for "Best Creative Concept" :-))
fred_il01-Sep-2005 12:17
You have an amazing cat!!
Guest 31-Aug-2005 21:35
That's sooo cute!
Bernard Tse31-Aug-2005 17:12
Smart fella!!!
ac31-Aug-2005 14:42
Is that true ? He drinks his beer with a straw ? Funny shot, thanks.
Antje Schulte31-Aug-2005 11:01
:-D This is absolutely hilarious!
Barri Olson31-Aug-2005 10:50
:-) This is very cool.
Distant Sun31-Aug-2005 10:00
I just love this one!!
Guest 30-Aug-2005 03:16
LOL! Straw dogs, now atraw cats!
Jill29-Aug-2005 15:19
Delightful smile provoking.
Linda Buckell27-Aug-2005 17:01
What a unique photo - is this really a cat lol.
steve mcsweeny27-Aug-2005 10:35
LOL! Amazing.Vote!
Phyllis Stewart27-Aug-2005 08:28
Great shot! Voted!
snootydog23-Aug-2005 18:20
Sheila19-Aug-2005 05:16
LOL! I did a double take! Great shot.
alda18-Aug-2005 15:52
Now, I know cats can be a bit bizarre, bit this is crazy!
Great capture! ;)
Plus the look on kitty's face - like, "what's the big deal here? Go away, I'm busy!" LOL!
Guest 18-Aug-2005 07:15
Hysterical! Nice capture.
Ron S. Bernardo16-Aug-2005 10:43
This is the first time I've seen a cat used a straw to drink milk. I like this, VOTED!
virginiacoastline16-Aug-2005 02:16
too funny!
Isabel Cutler13-Aug-2005 17:11
Talk about talented! This is so cute! Thanks for stopping by my pbase gallery and leaving such nice comments. (one was signed assume all comments were from her). I especially enjoyed your kitty pictures.
Marchael12-Aug-2005 18:24
This is just too funny. One of our cats glanced at it and then looked at me as if to say, "I hope you don't expect me to do that too." :-)
missy_gardenwhimsy06-Aug-2005 21:57
Too, too, cute, Graham ! I love photos like this one...they make me smile! Your fur baby is so beautiful! Missy
Isolde Peisl05-Aug-2005 20:27
My vote, too!
james200203-Aug-2005 12:19
Great shot! Got my vote.
Eldar Kadymov02-Aug-2005 03:28
I just cannot believe it, so witty !
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