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Windows, Doors & Corridors

I have always been fascinated by ornate doors and windows. This is a permanent WIP - after sifting thru my collection, I noticed that I had so many such images, enough to set up an independant gallery.
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t4%2f18%2f75718%2f4%2f91641641.XvHOgthl.jpg Luang Prabang, Laos v3%2f18%2f75718%2f4%2f51429640.DSC_6225.jpg Indonesia Luang Prabang, Laos
u15%2fgbc%2fsmall%2f42633986.dsc_4510.jpg u26%2fgbc%2fsmall%2f43226097.dsc_4452.jpg Church v3%2f18%2f75718%2f4%2f51084470.dsc_4731.jpg  Singapore
Hanoi, Vietnam Luang Prabang, Laos u11%2fgbc%2fsmall%2f42787234.dsc_4488.jpg Malacca t1%2f18%2f75718%2f4%2f54661971.DSC_5450.jpg
Anglican Church, Galle u17%2fgbc%2fsmall%2f42684389.dsc_4459.jpg u17%2fgbc%2fsmall%2f42667929.dsc_4985.jpg Luang Prabang, Laos u11%2fgbc%2fsmall%2f42837569.dsc_4539sq.jpg
t1%2f18%2f75718%2f4%2f54742590.DSC_5463.jpg u17%2fgbc%2fsmall%2f42452851.dsc_4192.jpg u18%2fgbc%2fsmall%2f43130593.dsc_4084.jpg u17%2fgbc%2fsmall%2f42722910.dsc_4486.jpg u26%2fgbc%2fsmall%2f43236996.dsc_4495.jpg
u11%2fgbc%2fsmall%2f42753193.dsc_4492.jpg Kandy Sri Lanka u15%2fgbc%2fsmall%2f42672285.dsc_4446.jpg Galle, Sri Lanka
v3%2f18%2f75718%2f4%2f51436288.dsc_4735.jpg Agra, India u16%2fgbc%2fsmall%2f42174857.dsc_4729.jpg Luang Prabang, Laos u13%2fgbc%2fsmall%2f42551942.dsc_4867.jpg
u18%2fgbc%2fsmall%2f43040463.dsc_4081bw.jpg u14%2fgbc%2fsmall%2f41862593.Indiadsc_4157.jpg u15%2fgbc%2fsmall%2f42685161.dsc_4435.jpg Dutch Church, Galle u15%2fgbc%2fsmall%2f41862604.Indiadsc_4530pn.jpg
u10%2fgbc%2fsmall%2f42838432.dsc_4479.jpg That Luang u15%2fgbc%2fsmall%2f42683764.dsc_4477.jpg u17%2fgbc%2fsmall%2f42713517.dsc_4590.jpg u17%2fgbc%2fsmall%2f42666442.dsc_4448.jpg
u13%2fgbc%2fsmall%2f42484501.dsc_4733.jpg u15%2fgbc%2fsmall%2f42673713.dsc_4624.jpg u17%2fgbc%2fsmall%2f42681483.dsc_4429.jpg u13%2fgbc%2fsmall%2f42489434.dsc_4216.jpg u15%2fgbc%2fsmall%2f42645345.DSC_6464.jpg
My front door.... v3%2f18%2f75718%2f4%2f45267839.DSC_9716x.jpg Old door detail, Rajasthan, Bombay, India u7%2fgbc%2fsmall%2f36950689.dsc_4641.jpg
Songkhla u15%2fgbc%2fsmall%2f42674140.dsc_4562.jpg u7%2fgbc%2fsmall%2f36950718.dsc_4708.jpg u11%2fgbc%2fsmall%2f42750471.dsc_4143sq.jpg Raffles Hotel, Cambodia
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