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Skimmia reevesiana Hortensia Skimmia japonica Sedum spectabile Skimmia reevesiana
full moon winter autumn colors autumn in my backyard
autumn in my backyard Arbutus unedo autumn fall Deroceras reticulatum
Arbutus unedo Autumn colors Ilex aquifolium Lonicera pumpkin
Rubus caesius     Reflexion Typha latifolia   dew Sorbus aucuparia
Rubus fruticosus Hawthorn Cepaea nemoralis
Cepaea nemoralis  Cepaea nemoralis Apple blossoms Apple blossoms Apple blossoms
Apple blossoms lentebloesem Salix alba Catkin Cepaea nemoralis
hawthorn lichens Spindle-tree hortensia maple
red fir cotoneaster hazelnut
beech-nut acorn oak apple Arbutus unedo
acorn oak apple Crataegus monogyna Casanea sativa    Arum italicum
Viburnum opulus Erica Sorbus aucuparia seed box of Marsh-marigold
Helix pomatia French kiss Ruscus aculeatus Equisetum telmateia Apple blossom
Apple blossoms winter garden Cotoneaster seed box of Red Campion Helix aspersa
Theba pisana Lonicera etrusca Laccaria laccata Smilax aspera
Helix aspersa Helix aspersa figuier escargot
Helix pomatia Pulmonaria officinalis Rowan Eschscholzia californica Picea Pungens Young Cones
Taraxacum sp Apple blossoms Apple blossoms
Rowan Apple blossoms Apple blossoms
Apple blossoms Apple blossoms Rowan Apple blossoms Catkin
Catkin Sambucus nigra Forsythia Catkin Stonecrop
snow on Stonecrop snow on Stonecrop Symphoricarpos albus
Ivy Ivy Rowan Hawthorn Eeastern Teaberry
Symphoricarpos Spindle-Tree weeping-willow reflection hoar-frost
hoar-frost  Blackthorn Potentilla indica Lily-of-the-valley Holly
Strawberry Tree Euonymus europaeus Field Maple fern
Weeping silver lime Euphorbia Quercus robur Quercus robur
Euonymus europaeus Quercus robur Quercus robur Crataegus monogyna Euphorbia
Quercus robur Sorbus aucuparia
Fragaria vesca insect eggs
Eschscholzia californica
Fleur de pommier
Flowering Hazel bud First sign of spring: Flowering Hazel bud
Euonymus europaeus Crataegus monogyna Arbutus unedo Last one
Arbutus unedo Lonicera Crataegus monogyna
Cladonia cristatella Frangula alnus
Tamus communis Arbutus unedo Sorbus aucuparia
Botrychium lunaria
Allium cepa Clematis vitalba
Umbilicus rupestris Asplenium trichomanes Euphorbia
Tamarix tetragyna
Hedera helix
Arbutus unedo
Prunus spinosa
Wood Anemone
Willow catkins
Spring Spring
Flowering Hazel bud
First sign of spring
Pedunculate oak
Elder Beech Honeysuckle Hazel
Hornbeam Willow Catkins Hazel Field Maple
Beech Field Maple Lime
Malus sp.
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