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Eldar Kadymov | all galleries >> Old Experiments With Photoshop > My Beloved Freddie Mercury,- Show Must Go On...Swiss Alps
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My Beloved Freddie Mercury,- Show Must Go On...Swiss Alps

My Beloved Freddie Mercury,- Show Must Go On...Swiss Alps

I hope some day somebody will tell me what is so wrong with this image :-), yet this is puzzle !

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Mattias Backström17-Jul-2008 09:02
Oh, you have to show me this, so that I can pose with it and add it to my statue gallery. The show must go on, you know! :D
Eldar Kadymov23-Feb-2007 13:29
Thank you, Ann, you're true artist , so you can understand my Goliath undertaken to move Freddie up 4.5 km high. Without false modesty, this might considered as eight wonder of the world ?!
Ann Cleeves23-Feb-2007 10:52
What more can I say to add to the debate...other than it must have taken a feat similar to building the pyramids or Stonehenge, to transport this great statue up here from the lakeside, just for the sake of art. Fantastic logistical achievement!
Hodero14-Dec-2006 21:49
Fantastic showman !
Hope his ass doesn't get cold ;-)
Rory Trappe08-Dec-2006 17:49
Nice photo.
Thanks for the comment on the loop photos and the vote.
JOHN ALVARO 22-Nov-2006 02:45
Eldar Kadymov17-Nov-2006 22:00
Bravo, Fred, you've got it right !
Fred Fan 17-Nov-2006 16:40
Could it be that the actual stature is actually in Montreux instead of there in the Alps? Nice montage.
Roger 16-Sep-2006 05:26
To me there is nothing wrong with this image. Well, not that i can see of.
indeed his face does look a bit different, otherwise it's a great, sexy statue of Freddie.
Nicolette 16-Sep-2006 05:21
Freddie Mercury is the worlds greatest singer! Apart from (roger taylor, brian may and john deacon they're good). i miss him heaps, and who would'nt! I am so called 'crazy' about Queen, and never can get my mind off them! All i hope is for Freddie to be alive again, that is my only wish, and i would do anything to bring him back, but you can't change the past. And i would of done anything to help him staying alive and being well. i am totally shocked that he is dead. but... He will be forever in my heart. FOREVER.
inside my heart is breaking, to know he is dead. Queen means the world to me. <3
RALPH ELDRIDGE10-Aug-2006 16:28
Sorry, Eldar, but no "gotcha". Only about 1/2 of the stick shadow falls on his leg. The other 1/2 is missing and that is the portion that I referenced. Also, I believed the Alps, it's the middle/foreground that I suspect.
But enough nit picking. Onward to new and improved things.
Eldar Kadymov10-Aug-2006 15:07
Holy macaroni, aren't these fellas hard on me, eh ?! One is complaining about Lenin's flag pole, another one about geology of the place, eh ?! Even Freddy's magic stick failed ?! BTW, stick's shadow is on Freddy's left leg, LOL ! Aha, gotcha !!! As for mountains, I swear on the soul of Mao Dzedong it is Swiss Alps at about 5 km altitude.
Alright, alright... Night scene, hmmmmm...Sofisticated shadows, hmmmmm... Yes, here we go, now you should be happy, eh ? Night scene with shadows , super shadows !!!
RALPH ELDRIDGE10-Aug-2006 13:58
My geology is weak, Eldar, but it would seem that this was done in at least 3 layers: moutains , middle ground and statue. That middle ground just doesn't look like Dolomite, or even Granite. Possible Western Hemisphere origin? Central America?
Shadowing is very good in this one, much better than the Abbey. Only 4 points that I see as just a little off: {1} The shadowing in the lower right corner is not sharp enough, to match other shadows; {2} The side of the monument below Freddy's right foot isn't evenly shadowed. The entire side should be in medium/light shadow; {3} There is no shadow on the ground for his stick, and with this lighting and angle it should show; {4} There is a shadow on the rocks {structure?} just above where his leg shadows exit frame. If this is the shadow of his left arm, then it is much too pale. If it isn't his arm, then it doesn't belong in the picture.
I guess that what I am trying to say is that, under natural light, shadows should show {1}consistent angle, {2} consistent degree of sharpness or crispness, and {3}consistent degree of colour.
Great fun. And I bet that you are laughing your head off, just planning how next to fool us. Might I suggest something with artificial lighting, perhaps multiple sources such as a nighttime street scene?
Eldar Kadymov28-Jul-2006 12:54
Alright guys, you still cannot resolve the puzzle. Wanna know the answer ? Crina, what do you mean by "the picture is OK " ? Just OK ? This is the best picture of Freddy's statue known to the whole human race ! Another one, which is second best is here :-) . I cannot remember Lenin's statue with flag but I take your word for it, though Freddy holds his artistic concert stick, he was very indeferent on political scene...
crina.28-Jul-2006 04:55
Oh, poor Freddie - he was a piece of work all right - the glitz and glamour of Queen - I was the biggest fan in my teenage years back in the 80's .the picture is ok - except for the flag poles which make me think of a Lenin statue;)
Oleg Birioukov14-Mar-2006 02:57

It just gets freaky... I was driving home from work tonight, glancing at the full moon barely visible through the fog (what a stage, eh?) and thinking about your messsage and about odds of life (check you PBase mail) and Innuendo CD was playing and guess which song was on? You got it right "...must go on!" If this isn't strange, than what is?
There's nothing wrong with your image. It's too damn REAL. Vote.