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Eldar Kadymov | all galleries >> Old Experiments With Photoshop > There Is One Thing Which French Cannot Master...
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There Is One Thing Which French Cannot Master...

There Is One Thing Which French Cannot Master...

French beer is something like... you don't really want to associate with France,-plain, watery, no bite etc. That day I did not have any Euros on me, so waiter asked me first,- "Quest que ca veut dire, cette merde la ?!" , but shortly after was so stunned by rather phenomenal artistic value of banknotes carrying Maria Sharapova, Raquel Welch and Sharon Stone that I had no issues with paying the final bill ! Actually, it was my pal Dave Beedon who inspired me to travel with true money, which I am really grateful to him for ! Prost !

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Armindo Lopes26-Apr-2007 20:01
Quite a good beer for my taste. From Alsace. 20 years ago I used to live in Barcelona and always drank Kronembourg.
Eldar Kadymov11-Aug-2006 12:05
Ralph, I was not that much concerned about quality of French beers as I knew in advance that they were plain. My major issue there was to have enough money to afford it and at the same time making sure that quality of shadows satisfies best professionals kicking around !
RALPH ELDRIDGE11-Aug-2006 09:30
In general, your assessment of beer in correct. There are, however a few smaller brewers that creat excellent beers to match various tastes. I think that something like MAUDITE, produced by Unibroue in Chambly, Quebec might prove pleasing.
As for love in a canoe .... you guys have no imagination. That joke has been around as long as canoes. WHO TOLD YOU THAT THE CANOE HAD TO BE FLOATING ON WATER?
Sebastian03-Aug-2006 20:59
Kronenbourg jáime bien.... I was just writing the sex in canoe joke....then I noticed you had already written it! ...anyway Bud is fucking close to water.

Cheers from Pripps country

PS: you actually did print the hard cash! Voted!!!

Eldar Kadymov01-Aug-2006 15:58
Canadian beer is often being associated with making love in canoe... Why ? Because it's, freaking, too close to water !!!
Marijka31-Jul-2006 21:51
cheers to the canadians for knowing how to brew the beer... i guess the french have the belgians if they want good beer :)
Eldar Kadymov28-Jul-2006 13:50
Oh, boy, it's gonna be long explanation...
For Dave,- I am flattered and happy that I met your expectations, you know how essential it is for an artist... You inspired me to broaden my artistic work on currencies, so, yes, "mannish motives" will apply to beautiful gender in the same "fashion", or complete lack of thereof. I will likely start with my beloved idol Traci Lords or cabaret divas... Watermark on 500 bill is Maria Sharapova ( gorgeous Russian tennis star ) on the beach, but you will see her in better "redaction", I promise. Moreover, this will be main theme for new gallery with true artistic work. Don't worry , I will take care about USA currency as well :-).
For John,- This is most popular French brand, they have few more ales, but, again, it's no match to German beers. It's just as bad as Budweiser... Let's explore world of travel, meant beers, together !
For Crina,- You hit bullseye with my kitty except for selection of booze,- he's for awhile on the wagon with Italian wines. I, probably, send him to clinic for alcoholics, after I teach him out of smoking !
For Michael,- I am not sure why you believe that these moneys are fake ? There is no way Iraquis, Saudi Arabians, not mentioning Russian, secret services would let me get away with such artistic work without their approval ! This was special order from their monetary yards, as they were sick and tired with all these crappy cheikhs and political characters ! As for wines... let me serve you Italian Amarone Negrar and your perception of universe will change forever, LOL !
Dave Beedon28-Jul-2006 04:37
Too bad American currency is not this inventive and colorful.
I remember Raquels' cavewoman pose well---it's almost as well known as the Statue of Liberty. :-) The watermark on the 500 bill is especially interesting. Do you plan to create money with the same degree of clothing (none) as exhibited on your "male" bill?
Guest 28-Jul-2006 04:31
Dude, Do Ineed you can travel w/ moi anytime. If they catch on I will run real fast and get the kar!
BTW WKB is that any way? (whatkindofbeer)? :lol:
crina.28-Jul-2006 03:12
Classy! Eldar, go easy on beer - it ia addictive, and, in some cases, turns one's character around! I suppose your CAT has been on the wagon for sometime, before comitting all those fellonies:) Great shot though - like the perspective and the money!
Michael Weinberg28-Jul-2006 03:08
Hello Eldar. Terrific photo with excellent light and perspective.... good balanced composition and I particularly like the way you have a kind of wide angle distortion used to your advantage to get the beer shooting out to the photo as if to say.... here you have to, you must drink this beer even though it is not very good....drink because it is French and we French who are so good in so many things make really fine beer... trust do for a moment... your order the beer and now you are sorry.... so you pay for the beer with the fake money.... but money so fantastic in presentation, with gorgeous actresses adorning the notes, make it more than worthwhile... Just loved your comment explaining the appearance of the actresses on the banknotes. This is indeed a great story within the story of your experience with the waiter. But the bottom line is that Obviously the French do a lot of things well.... but one of them is NOT beer. I understand, however, that the Austrailians make some great beer.... and they do make some rather fine, cost-effective wine. If you like Pinot Griggio, Austrailian Yellow Tail, has a nice little bite without seriouis after taste and not too sweet either.... a good everyday table wine that will not break my budget. Now how is that for a rambling comment? All my best, Michael.