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Yotvata Hai Bar

The mission of Yotvata Hai-Bar (Wildlife Preserve) Nature Reserve
is to establish reproduction groups for populations of wild animals
that are mentioned in the Bible but have disappeared from our landscape.

BM4J7646 BM4J7623 BM4J5460 BM4J3356
IMG_6903 - Somali wild ass BM4J3816 - Somali wild ass BM4J8156 IMG_1523
IMG_6981 IMG_6999 BM4J8153 IMG_6565 - Wild cat
IMG_9195 IMG_9184 BM4J5445 IMG_1534 - Bubo bubo
IMG_4456 IMG_1487-Torgos tracheliotus IMG_9165 BM4J3445
BM4J3808 - Somali wild ass IMG_5420 - Somali wild ass IMG_5940 - Somali wild ass IMG_7074 - Cheetah
BM4J5321 BM4J6937 BM4J7530 IMG_4454
IMG_6655 IMG_3790 IMG_3796 IMG_6548 - Bubo bubo
IMG_9187 BM4J5342 BM4J5366 IMG_1549-Felis Margarita
IMG_4659 - Equus hemionus IMG_5739 IMG_5740 IMG_1530
The Gang IMG_6453 BM4J9713 IMG_6558 - Felis Margarita
IMG_1569-Fennek fox IMG_1565-Fennek fox IMG_7010 IMG_7098 -  Hyaena hyaena
IMG_7750 IMG_9494 - Gazella dorcas BM4J8090 IMG_3789
IMG_6551 - Bubo bubo IMG_8857 IMG_7090 - Hyaena hyaena IMG_7103 - Cheetah
BM4J9732 BM4J3225 BM4J6951 BM4J7550
BM4J8186 BM4J3819 BM4J3950 BM4J8605
BM4J8581 BM4J8583 BM4J8585 BM4J8591
BM4J8712 BM4J8737 BM4J9749 BM4J9711
BM4J9715 BM4J9864 BM4J0004 BM4J8986
BM4J8988 BM4J8991 BM4J9064 BM4J9065
BM4J9122 BM4J9140 BM4J9253 BM4J9273
IMG_6543 - Bubo bubo BM4J3357 IMG_6586