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Acadia National Park-Bass Harbor-Nubble Lighthouse Storm Posters-The Innocence Project-Eye Witness Mistaken Identity


My story being arrested....

donald verger an artists arresting act of kindness

Donald Verger - Selling Art To Set People Free-

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............................ My GOOGE PROFILE with LINKS to explore

............................. my 2nd Poster... NUBBLE LIGHTHOUSE- A BRIGHT BEACON

......................... STORM AT NUBBLE LIGHTHOUSE POSTER!!!





1447QUIET DAWN OVER THE ATLANTIC  DSC09403 1359DSC08951.... MAGIC AT THE NUBBLE... nubble light... Nubble Lighthouse... york beach, maine, see... 478NUBBLE LIGHTHOUSE PATRIOT'S DAY STORM POSTER- my first poster- linked below, please let folks know so i can buy the sony a900 675DSC08924.jpg Pure Magic at Nubble Lighthouse York Maine an image right out of the camera
402NUBBLE LIGHTHOUSE A BRIGHT BEACON POSTER 406Read the entire story of DONALD VERGER PHOTOGRAPHY AND THE INNOCENCE PROJECT BELOW,  PS I'D APPRECIATE YOUR VOTE 716DSC00964.jpg561 Winter Snow Falls on Nubble Lighthouse York Beach Maine 545jpg0513 Goat Island Maine site of Dawn of Peace Image linked Below- Read About Donald Verger- Innocence Project- Press Herald
162xDSC03848.jpg Portland Head Light :) 525 ACADIA NATIONAL PARK-Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse-dawn of the storm! 60mph winds DSC09402_2.jpg2 GULLS WARMED BY THE RISING SUN please comment on which of these 3 you prefer??? 893DSC08175.jpg Italy Roses :)
201  What simple title would you give this, i dont like pot of gold and it is not printed yet 200xDSC09687.jpg Vernazza, Italy 65LIGHTNING STRIKE AT PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT POSTER... SEE THEM ALL AT.... 106/64DSC00577.jpg read about misidentification arrest and Donald Verger and The Innocence Project
103DSC08288.jpg Red Sky at night at Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse preceeding a strong storm... see the blue image the next morn 425DSC00953.jpg Nubble Lighthouse cape neddick york beach maine... see more below 116DSC08950.may08added Rainbow over Nubble LIghthouse, which of these four would be best poster 127DSC00765 Lightning Strikes over Portland Head Lighthouse quick moving storm front,not sure i should have stayed on the rocks
399DSC00804.jpg Man rescuing his Dog Nubble  Lighthouse Snow Storm Cape Neddick Maine 65DSC02385jw2.jpg Nubble lighthouse patriots storm, do you prefer this one or the one linked below and why? thank you DSC00902 jpg. WHICH is your FAVE???    left early sat for cold dawn hoping for seasmoke, heard geese behind me- :) 69DSCN3385.jpg296 FACES OF INNOCENCE
57DSC00661.jpg Portland Head Light LIghthouse Seasmoke at sunrise see links below DSCN3909.jpg 38DSCN3194.jpg lobster traps pattern an old harborside home Southport, Maine 125DSC00478.jpg see link below to learn about Faces of Innocence and the Innocence Project
DSC04473.jpg Northeast Kingdom Vermont near St Johnsbury 49DSC01534.jpg122 THE QUEEN! - Portlad Head Light - taken just before my arrest last year 127DSC08387imagebassharborlighthouse.jpg Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse- Winter Storm Acadia National Park x307xP1180489.jpg254x VERMONT~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! postcard picture state!
101DSC08784.jpg from Cadilac Mountain Acadia National Park  Maine, a color image, but life is what it is DSC00144.jpg first shots with new sony a900 with dust! already, in the rain , of course, see my Nubble Lighthouse Poster below DSC06992-med.jpg Maine Lupines poster available- read my story- arrested- below 20DSC07174.jpg Pond near Lois's house, hard to get to... see more vapor images below
219DSC01812.jpg74 New Brunswick ~ Head Harbour Lighthouse CAMPOBELLO ISLAND 69DSC09933.jpg Pemiquid Lighthouse Maine at sunset with crescent moon ... more lighthouses linked below x252P1180488 95.shade, then a moment of sun.. :) the magic of VERMONT .... read Donald Verger Selling Art To Set People Free 71DSCN2987.jpg a little dark?
DSC06079.jpg DSC02925.jpg Memorial Day Peace and Innocence , Pleasant Street/Maine Street USA! 53DSC00898.jpg Portland Head Lighthouse at winter sunrise 84DSCN1920.jpg Aruba
falmouth6309-6314.jpg Falmouth Town Landing and Harbor Maine first try 14DSC03266.jpg see link below for nubble lighthouse storm poster 35DSCN3266.jpg Hendricks Lighthouse Southport Maine see lighthouses linked below 34P1180909.jpg   it is what it is, ps might you comment on your one favorite image in this new gallery, thank
DSCN3696.jpg well dont know about you, but at first glance i love this image! and glad i put card in computer to see it! 57DSCN3197.jpg Maine today... :) did i load a hi res enough version of this or not?, also, i think this is a bit dark, yes? DSC00123.jpg please read my story... of arrest and innocence below and share w friends 108DSC01322.jpg133 Portland Head Light the other day
25DSC08435.jpg STORM DAWN AT BASS HARBOR HEAD LIGHTHOUSE ACADIA NATIONAL PARK MAINE DSCN3693.jpg see my newest poster, linked below, what do you think of the title, this image nikon p90 41DSC09592.jpg see links below 65DSC01327.jpg New Mexico late afternoon lightning and storm clouds, see links below
55DSCN1600.jpg DSC00219.jpg new camera, learing my way, see poster below 66 P1010025.149jpg 93 spotted in a window on long island maine... a quick hand held little image... available as a poster... 32DSC06591.jpg waited with hands getting heavy for the leafs to fall
DSC05278.jpg The spare beauty of Vermont! North East Kingdon DSC00734.jpg bit TOO BRIGHT!  struggling to make my first digital slr get good exposures!!! used to the sony r1 DSC05101.jpg DSC01002.jpg Iceland just returned! also read article- Donald Verger Selling Art to Set People Free ... below
DSC06075.jpg 39/0DSCN1623.jpg DSC01822.jpg Nubble lighthouse at dusk DSC01923.jpg Nubble lighthouse new sony a900 .. how does new dust get in without my taking off lens!
44DSC09691.jpg 45DSC09900.jpg a barn i visit all thru the seasons 45/11DSCN1696.jpg DSCN3983.jpg :) Sailing The Ocean Green! see my now 4 POSTERS AT NUBBLE LIGHTHOUSE AND PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT
66DSC01646.jpg80 taken a few minutes ago... read... DSC02481.jpg DSC02684.jpg practicing taking jpegs with no PP with new sony a900, thoughts? DSC01179.jpg Christmas - Winter Oqunquit Maine
74DSC01851.jpg 85 New York State Amish countryside... your impressions of this image... and read linked article below, tks, don 38DSCN7752_1.jpg 35DSCN1583.jpg Boat/light 22DSCN3318.jpg
14DSC07320.jpg  ITALY! people and places of great beauty! DSC03040.jpg 39DSC06886-image-flowers.jpg Spring Crab Apples- color form and light DSCN3434.jpg
DSC09919.jpg DSC00299.jpg first slr, new camera, with DUST  spots! included! :((((((((((((( DSC00145.jpg Please read the article linked below... Arrest and Innocence 21DSCN3247.jpg
7DSC07289.jpg if you have a sec, please comment on the one image you like best in this gallery and why, thanks, don! P1180113.jpg  please vote! to spread the IP word... My 4th Show to Benefit the Innocence Project ... and see a link to my 2nd new Poster DSC02729.jpg
DSC01973.jpg deleted the first upload by mistage! i am mostly hating my new sony a900 and getting lousy iamges! you? DSC02752.jpg 3925.jpg beter dark than light i guess burnt Island Light Boothbay Maine  ... see my two new LIghthouse Posters linkded below DSC09995.jpg32 i love this barn and have shot it in all seasons....see...
DSC00796.jpg Iceland! also read the story below and see my barn images P1010581.jpg a new flower image from maine farmers market, see more flowers... P1040239.jpg just back from Iceland... Icelandic Ponies and read about... DSC00176.jpg
DSC02598.jpg DSC01240.jpg24 see the gallery below 32DSC01979.jpg46 snowing today, portland head light , the queen P1080755.jpg Iceland! 4 more in this gallery, your fave?
DSC01066.jpg Iceland! Icelandic Horses ... 2 other images in this gallery- also read... DSC00632.jpg ICELAND... this and 3 adjacent image... also read DSC06397.jpg 240DSCN6928.jpg24 Blue... and adidote for winte... i took a variety of these shots... see..
DSC08879.jpg DSC01030.jpg see other vapor images at... 17P1180494.jpg VERMONT! where else has just this feel? good image or not? also 10DSC01728.jpg winter tranquility
14DSC01655.jpg OLD GLORY .... see 9DSC09322.jpg see.. DSC01435.jpg West Quaddy Light Station Maine... ???? to bright??? i am usually careful w exposure-  ... see more at... DSC01435.jpg