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greenbarncroppedtight.jpg do you have any favorites in this growing effort to make panos??? featherpano5_2tifftojpeg.jpg .... a New Day's Dawn Greets Portland Head Light :) AGLOW Portland Head Light see linked belos Karen Montanaro DSC04951...  ANGEL #2  Pamela and the Monarch  driving thru the Maine countryside ...this monarch landed on her hand!
5671PROUD WOMEN at Nubble Lighthouse Maine... do you know her... reward $  Karen Montanaro... poised for dance DSC08322.jpg 775,649m583jpeg 89...72///525///538//541///542THE SPIRIT OF THE LIGHT... joy and freedom... taken a few moment ago sitting on 1387FIRE LIGHT!/ BROODING LIGHT! PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT LIGHTHOUSE by donald verger see 2 others in this gallery, more tomorrow
204THE KISS! see yesterday's pad linked below...Portland Head Light... see link below.. DSCN6812.JPG jpg/9994  5 ANGELS/GULLS RIDE THE LIGHT!!! portland head light, lighthouses, by donald verger 279''275;67//66xxx49..My morning today!//36(39///42) PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT, MAINE 2308!a last image...  NUBBLE LIGHT, maine... please comment on this or last nights pad image, also
87MEANDERING FENCE AND SHADOW PLAY...PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT LIGHTHOUSE by donald verger please comment your fave! DSC07235.pad well i guess i am enamored by this lighthouse... and i love blue and pink and white.. and red! DSCN9006.JPG 55;DSC06905.jpg 146. KAREN MONTANARO.... world renowneded ballerina, mime, storyteller ... see yesterday's pad as well
DSC00056/647/659 PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT... maine The most photographed lighthouse in the world! DSCN9457.JPG DSC09096.jpg 2456DSC08733.....     #63.... my neighborhood... Munjoy Hill, Portland, Maine... i rarely regret getting out of the car DSC08027.jpg nubble lighthouse last night.... see
DSC06838.jpg DSC06972windrowmachine?.jpg ah, i like this piece of :) maine sculpture! see new images at 1854DSC07958.jpg GLORY available as a greeting card KAREN MONTANARO DSC08315.jpg
DSCN6734.JPG DSC08573. DAWN Greets the LIGHT....Quoddy Light, lubec, maine... a packed pizza box away DSC08459.jpg see all my newest images and lighthouses at... 1382DSC09975/stnd PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT, by donald verger lighthouse angler meets the sunrsise! 2207DSC08221.jpg this was an after thought after shooting the barn you can see at...
Linda Greenlove? lobsterman... perfect storm captain.... ? Karen Montanaro... a life in the light... unposed... just a moment seen... see last few pads and all Karen images... ANY GUESSES????   for an explanation...  keep an eye on my pad one day soon... for now... which of the pad sunsets... DSC00211.jpg THE LIGHT in the DARK... portland head light lighthouse by donald verger sunrise september 19 1406i have shot this barn so many times now and never gotten a shot i like... until now?, ps i decided just now i love it!!!!
jpeg7259?this was the very last shot/an afterthought... handheld at 1/20 :(, but a bit dreamy and quiet DSC08609.jpg Dawn's Lights ...... ps should i straighten this a bit in iphoto? DSCN8616.jpg 8DSC07208.jpg DSC08362. REDROSE  a quick storm blows ...see more at
DSC07966.jpg DSC07810.jpg MY FRIENDS.... sandra and patrick 42DSC06891.jpgpadded i got soaked yesterday... wish i had an umbrella holder...please help me pick one or two... DSCN0469.JPG 29DSC06909.jpgaddedlateby20 please help me pick the best lighthouse shots
todays dawn on Pohnpei,29/42/48 Micronesia... privious image is last nights setting DSCN0430.JPG 50;DSC06919.jpg portland head light.... JOURNEY!!!  this one may be my fave! what do you think? donald verger, see them all... glittering like salt.... see...
PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT LIGHTHOUSE amazing evening by donald verger this is sunset my sister Linda and i ride the naples maine sea plane DSC00150.jpg portland head light lighthouse by donald verger september 19 DSCN6815.JPG DSCN9189.JPG
25;DSC06907.jpg this one shows the keepers little white transport basket.. whichof these is your fav??? DSC08562.jpg Dawns first lights.... Quaddy light house... Lubec, easternmost miane DSC00661.jpg DSC06749firesky.jpg DSC05733book2.jpg
DSC00533x600 BRIDGING THE DARKNESS.. WITH LIGHT!   LIGHTHOUSES PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT LIGHTHOUSE by donald verger september 29 DSC07959.jpg 1 vertical every thousand shots  ... seems weirt seeing it... 12DSC08122.jpg the little road taken after the little road taken... see my last two days pads and... DSCN6737.JPG Karen Montanaro... purple
DSCN9535.JPG 33DSC09722.jpg revisited my fave maine lake, see the images from 30 below zero DSCN0417.JPG SEPTEMBER 11th... PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT ... a new dawn DSC07440.jpg so happy to see this yesterday... do you like this or the link below better????
DSC08467.jpg DSC07377.jpg DSC07638.jpg 3am fire in my neighborhood...all safe..many images later in... DSCN0557.JPG 9;DSC07215.jpg
my cat barn white trimmed... the barn alone... my favorite image! :) DSCN8959.JPG DSC04711.jpg Portland Head Light... one of my very first light house shots 16DSC07462.jpg DSC06895.jpg
13;DSC07252.jpg just taken...after i had stopped... see more in this series and other new shots at... DSC09716.jpg DSC07512.jpg BLUE HOPE... DSC06338pinksaltrisottomarket.jpg DSC00160.jpg PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT LIGHTHOUSES cruisin to port/SENTRY by donald verger september 25
DSCN9812.jpg 1,000,000 views today... thanks for all your looking and comments!, don DSCN0494.JPG Ted is in purple... see Alison... in monhegan and PAD galleries....DSCN0563.JPG DSC03264_2.jpg DSC08007.jpg cloud not so cool, but a moment of pink lt on lt house
DSC07497.jpg new hopscotch friends, Talisha and Chris DSC00066wow.jpg PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT LIGHTHOUSES by donald verger september 4 sunsets DSC09356.jpg DSC06740.jpg DSC05940flowertree.jpg
DSC07399.jpg DSC09953 portland head light lighthouse by donald verger a taste of winter to come see similar image in my recent PAD... Joseph Sahm from Pohnpei, Micronesia... sent this wonderful drawing to me! DSCN0235.JPG
DSCN8403.jpg ....  STARS....   this image was taken about 1 year ago today... and almost all the image... DSC00147 DAWN OF PEACE ... portland head light lighthouse by donald verger, september 19, see more DSCN9159.JPG DSCN0484.JPG DSC09836.jpg PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT donald verger, WAVES OF GRAIN DAWN ... see...
DSC05645runningfriends.jpg 40. GRACE and LIGHT.. Karen Montanaro DSC08261  TREE SWALLOWS' SKY! my last 5 days pads here have been clicked a bunch, plse comment on your fave DSC00015.jpg PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT LIGHTHOUSE as seen by donald verger september 4, see... DSCN9433.JPG
DSC06811_4.jpg Holly Hock! DSCN9916.JPG DSCN7544.JPG DSC08492 DSC06716.jpg
DSC09924.jpg NIGHT COMES... portland head light by donald verger... all hand held, no photoshop DSCN6800.JPG 17DSC09735.jpg DSC08352.jpg 30/DSC07272.jpg
DSCN9227.JPG DSCN9465 shadows.jpg DSC06747.jpg IMPRISONED SKY DSCN0569.JPG DSCN0003.jpg a rembance to look thru old images... see images from an amazing morn on this lake
DSC09722.jpg COTTON CANDY SKY... Portland Head Light a moment after sunset... last light DSC06959.jpg from a conference this weekend in northern maine... a few images only DSCN9204.JPG Karen Montanaro... Blue suede shoes! DSC07379.jpg
DSCN7297.jpg DSC07414_3.jpg DSC08563.jpg DSCN0458.JPG DSC05295.jpg my frined Richard painting by casco bay maine, near where i live
09792.jpg portland head light lighthouse by donald verger... i so like the soft pink and blue banding DSCN9196.JPG DSC08556.jpg First Light... Lubec, easternmost maine... morning star/venus? packed in a pizza box DSC08564.jpg DSCN9194.JPG
DSCN0426.JPG peacewheelfocused.jpg DSCN6502.JPG DSC07043.jpg 2;DSC07256.jpg
DSCN0181.JPG  hi from Maine!  exchange street! DSCN0455.JPG DSC05078pad, I Will be putting other images of this moment in the gallery linked below... DSC07085.jpg DSC07201.jpg  live light
DSC07449.jpg Jessica... came out to see me... madison NH... such a nice women... such pretty colors! and face! 50. Karen Montanaro... see her center stage! DSCN9905.jpg DSC08037.jpg lonely quiet and blue with red of light and red of the biggest light reflected... hand held, stupid low light.jpg
Going Large! casting a shadow! oh pohnpei, micronesia , my son taught DSC09589.jpg i like this one! i drove to retake the pink flowers from two? years ago on the white barn door DSC08455.jpg with magical red lit window form the setting sun DSCN7260_1.jpg 1st day of the release... asked permission... left my copy on a table... never DSC06987.jpg American Flag and barn filled with hay not seen... this is my laundry line barn earlier
DSCN9811.jpg DSC07386.jpg DSC08005.jpg nice cloud.. dead lt on lthouse DSC06849.jpg DSCN5375view from bed.jpg Carolyn,... see morning dove and your roses you left with me!
DSCN9199.JPG DSC08440.jpg LYDIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lost my focus on nubble light house! DSC08240.jpg DSCN9222.JPG 20. DSC09188small.jpg
angels of light visit my lunch! DSC07426.jpg PLEASE COMMENT ON THE EXPOSURE YOU LIKE BETS AND WHY, THANKS, DON DSC04938runningiwhtscossors.jpg DSC00119.jpg DSC07501.jpg see a 2nd image4 of this bounddary marker and other new images at...
DSC07432.jpg DSC04586.jpg DSC03408.jpg days end Portland Head Light lighthouses by donald verger september 29 DSCN7258_1.jpg DSCN0436.JPG
DSC09842.jpg PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT by donald verger DSCN0585.JPG DSCN9165.JPG DSCN0573.JPG DSC08170.jpg
DSC00094.jpg PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT ... donald verger... see this series mostly from one night DSC07472.jpg DSCN9915.jpg DSC07496.jpg 29DSC09394.jpg wjocj= which of these two do yo prefer, why? tks
see yesterdays PAD....DSC06515whtiemountainlaundry1?.jpg This image has caused me a lot of trouble... DSC09850.jpg SUNRISE PPORTLAND HEAD LIGHT by donald verger the first kiss of light DSC07255.jpg DONT TOUCH THE ART! 18. KAREN MONTANARO with Earth Planet,i think   see more images in the gallery...
DSC06811_2.jpg DSC08040.jpg all these light house/sky images were last night... so varied, yet very ordinary light...almost left DSCN8999.JPG DSC07150.jpg DSCN0068.JPG
DSCN0434.JPG DSCN9917_2.jpg DSCN0579.JPG DSCN0094.JPG DSC08476.jpg
DSC07425.jpg TWO BOYS GONE FISHIN... FOR NORMA! DSC06600.jpg DSCN9508.JPG DSC06767veticalgeranium1.jpg did an outdoor art show at the last minute, stunned to get first prize, left exhausted... ate here... headed home
DSC08700.jpg DSC07686.jpg DSC05687mystudiospaceendsjune15.jpg 3DSC08124.jpg yellow flower/peak thru DSC08182.jpg i like yesterdays pad a lot! bit dark?
DSC07249.jpg DSC07414 found on a side street near the lighthouse DSC07241.jpg DSC05944nhflowers.jpg more flowers for the flower gallery and... DSC00008plane.jpg PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT LIGHTHOUSES HERE COMES THE SUN! fedex lines up to land by donald verger
DSC08433.jpg .jpg DSC05709pnaisesbothwindows.jpg SEE MY PAD= one picture a day gallery for closer view grace.jpg DSC07012.jpg
DSC06278bricks.jpg DSCN0583.JPG DSC08685.jpg DSC06642.jpg DSCN9226.JPG
DSC05950lunch.jpg DSCN0423.JPG DSC07879.jpg DSCN9943.JPG DSC00498.jpg portland head light lighthouse by donald verger sept 18 faint moon
DSCN9906.JPG DSCN0445.JPG DSC03842blowinginthewind.jpg DSC04315.jpg DSCN5267_2.jpg this is the image... maybe alreday posted? that led to the moments... amazing grace
22/DSC07266.jpg DSCN0179.JPG DSC09723.jpg cotton candy sky #2... please comment on the one you like better and why, me? SMALL PINK CLOUD/ todays sunrise... MY LAST PAD was the most clicked ever!!! of world renowned ballerina/mime Karen Montanaro DSCN9156.JPG
DSCN9934.JPG standing for something... symbols gathered together DSCN8971.JPG DSC08031.jpg DSCN0092.JPG
DSCN7255_1 FOUR WHITE LILYS... PS ME? i reallly somehow delight in yesterdays pad DSCN7250_1.jpg DSC07842.jpg DSC06757.jpg DSC07250.jpg
DSCN9164.JPG DSC00532.jpg PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT LIGHTHOUSE by donald verger sept 18 DSC09763.jpg SEPTEMBER 11TH, A NEW DAWN... portland head light, maine DSC00330.jpg seen at dawn from portland head light lighthouse by donald verger DSC08499.jpg
DSC07922.jpg DSC09568.jpg seen ealry yesterday from PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT.. see them all at DSC00316.jpg PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT LIGHTHOUSE Quilted Sky by donald verger KAREN MONTANARO... :) DSCN8995.JPG
DSC07635.jpg DSC00366.jpg BEACONS! PORTLAND HEADLIGHT LIGHTHOUSE by donald verger at sunrise september 16 DSCN9187.JPG DSCN5366roses.jpg DSC07478.jpg
well, i made it to mass and back today... and did get my shots up at the sudbury public library... DSC06960.jpg ABANDONED... IGNORED... bu not be me! enjoy! reminds me of.... DSC09812.jpg predawn sept 12, 2006 PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT by donald verger DSC00284.jpg PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT SKY! lighthouse by donald verger DSC07274.jpg
DSC09514.jpg 19,DSCN8417.jpg DSC05984_2.jpg DSC00297.jpg seen from the portland head light lighthouse by donald verger :) 12eastern prom portland maine.. a few blocks from my new place... which of these two do you prefer
DSC08013.jpg DSC06295charlesstreetflowersnewflowersoldbloomschanges.jpg DSC08472_2.jpg DSC08616.jpg see yesterdays pad for a similar image/horizontal and... DSC00348 PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT LIGHTHOUSE by donald verger september 22 see more...
DSC06737.jpg DSCN0178.JPG Karen Montanaro ... emerging from darkness... a journey toward the light DSC08133.jpg ah! finally got this with a flitter of butterfly or angel inhabiting the moment almost as apparition DSC08248.jpg
DSC08234.jpg KAREN MONTANARO... resting.... see the growing gallery of this world renowned mime,ballerina... at 7DSC09715.jpg HERE COMES THE SUN DSC07445.jpg DSCN9167.JPG
DSC09756.jpg dawn 9/11 Portland Head Light a new dawn... i am auctioning an image from this dawn at... DSC09844.jpg PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT ... 9/12 dawn... waves coming? see. DSC05931waterjune16.jpg DSC06820.jpg DSC06961.jpg
DSC05708congbricks.jpg...    on the street where i live DSC00300.jpg BLUE BRAIDED SKY OVER PORTLAND HEADL LIGHT LIGHTHOUSES BY DONALD VERGER DSC08113.jpg down the road, dirt, little covered bridge, keep going.. then ah! then the old door image nearby DSC08640.jpg DSC05879miniflower.jpg This lovely hybiscus graced an old fashioned gas station... :) grace!
DSCN8454.jpg the SOURCE....  fire.. taken within a day of all these colors/light images JULIA AGE 5 TOOK THIS IMAGE, HAND HELD, MAYBE HER FIRST SHOT EVER! DSC04944lunchimages.jpg DSC05883hybiscusme.jpg DSC08163.jpg
DSCN9157.JPG cloud dance DSC07945.jpg DSC09605.jpg PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT... most photographed in the world DSCN9166.JPG
DSCN9177.JPG a blur of mergansers gather anticpatin the freeze DSC06906.jpg DSC07367.jpg drove down 4am yest... hard to shoot into the sun... my eye saw the lt house DSCN8617paxhat.jpg
DSC08710.jpg Karen Montanaro... see her face to face DSC07475.jpg DSC07151.jpg this is the AMC Highland Center, NH DSC07273.jpg flowered curtain
DSC07815.jpg see my profile page image today, would you crop this image??? DSC08141.jpg a snap of vermont horses and flowers for my daughter Carolyn! DSC08129.jpg DSC07870.jpg BLUE DREAMER/ HOLDING HANDS DSC07530.jpg
DSCN0097.jpg DSC06626.jpg DSCN0088.JPG DSC06940.jpg DSC06303.jpg
DSC08188.jpg DSCN5064_2.jpg DSC06695.jpg DSC07471.jpg DSC06531.jpg which is a better explosre?
DSC06214.jpg DSC06882.jpg DSC06080.jpg DSCN0087.JPG DSC07925.jpg
DSC07907.jpg DSC06791.jpg DSCN9940.jpg DSC06804_2.jpg DSC07041.jpg
DSC07491.jpg which exp? DSC07949.jpg DSC07873.jpg DSC06725.jpg DSC07174.jpg
DSC07724.jpg DSC08729.jpg on the porch of my little found bandb... peacock house, lubec maine DSC09921.jpg DSC09908.jpg 5DSC07468.jpg you can see the context from which this image came... in this gallery
DSC07695.jpg DSC06792.jpg DSC06848.jpg the view from my window... this garden and fence have been pretty to see DSC07277.jpg in the bright st sun i could see nothing in the screen when i took this standing DSC08813_2.jpg
13. Karen Montanaro... Radiance DSC07387.jpg DSC03693.jpg DSC00539.jpg PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT LIGHTHOUSE by donald verger september 18 DSC07019.jpg
DSC06533.jpg which is a better exposure DSC04943.jpg DSC07318.jpg DSC06441yellowflowers.jpg here in lies the yellow flowers of hope and beuaty DSC07104.jpg
DSC08447.jpg DSC08278.jpg DSC09691.jpg DSC07316.jpg DSCN9507.JPG
KAREN MONTANARO Karen Montanaro... Misteries Unfold! 11. karen montanaro...   PLAY BALL! DSC07178.jpg ANGEL DSCN5256.jpg
DSCN0008.jpg DSC06884.jpg DSC07505.jpg mt washington seen from crawford notch, nh For my sweet daughter Carolyn! Title... green grass... DSC08229.jpg the little light angels that find there way into my new little place
DSC00584.jpg DSC06641.jpg DSC00316lthse.jpg PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT LIGHTHOUSE  lighhouses by donald verger september 26 DSC00530.jpg picnic umbrella girl :) DSC07042.jpg
DSC09321.jpg what a barn! a bit overexposed? DSCN7148.jpg images from my bed... i needed company DSC06938jonathanhannahumbrellaride.jpg DSC07203.jpg dead light
DSC08196.jpg DSC03658.jpg DSC00574.jpg PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT LIGHTHOUSE by donald verger 3rd in this dawn sequence charlestpo.jpg DSC07173.jpg
DSC06458slinky.jpg Me? well a bit of stream of consciousness for a moment... DSC07193.jpg DSC04724.jpg DSC04953.jpg DSC08127.jpg
DSC06908.jpg DSC07656.jpg KAREN MONTANARO DSC07779.jpg DSC08135.jpg
DSC07897. a few images from my sudbury mass public library show... 8x10 in 16x20's... all uniform DSC07678.jpg DSC07750.jpg DSCN7247_1.jpg DSC08571.jpg
DSC08147.jpg DSC08028.jpg the sky opposite the light house, but same night... i am off to vermont! DSC07843.jpg DSC05971.jpg DSC03780.jpg
DSC00259.jpg PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT LIGHTHOUSES BY DONALD VERGER don verger september 25 DSC07310.jpg many lines.... asphalt victory... theyll pave paradise... Joanie M DSCN7314_2.jpg DSC07756.jpg DSC08186.jpg
DSC06095patrickandmepeaksislanddinner.jpg DSC05720tomatomomanddaugher.jpg see the cropped version at.... DSC07785.jpg DSC07663.jpg DSCN9662.jpg
DSC08132.jpg Karen Montanaro DSC07317.jpg obedient plane DSC05018.jpg DSCN7451_1_1.jpg
DSCN9687.jpg just found from two years ago while looking for something... else DSC07278.jpg DSC07693.jpg DSC00130.jpg DSC07758.jpg
DSC00108.jpg GREENERY! 14. KAREN MONTANARO... a life in the lights DSC09649.jpg portland head light... 4th image...will pad an image soon DSC00123.jpg i was trying to go high keyish... did i get that? DSC08483.jpg
DSC08109.jpg light in the dark/coverd bridge interior... pinholecamera? DSC06958.jpg DSC00399.jpg DSCN5226.jpg DSC08199.jpg
DSC07509.jpg DSCN7272.jpg DSC07488.jpg DSC07852.jpg click nothing... then a passing moment of sun/cloud/light... and this comes to life DSC08251.jpg whos the turkey anyway?
DSC00490.jpg risiing sun seen from portland headlight lighthouse by donald verger DSC00132jpg PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT LIGHTHOUSES by donald verger september 26 dawn... here comes the sun DSC07733.jpg DSC08730.jpg ROUND STONE DSC03678.jpg
well... i decided to go to my drs appt in mass today even if my photogrpshs DSC07171.jpg DSC07500.jpg DSC07103.jpg DSC08500.jpg
DSC03676.jpg DSC06948.jpg making hay.... while the sun shines Karen Montanaro... See her face to face! DSC09887.jpg very tired after hanging my show in this tiny town... left the little restraunt to sit down DSC08360.jpg
DSC08137.jpg DSC07510.jpg DSC06942singingintherain.jpg YES OFFICER... I WAS JUST SHOOTING THE BIKE LOVERS DSC09957.jpg DSC06022.jpg
DSC07772.jpg DSC08247.jpg it says...peace DSC06251aokwithbirdsongs.jpg DSCN8430.jpg this image was taken next after most that are here of colors/light DSC00493.jpg seen from portland head light lighthouse by donald verger
DSC07295.jpg DSC06994.jpg DSC08100.jpg barefoot vt covered little bridge DSC08096.jpg DSC06943.jpg between the windshield wipors and thru the windshield as light turned green
DSC00504.jpg PORTLANDHEAD LIGHT LIGHTHOUSES by donald verger september 29 great day after storm DSC07735.jpg too light a sky, toodarkthewood... the camera, mine has trouble seeing contrasts at the same tiem DSC08732.jpg DSC07845.jpg DSC07730.jpg
DSC07017.jpg DSC07528.jpg looking back DSC00532lthouse.jpg PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT lighthouse by donald verger DSC07806.jpg FLY!!!  mi9ght you crop this... or not? or how might you... feel free too DSC08108.jpg new york/near vt side trip... covered bridgesurprise
DSC06483catsforcarolyn.jpg DSC07524.jpg DSC00885.jpg DSC03687.jpg DSC00558.jpg PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT lighthouses by donald verger
DSC09952.jpg DSC00562.jpg #2 in a sequence PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT lighthouse by donald verger dawn breaks red... DSC03684.jpg DSC07457.jpg DSC09393 my dawn today tues! eastern prom  portland maine... a few short blocks away
DSC09535.jpg PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT... for me a more normal view... the one linked below is the most viewed 6. DSC08856origfullreskhm.jpg DSC00091.jpg first image dawn PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT LIGHTHOUSES by donald verger DSCN7298.jpg DSC09817.jpg
DSCN7266_1.jpg DSC08216.jpg DSC07771.jpg DSC06475.jpg DSCN7305.jpg
DSC00056 PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT lighthouse by donald verger september 22 DSC07354.jpg DSC08066.jpg DSC07912.jpg pushed close together to photograph from my sudbury lib show from the market, tomorrow i will pad a new lighthouse from the series... thanks for your comments/votes! see...
DSC06472me.jpg DSC09799.jpg DSC09440.jpg DSC05722PHOTOANDCHILD.jpg DSC06511mts.jpg
gril with her boquet, could photoshop take the plastic away? DSC08067.jpg vermont sky and feel DSC00015truck.jpg DSC06986.jpg DSC06314charlesstreet.jpg
DSC07109.jpg DSC08136.jpg DSC06268.jpg DSC09767.jpg DSC03398.jpg
DSC06992.jpg DSCN9946.jpg DSC09796.jpg last shot last night 9/12 something different DSC09698.jpg DSCN8429.jpg
DSC09904.jpg also see CARROT TOPS!!! portland market... please comment/vote your fave of the 4 recent lighthouses seen here DSC00306.jpg PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT lighthouse by donald verger don verger september 25 DSC08502.jpg DSC07149.jpg
DSC09791.jpg Stadler Art Gallery, Kingfield, Maine DSCN8421.jpg DSC09795.jpg DSC08668.jpg DSC00126carrots.jpg
DSC06964.jpg DSC07131.jpg DSCN5424_2.jpg DSC06471sunprinting.jpg DSC07148.jpg
DSC00127_2.jpg DSC00436.jpg not portland head light for a change Nubble light york harbor DSCN0135chets.jpg DSC00130.jpg Stadler Art Gallery, 5 cords of winter warmth, and my little bluedoor barn
DSC04863.jpg PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT LIGHTHOUSES by donald verger TUG HEADS OUT TO SEA DSC07144.jpg DSC09807.jpg Stadler Art Galery, Kingfield, Maine thru oct 15 DSC08526.jpg DSC00010.jpg BROODING PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT lighthouses by donald verger
DSC07143.jpg crawford notch ysterday... more shots to come CHILDHOOD!!! DSC06025.jpg DSC00109.jpg DSC00267.jpg PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT LIGHTHOUSE by donald verger
DSC00113.jpg DSC00031.jpg PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT LIGHTHOUSE  by donald verger DSC00144.jpg DSCN8413.jpg DSCN8414.jpg
DSC00129.jpg DSC09773.jpg DSC09823.jpg DSC00045v.jpg DSCN8418.jpg
DSC00465.jpg PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT LIGHTHOUSE by donald verger SOUP STOCK FOR A SUNNY NIGHT! DSC07142.jpg DSC09909.jpg DSC07132.jpg
DSC09903.jpg just back from the portland market... see another DSC00066.jpg PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT lighthouse by donald verger september 22 DSC07011.jpg 3 shots to take, pressed once by mistake, got these PLEASEco mment/vote your fave lighthouse of the 3 DSC09699.jpg
DSC00318.jpg OH! how i like this quiet purple sky. shot as i saw it... portland head light by donald verger DSC00002.jpg DSC07135.jpg DSC09763.jpg DSC00147.jpg
obviously my work/images has UNIVERSAL appeal! :) ysterday art show... an old famed print i brought as an after thought... exhausted left DSC09895.jpg DSC04546.jpg 'FULL MOON RISING PORTLANDHEAD LIGHT LIGHTHOUSES by donald verger DSC04762.jpg THE FACE the face of PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT LIGHTHOUSES BY DONALD VERGER
DSC00028.jpg DSC00016.jpg PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT ligthhouses by donald verger homeward bound september 26 DSC00544.jpg here comes the sun! i struggled in low :) light to make this image DSC04750.jpg was locked out of park this am... hiked in to this dawn PORTLAND HEALD LIGHT DONALD VERGER