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x252P1180488 95.shade, then a moment of sun.. :) the magic of VERMONT .... read Donald Verger Selling Art To Set People Free 69DSCN3385.jpg296 FACES OF INNOCENCE P1110952.jpg see... x307xP1180489.jpg254x VERMONT~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! postcard picture state! greenbarncroppedtight.jpg do you have any favorites in this growing effort to make panos??? DSCN9876.jpg
22118/21146DAWN OF PEACE see my peronal website linked below 10561FLOWER DANCE WIZARD OF OZ'S BROOM jpeg 6599? jpg5549? HAPPY//2565 BIRTHDAY TO MY DAUGHTER CAROLYN! 24 :) 2949GREEN LACE/2858//2861///2862 2219...thisis 9981 AND i think 9982! is better! because of branch reach and deeper color
MayDSCN1335 89FARMER ROBERTS and his WIFES...LUPINES! 1290..TRANQUILITY 1056<26GREEN TO BLUE 5360jpg 422-1869.JPG 308/345/372 2614Monarches filled the sky migrating when i drove to see Jack a few days ago
2693A ROSE for my daughter CAROLYN!!!! 63...Gary Becker/train bits... has me seeing differently... see gall  bits..DSCN4716_1.JPG DSCN0045.JPG 172x358 Taking the steps...  i am often here at 9 am... 1993quiet DSCN8108.JPG
Robert's and his wife's field... harrison maine DSCN9948.JPG 64...200 1808DSC04907PANSIELINE.jpg 1854DSC07958.jpg GLORY available as a greeting card 1641MY BREAKFAST FRIENDS... a bit of aerial ballet... ps Karen, have you mimed a hummer? :) Wedding Boquet for Jack and Norma!
566DSC09907st.jpg The Little White Church in the FALL Eaton NH  ... see them all at... 1707IRELAND FLOWERS   DSC00448.jpg upon seeing us stop in the mini... a women poked her head out from the peat fired home CHAIR vermont  7289.JPG 1406i have shot this barn so many times now and never gotten a shot i like... until now?, ps i decided just now i love it!!!! EMBRACE... listen to Rachmaninov's cello/piano sonata while viewing... DANCING ON THE WATER... safe at harbor... ps see Yolanda Fusco gallery and Monhegan gallery
34FIRST TRY...DSCN5917.JPG 27old shots of this barn in barns galleryDSCN5281.JPG 24DSCN1152.JPG DSC00866-R PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT SUMACS! DONALD VERGER LIGHTHOUSES MAINE glittering like salt.... see... 12DSC08122.jpg the little road taken after the little road taken... see my last two days pads and...
Peace... title #2 curvy white wire... oh, i.. love this image... i love white, and red, and green/rusty wheel 43mDogwood Dance 63DSCN8283.JPG DSC00750.jpg simple morning walk in Ballyvaughn, Ireland INSPIRED by JYPSEE... see her stunning gallery(S)  !!! :) 30/DSC07272.jpg
serenity found DSC09589.jpg i like this one! i drove to retake the pink flowers from two? years ago on the white barn door LIGHT.............................and journey DSC07440.jpg so happy to see this yesterday... do you like this or the link below better???? 35DSCN6501.JPG i now have 2006 calenders! $5 to hurricane relief... drop me a note if you'd like one
DSC08261  TREE SWALLOWS' SKY! my last 5 days pads here have been clicked a bunch, plse comment on your fave DSCN0011.jpg DSC03460.jpg For my daughter Carolyn DSCN6359.JPG DSC08182.jpg i like yesterdays pad a lot! bit dark? DSC08218.jpg which of these three do you like best?, plse comment on the one
DSCN6502.JPG THE GOOD LUCK BARN with happy Dandolines! DSC04403.jpg DSCN8171.JPG also see 2,000+ and 1,000+hits galleries and my barn gallery to see one like this DSC07922.jpg
DSC02302.jpg while photographing the goat the HORSE just appeared and then disappeared... would you crop it closer??? DSC01690.jpg frosty morn.jpg  in my gallery.... 2,000+ HITS there is a RED DOOR the everyone loves DSC04264boat.jpg