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1963 - the 3rd grade class at Sylvania Heights Elementary School
1963 Courtesy of Linda Bernat

1963 - the 3rd grade class at Sylvania Heights Elementary School

Miami, Florida

Thank you to Linda Bernat (right side, second from front) for contributing this image of her class. Due to some cracks in the print some of the faces are disfigured but it was better than displaying with the cracks.

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Marc Berkowitz 09-Nov-2014 04:04
I went to sylvania heights in 1955. The Bronis family lived across the street from me. Had Mrs Betty Hoffman for 3rd and 4th skipped 5th and had Mrs Burchill for 6th. ........Marc Berkowitz
Conni 02-Jan-2014 23:23
Hi. I'm Conni and I live in Seattle. I, too had Mrs. Pendarvis for first grade. I work with a guy here in Seattle named Steve, and we got to talking one day. Turns out, not only is he from Miami, but he had Mrs. Pendarvis for first grade, too! I was there in 1968. My grandmother lived right on the corner of 62 ave and 12 street. Great memories.
Jorge Rivas 05-Nov-2013 18:29
My name is Jorge Rivas attached from 1980 to 1982.
Guest 14-Aug-2012 02:08
Wow....I remember a lot of you all...went there from 57-63 or there about...I had a crush on Linda B during elementry. I am Bobby Simmons previous address 5951 S W 13 Terrace... You all have since grown up since this picture.
Manny Diaz 09-May-2011 15:16
I attended Sylvania Heights from 65-71. Had Mrs Pendarvis for 1st grade, had Mrs. Wippreck, Ramsey, Baranski, Small and Mithchel. I lived on 63rd ave and 19st right around the corner from the "wreck" our local hangout. Had some great times there. I went to school with Dana Schivico, Ken Aford, Mike Marks, Mike Zegar, Vicky Hunter,Hydie Pino, Henry Menocal, Peter Healy,
RF11-Mar-2011 13:29
I would like to talk to any one who may have photos of this school from the years of 1961 to 1967, thanks
Guest 03-Mar-2011 01:56
Yes, Mrs Baranski taught third grade and lived across the street from the school on 16 St. Her daughter, Linda, and I went to school together and graduated Coral Park in '68. Mrs Small taught 5th and Dr. Dermer 6th. I had Mrs Dietrich in 4th. remember Mr. Brown in PE and the Rec?
Guest 01-Jun-2009 15:48
6/1/09: achs: Thats such a neat picture. I have one of Mrs. Pendarvis 1st grade, Mrs. Nicolay 2nd grade and I think Mrs. Baranski 3rd grade. I lived at 6150 sw 16th street and attended Sylvania Heights @ 1960/61- 1966. Bonnie is my sister and Bob my brother. Thanks Howard Sachs
Guest 29-Mar-2009 15:36
I went to this school from 1st grade in 1963 to 1965 and we moved, I remember Miss Hendricks. I went to West End Kindergarden too.
Linda 14-Mar-2009 01:23

I am thinking of Melody Schiavicco, thanks. I don't know Dorothy. Where in West Miami did you grow up?
Melanie 12-Mar-2009 16:21
Hi Linda -- Maybe you are thinking of Melody Schiavicco (sp?) I think she had a brother Dana. Melody was a classmate of mine, too; she had a great sense of humor and could always make me laugh. Any wild chance you remember Dorothy Westberg? --Melanie
Linda 22-Feb-2009 15:21
Very good memory. Do you have a brother named Dana? If so, your dad did alot of work in our house and you and your brother use to come over and play.
If it is not you thanks for the memory anyway.
Guest 28-Jan-2009 16:58
Hi all: I went to Sylvania Heights from 1964 (first grade) though 1970 (sixth); that is definitely Mrs. Baranski, I remember her from third grade. I grew up in West Miami, and went on to attend West Miami Jr. High, and South Miami High. I remember all of my elementary school teachers Mrs. Garrigus (1st) , Mrs. Thomas (2nd), Mrs. Baranski (3d), Mrs. Hoffman (4th) (and Small and Mitchell(5th?), Mr. Rafter (6th) and lots of classmate names -- if I can dig up some picures I will sent them in ! -- Melanie Blinn
Hymnsinger 20-Oct-2008 04:43
I was at Sylvania Heights for part of 5th and all of 6th grade in 1971-1972, the year my mother died ('71), and the year that Mrs. Duffey asked me when I was going to start wearing a bra to school. Me? A bra!? I had no clue . . . I remember Mr. Redmond as being particularly kind, and Mrs Mitchell as being particularly hard and mean. I also went to WMJH . . . Go Falcons! Still have my yearbook.
Linda 30-Sep-2008 12:49
Hi Ricky,

I think we were in the same grade? I graduated in 1972 from Miami Coral Park.
George is doing fine. He is in Miami, I live in Central Florida..
Good to hear from you
Guest 25-Sep-2008 18:14
Hi Linda it's Ricky Bronis. My brother Paul just called me and sent me to this site. WOW!!! what a picture that is great. You and I were not in the same grade right? I think I was a year ahead of you but I do recognize some of the faces. I see you have been chatting with Ron Cunnigham, that is so cool he is right I do live back in Miami now on South Beach. How bout u and what about ur brother?
Guest 12-Jun-2008 03:48

I do remember your brother, George. I speak to Ricky once in a while. He lives in Miami Beach now. My name is Ron Cunningham
Guest 05-Jun-2008 00:13

I use to walk to the school bus stop, going to WMJH with Ricky Bronis.
I talked to him a few years ago by email he lives in New York.
I remember Danny Higgenbotham, I think his family had a tire shop?
You may know my brother George you both graduated in 71.
What's you name? I can look you up in the year book and see if it sparks my memory.
Take care,
Guest 03-Jun-2008 01:18
I can't believe we never met. I also went to West Miami and Coral Park. We got to Miami in 1960. I started second grade in Sept 1960. My brother was in 4th grade that year. I graduated from Coral Park in 71, my brother in 69. I have not found my photos yet, but I had Mr. Todd in 4th grade and Mrs Whiprech at some point as well. You lived near the Bronis brothers and Danny Higgenbotham. What a small world. I have to find my Sylvania Hgts photos. Some of these kids look familiar. It is nice to meet you.
Linda 01-Jun-2008 21:22
Her name was Mrs. Baranski (Sp). She had two hands, perhaps your thinking of Mrs. Small?? In 4th grade I had Mrs Hoffman, 5th Mrs. Mitchell (my favorite) and in 6th Mrs. Whippreck, I can believe I still remember. I went to Sylvania from 1962-65. I went to West Miami Jr. High and on to Miami Coral Park.
How about you?
I lived on 59 Ave. and 10th St.
roncunningham01-Jun-2008 03:54
I think the teacher is Mrs. Goldstein.Didn't she have one hand? My mom stayed in touch with her for years. I thought I had her in 2nd grade. I have all my old sylvania hgts photos too.. I went to Sylvania Hgts from 60-64. . I will have to dig out my old photos. Where did you live in West Miami? I was on 14th St and 63 Ave.
Linda Bernat 25-May-2008 14:27
If yiou lived in West Miami or went to Sylvania Heights in the early to mid 60's drop a line and lets reminisce.
Linda Bernat 25-May-2008 14:26
If yiou lived in West Miami or went to Sylvania Heights in the early to mid 60's drop a line and lets reminisce.