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1958 - Mrs. Mildred M. Bushs 6th grade class at Cutler Ridge Elementary
11-APR-1958 Courtesy of Alan L. Ogus, Ph.D.

1958 - Mrs. Mildred M. Bush's 6th grade class at Cutler Ridge Elementary

Cutler Ridge Elementary School, Cutler Ridge, Florida

Thank you to Alan L. Ogus, Ph.D. for contributing this image. Click on "original" below to see the largest version of this image.

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Miami Girl 09-Jun-2009 22:22
Charlie Wolff: I totally ditto the comment Alan O. made regarding Mrs Bush -- my Mom was a substitute teacher and became friends with her. She visited our home a few times trying to help me see the light in the value of an education. The message finally sunk in while in my junior year at Palmetto. I too wish I could have given her a big thank you for being one that cared. If you can, please let her son know these good thoughts about his Mom or also can give him my e-mail: Jean Hale Lawson (aka Miami Girl).
Arizona Al 29-May-2009 08:18
Charlie Wolff: Mrs. Bush was the best teacher I had during all phases of my educational experience. From the content of your posting it appears that she has passed away. If you remain in contact with her son "Corky"please take liberty to give him my email address. I would like to tell him the profound affect his mother had on my life. Alan Ogus, Ph.D. Alive and well in Phoenix, Arizona
Charlie Wolff 26-May-2009 12:52
Mildred Bush the teacher, was a neighbor and good friends with my mom and entire family. Her son "Corky" and I were best buds in the early 60's. When I was 12 years old I woke to find my mom passed out on the living room floor having a sever reaction to penicilin. I called Mildred and she called for an ambulance, helping save my mom's life. Note: this was before 911. My mom and Mildred remained best friends the remainder of their lives.
Arizona AL 23-Jan-2009 20:33
Butch:The last time I had any contact with the lovely and talented Carol F. was probably 1961 or 1962. My tenure at Miami Military Academy sereved only to facilitate and exacerbate any delinquent and antisocial pathologies I may have had
during my aberrant youth! Alan Ogus, Ph.D. Ridge Rat Emeritus. Alive and well in Phoenix, Arizona
Butch 23-Jan-2009 19:04
While you were at CR elementary I was at Sacred Heart in Homestead harrassing nuns. Upon arriving at CR JR high I discovered that CR girls were only talking about doing things that the girls at Sacred Heart were already doing. I remember your mom sending you away to MMA to try and control your somewhat adventurous nature while I went on to Palmetto to graduate in "65". Whatever happened to Carol F.? Ridge Rats rule.
Daniel Fortenbury 14-Jul-2008 20:07
Any one out there from class of 1976-77 Mr. Burger he is finally retireing this year.
Arlon19-Jun-2008 19:08
I went to Cutler Ridge Ele. for several years 1963-65 (3rd-5th) . My older sister Elisha graduated from Palmetto High in about 1966.
Guest 29-Jan-2008 21:24
Larry Wall: I remember you from 7th grade at Palmetto High. I think we were in the same homeroom 7-11. Didn't your mother drive the school bus that year? Alan Ogus, Ph.D. Directly behind Bobby Houpt and Dennis Oyler in the photo. Currently alive and well in Phoenix, Arizona
Larry Wall 29-Jan-2008 01:47
Hey Connie, where are you now? Although I was in 6th grade at rival Perrine Elem I went to school with many of these folks from 7th thru 12th grade. I recognize Dennis Oyler(striped shirt mid picture), Bobby Houpt,(white shirt, big forehead) Connie Caley (back right corner), Lynda Smith(front row, big dress, dark bangs).
Guest 25-Nov-2007 15:58
HiHo Jean: Did you mean Nicky Steele? He is the fellow in the plad shirt in the next row from you. He is sitting directly behind a fellow in a plad shirt (Ronnie Friendenberg) and directly in front of a girl in a striped dress (Dianne Bickel) Nicky and I were "partners in crime" in the 6th grade along with Dennis Oyler, Bob Houpt and Ronnie Pecora who was in another 6th grade class down the hall. The guy in the white shirt in the first row is Duane Bush. He is sittng behind a freckle faced girl (Lizabeth Vincent ) and in front of a fellow with a plaid shirt (Dick Santmeyer)He lives in Tempe, Arizona (bout 7 miles from me) and we frequently meet for lunch.
I am heading to North Carolina next week of business but if you feel secure enough to send me your email ( I will send you some current pictures upon my return. Alan Ogus, Ph.D.
miamigrl25-Nov-2007 00:33
AZ Al and fellow Ridge Rat, yes I have to admit that Connie was cute -- also a really nice girl from what I can remember. Actually I wouldn't be surprised if Bobby Houpt is the one who ended up in the big house. My crush was Nicky Hilton, wonder if he's related to Paris? I figured you were in the class of '64, but I grabbed the '63 book and didn't feel like going back upstairs to find the others. Me, I flunked 7th grade so I was in the Palmetto class of '65. Hated school until my Junior year. I really love this web site, it's so fun to see all the pictures.
Guest 23-Nov-2007 19:35
miamigrl: You are sitting in front of my "crush" in the 6th grade..Connie Caley. She never gave me the time of day LOL. I am one row from the window next to the guy in the striped t-shirt (Bruce Clemmer) and directly behind the guys in the white shirt(Bobby Houpt) and the striped shirt (Dennis "Duke" Oyler). I graduated from Palmetto High in 1964 not 1963!! I always thought I was the one destined for servitude in the
Florida Department of Corrections:):) Alan Ogus, Ph.D., Ridge Rat Emeritus,Alive and well in Phoenix, Arizona
miamigrl18-Nov-2007 22:52
OH MY GOD... this is my 6th grade class! Thank you Alan for posting it! Mrs Bush was the best teacher ever, I wish I could thank her for all she did. I think she'd be surprised I actually ended up normal, fairly successful, and not in jail.
Alan, I tried to match your face from the 1963 Panther Yearbook with somebody in this picture and I'm not exactly sure which one you are. I'm on the right side, the 3rd girl back with the bad hair day (just had one of my Mom's smelly permanents). Jean (Hale)