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Don Boyd | all galleries >> Memories of Old Hialeah, Old Miami and Old South Florida Photo Galleries - largest non-Facebook collection on the internet >> Miami Area Tourist and Local ATTRACTIONS Historical Photos Gallery - All Years - click on image to view > 1968 - the Hi-Slide at 17701 S. Federal Highway, Miami
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1968 - the Hi-Slide at 17701 S. Federal Highway, Miami

1968 - the Hi-Slide at 17701 S. Federal Highway, Miami

17701 S. Federal Highway (US 1), Miami, Florida

There was also one of these slides on Palm Springs Mile in Hialeah, south of W. 49th Street at about W. 6th Avenue.

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Leighton 24-Feb-2013 20:03
Question....two are mentioned here. One in North Miami, and the other near Dixie and Rickenbacker. I, however, remember one, as does the guest below, much farther south...was there one in Perrine? If so, what was the cross street?
Guest 05-Nov-2011 07:35
I grew up in the Rockdale / Perrine area, and remember this slide well. It was located at the north end of the Perrine Shopping Center, in the grassy area along U.S. 1 in front of the Perrine Post Office. The anchor store in the shopping center was an F.W. Woolworth. Right next to the slide - maybe 100 feet south of it - was the pony rides. The pony rides were there long before they put up the slide, but I can't remember if the slide and the pony rides were there together for a while, or if the pony rides were already gone by the time they built the slide and it opened. I remember it was 10 cents to ride down the slide. On the right side of this picture a yellow and white umbrella can be seen. The person standing under it is the employee who collected the money. There was usually one stationed on each side at the bottom of the stairs. I remember right next to the Post Office there was an Eagle Army / Navy store. Mom would take me there to buy me new shoes, usually a pair of P.F. Flyers. ("Hey kids, run faster and jump higher with P.F.Flyers")..I also remember at the south end of the shopping center on the west side there was a small bait and tackle shop. Back in those days when you pulled out of the Perrine Post Office parking lot into the northbound lanes of U.S.1, there was a business right there on the east side of U.S.1 called A-1 Answering Service.

The Zips Ice Cream Shop someone mentioned was a few miles north of the Perrine Shopping Center. It was located in the Kings Bay Shopping Center at 144th Street (Mitchell Drive) & U.S.1. That shopping center opened in 1973. I used to ride my bike to Zips to get a sundae whenever I had enough change saved up. Either to there for a sundae or to the 7-11 at 152nd St (Coral Reef Drive) & U.S. 1 for a slurpee and some candy. There was another Zips in the Cutler Ridge Mall, just north of Richards, near Neisner's.

Before the Kings Bay Shopping Center was built, there was a large tropical fish hatchery and tourist attraction on that corner called the Eastern Garden Aquarium. I still have a post card from there, which reads...Eastern Garden AQUARIUM On U.S. Hwy #1 Five Miles SOUTH OF MIAMI..."25 years research in breeding Tropical Fish helped to build this huge aquarium attraction. Hundreds of tanks displaying the Sea Horse, Fighting Fish from Siam, Discus and Angel families, Wag Platies, and thousands of gorgeous tropicals."

Slides, Slurpees & sundaes...those were the good ol' days...
Don Boyd08-Jan-2009 22:00
Thanks Dave for the correction in the comment further below. I must have missed that one.

dave 08-Jan-2009 18:59
Pirate's World was in Dania.
Guest 18-Jul-2008 15:44
WOW I haven't thought of the Giant Slide in ages. I do remember we had to slide on burlap bags. Those were the days.....
Jeff Jenkins 26-Jun-2008 20:48
We used to go on a giant slide, but I'm not sure whether this was the one or not. And I remember the Steeple Chase. That was Pirate's World in Ft. Lauderdale? I think there was a Pirate's World in Ocala, too. I don't remember which Pirate's World we went to, but I just remember the Steeple Chase. I was very young when I rode the Steeple Chase, and I was scared, because it seemed so high, and I thought, "If I fall, I might die!" If it still existed today and I saw it, I would probably be shocked at how small it probably was in actuality.
Guest 18-Jun-2008 16:56
I remember the one between 27th and 32nd Aves on US1. We used to go there from Key Biscayne to have fun. It was yellow and red.
christian w. olson 29-Apr-2008 23:01
i'm positive my mom took me here once. does anybody remember pirate's world in ft lauderdale? the crooked house? the steepel chase ride? i got stuck inside the big cylinder slide. my cousin smashed into me and unlodged me.
Roy Burns 20-Feb-2008 18:39
There was a slide built at Fun Land Park about 1969, I was employed in it's erection. It was on 27th Ave. Just south of Frank N Bun. It was a real fun amusement park long before the slide was built.
Tony C. 12-Feb-2008 23:36
Warren: I remember Zipp's. I wouldn't have remembered that place again if not for your comment. I remember the crushed Oreo Cookies that we kids could load onto the ice cream. Probably around 1969 or '70.
Miguel 11-Feb-2008 05:30
What about the giant slide on N.W. 27th Avenue near 79th Street if my memory serves me correctly. I remember going there but I cant remember if it was closer to 62nd and 27th Avenue.
Warren 09-Feb-2008 20:55
Anyone remember Zipps (make your own sundae) store just south on US1 from this place in Kings bay?
Guest 09-Feb-2008 20:52
Gary, I too still remember this place... we went to school together.. but this was WAAAY before highschool.... this like Elementary school for us. I lived just down US1 a bit where my parents still live on a couple of acres in an area pompously known now as "pinecrest".... I really enjoyed seeing your names in these posts.. we weren't friends.. (NOR Enemies!!!.. merely aquaintances) We had SOOO many classes together... and I always tried to hide my classes from my friends..LOL.. I was totally into being popular riding a motorcycle and driving muscle cars with the required waist lenght hair of the time... I hung with the "losers" cuz they were "cool" BUT .. made sure I graduated top of the class and went on to college and grad school.. I'm sure you did too. Isn't highschool a riot!!!... what we do to be a part of the group!
Gary Kilbride 09-Feb-2008 07:42
Thanks for this picture. I've been trying to jog my dad's memory for years. There was also one of these across the street from Bird Bowl in the early '70s. It was in conjunction with a small burger joint, a building that later became a flower shop. The slide was just east of the burger joint and slightly to the rear of the lot, removed from Bird Road. My friends and I would bowl on Saturday mornings then eat lunch across the street and get tickets to ride the slide.
Terri Lawrence Memon 06-Dec-2007 03:07
Oh MY Gosh!!! My brother and I used to go here. What a treat!! I told my kids there used to be a "Giant Slide" and it was the most fun!!! Those were the days!!
Juan R. Pollo 15-Oct-2007 13:01
There was another one on US1 between 27th and 32nd avenues, on the north side.