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Don Boyd | all galleries >> Memories of Old Hialeah, Old Miami and Old South Florida Photo Galleries - largest non-Facebook collection on the internet >> 1960 to 1969 Miami Area Historical Photos Gallery - click on image to view > 1963 - Bird Bowl at 9275 Bird Road, Miami
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1963 - Bird Bowl at 9275 Bird Road, Miami

1963 - Bird Bowl at 9275 Bird Road, Miami

9275 Bird Road (SW 40th Street), Miami, Florida

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George Mix 01-Aug-2017 03:34
I attended Royal Palm Elementary,Riviera Jr High and Southwest High. I have many fond memories of Bird Bowl and the skating rink next door. Spent many nights at Pizza Patio and Pizza Palace with the Saturday night racers. I'm in Colorado now, but these photos have brought back some strong memories.
Steve 26-Jun-2017 02:30
Jackie---I went to Banyan Elementary from 1961 to 1967 (approx.); had Mrs. Bass for 2nd Grade
Jimmie Durrence 25-Feb-2016 20:11
What a Shock
I went to tropical elem , Rivera jr, and SW High and supported pizza patio until they closed down. Even when I moved I never went back to Miami that the first stop was the Patio. They had the Best meatball sub of all times. Would anyone happen to have the recipe???
Turns out Steve Gast is in Orlando, Brady is still in the swamps and I moved to Georgia and just got stuck here, but always went back often for my Meatball. Thanks for the memories. Jimmie Durrence
richard 01-Dec-2015 00:31
The good ole days, i remember. i lived by 101 and bird, back in '69. Remember' gettin into my first fight with tommy from across the street. i even smoked pot for the first time out in the parking lot.. what it was to be young.
Jackie Pontzious 23-Jun-2014 01:17
I would love to hear from anyone who attended Emerson Elementary from Sept. 1956 to June 1957. AND, Banyan Elementary from Sept. 1957 to June1962.
Don Boyd30-Jan-2014 19:04
Sherrie, thank you for posting your comments. I pasted them into an e-mail to Marie a minute ago along with your e-mail address and perhaps she will respond to you much faster than her reading your comments here.

Sherrie Grey Gonzales 30-Jan-2014 10:51
Marie, I am Sherrie Grey from the old days at 95th Street when you worked for that nice old man with the typewriter repair shop and I worked for the finance company. I can still remember you laughing about your job there. Remember that silver diner where we used to eat, and that never to be forgotten lunch with Lanny Leff. I went with you to the league bowling a few times, it was really fun. Wish I knew how to get in touch with you. R U on facebook? I am not yet but my husband is. Visiting in Miami and thought of you. How nice to share your memories of the old bowling alley.
Don Boyd26-May-2013 01:54
We would love to have photos on this site of bowling alleys in the Miami area. One in particular is the Bowling Palace on NW 7th Avenue around NW 95th Street. I received this very nice e-mail from Marie Roper Gerber, who has given me permission to repost her comments, about the Bowling Palace. If anyone knows of an image of something from the Bowling Palace or can elaborate on the history of the bowling alley please let me know at - thanks!

"I was looking for a photo or some info on the Bowling Palace on NW 7th Avenue and maybe 95th Street. I bowled on a league there for Lory's Fashions in Little River, my old hang out, and still have my bowling trophy for High Game (289) - this was 1958. I graduated from Notre Dame Academy in 1957 and had attended St. Mary's. Was married in the Cathedral in 1961.

Anyway, I met my husband Bill Gerber there in 1959 - married in 1961 and still married. I would love to have a picture or more info on the Palace. I've searched the net but can't find anything - if there is anything at all, I'm sure you have it or can tell me where to get it!

Appreciate any info you can get for me."

Marie Roper Gerber

mark 15-May-2013 20:15
Jan dupree, was Cammie your brother? Mark Rondeau (8235 S.W. 39th St.
Kevin Clements19-Nov-2012 18:23
Have bowled there a million times. Used to be in 3 leagues a week there at one time (Monday, Thursday and Friday nites). Had my highest game ever a 278 there in the Friday league back in 1985. Those were the old good times. Going to get a Frankies slices after bowling was a joy ! Frankies & Bird Bowl are still there but who knows for how long.
Don Boyd28-May-2012 03:57
Guests of 8-FEB and 28-MAY, thank you for your comments. It is a labor of love to display all these old photos and there are a ton more yet to add as time permits. I'm glad you enjoy the site enough to take the time to write. Godspeed!

guest 28-May-2012 00:31
What great memories! I grew up in Westwood Lakes and went to Royal Palm Elementary, Riviera Jr. High, Southwest Miami Sr. High, Miami Dade Junior College, and Florida International University. How well I remember this great area. My friend Juanita (Olympia Heights Elementary) didn't live too far from Bird Bowl. I remember Frankie's Pizza (my sister and I would fight over the "sample" on the top of the box. We shopped at Food Fair every Friday. I worked at Zayre (87th and Coral Way) in the Westchester area. What great, great times we had. I can only imagine how much Miami has changed. Thank you so much for these wonderful pictures that have brought back so many fun memories!
Guest 08-Feb-2012 19:51
I lived on 84th ave and S.W. 36st. went to Emerson in '57/'58, w.Miami Jr., S.W. '60/'61. Rode my bike or walked to bowl every Sat. I became a professional musican and in 1965 my band, The Blue Beatles, played in the BB lounge. We played there for 3 months with a great soul group, Eddie & the Tropics. Eddie (Lovett)went on to a great Raggae career. The lounge was run by Bud Pecha who later bought the Par Tee Lounge on S. Dixie Hwy. Great area! Henry's, Arbettors, Clements Drug Store, Plantation Pit BBQ, Frankies, & my fav..Royal Castle on the corner of 87th&Bird! I too miss the "old Miami". I've enjoyed all of your memories, Thx! Tim Mettar
Guest 30-May-2011 17:22
Debbie Gough, my friends and I bowled here in 1965. We also went to the Tyler's Restaurant in the same area, sat at the counter for fontain vanilla and cherry cokes.
We near Cypress Elementary School off Miller Drive.
Guest 10-Dec-2010 22:40
Ray Penland-I remember the Enchanters from Rockway Jr. High I'm Tony I used to live on 40th terrace right behind Harold Johnson-I didn't get married till I was 41 but it was worth the wait-I still play music and teach classic rock and fusion guitar-I live near FT Myers now-I got a roster of long haired rockers freaks that I teach-John Doyle is a great friend of mine-but he and his wife Shelly moved then I moved and thats how it goes. see ya around
Guest 03-Apr-2010 12:56
Jan, life is full of surprises, I arrived in Miami in 1962, felt the white flight as a tragedy, but saw the birth of Miami into a Multicultural fascinating City that it is Today. I love Miami. I understant the white flight like no other all my friends left because Miami was dying for them and it was being re-born for me. Attended Miami High class of 68. Love to see my American friends. Miss Miami like it was in the 60's. Love Miami very much. Warm regards toall. Jorge Fernandez Stingary 68.
Carmel Fife Pivacco 03-Mar-2009 06:46
Hello Everyone, I grew up in Miami on Bird & 98th ave. and spent many days and nights at Bird Bowl and SuniLand Roller Rink. My parents both bowled at Bird for years, I started very young in Leagues and bowled all the Jr. traveling leagues and was also a SW High school team player (SW Grad of class of 77'). I also learned how to play pool in the game room and spent a night there during a hurrincane...I used to Bowl on the Thursday Night Scratch Womens league and left as an Adult Bowler about 20 years ago because of night work. When I wasn't Bowling I was skating. I can remember skating when I was about 5. We used to go on Sundays and the best part was the Color Game, The Train & the Coin toss! The Bates family first owned it then sold it later to Berny & Betty from NM. Later I skated every day of the week except Mondays they were closed. I took lessons from the Mr. Manning in Speed Skating and also learned how to play Roller Hockey from Berny & Pete. I was there the night they closed. Now all of that is gone. But did you know that when they build up the storefronts that are in that spot today they layed down the flooring over the Wooden Floor so actually its still there! And did you know Bird Bowl owners took poseesiion of the rental skates and rented out skates for years and people would skate on the sidewalks outside Brid Bowl after the rink closed. Does anyone remember me and those days?
Carol Franklin Frazier 03-Dec-2008 21:26
Does anyone remember the Bird Road Baptist Church across the street? I went to Kindrgarden there in 1960. Miss Mildred was my teacher. We lived at 83rd ave and 44th st (SW). I rode with someone who lived on 82nd ave and walked all the way home, I was only 4 years old, and it was ok. My parents bought their house new in 1954. I remember watching all the houses being built around there. I also went to Emerson Elem. Mrs. Vosberg was my 1st grade teacher., also, Mrs. Kessel, Miss Lane, I remember my best freind then was Kathy Phalen. I remember Miss Dana, an aide, who brought in a Japanese kimono and shoes to show us. We moved to Kendall area in my 4th grade., to Howard Drive Elem. Does this sound familiar to anyone?
Ray Penland 11-Sep-2008 00:42
Oops, I'm not guest
Guest 11-Sep-2008 00:41
Wow, of course I remember Susan and Harold. As I remember, Harold had a problem with his leg when we were very little (6 or 7)and maybe was on crutches for a while. I think I remember that you guys lived even closer to Bird Bowl than I did. Okay, as long as we’re on the subject, shouldn’t someone mention PAL dances at the Palmetto Bandstand? My band “The Enchanters” was the house band there briefly in ’68. How about my cousin Wilbur Turner who was about a year younger? As an aside we kept our horses on a 10 acre ranch that was only 9 blocks west on Bird and 102 Ave. Can you believe there were farm fields and ranches that close in back then? I’m still living in Hollywood Fl most of the year and I’d love to hear from any of you but especially Jan because of my lousy memory.
Dave C 18-Aug-2008 21:42
I also went to West Miami Jr. and graduated from SW in 1970. I remember Ray Penland, we were in the same homeroom I think all 3 years. Im sure I know Harold Johnson if he used to bowl. And yes I still live down here and I still bowl in a couple of leagues.
Don Boyd29-Jun-2008 03:59
You're quite welcome, Alea. Thank you for posting your memories and comments.

Jeff Jenkins 26-Jun-2008 20:37
I barely remember Suniland Skating. I went to Emerson Elementary, West Miami Jr. High, and South Miami Sr. High, graduating in 1977. I used to see the car hop girls roller skating at Pizza Palace around 1978 or 1979, as I ran/walked home the 9 miles from Miami-Dade Community College South Campus (now called Kendall Campus, I think). When I was little, I used to think that 'animated' lighted robot on the Bird Bowl sign was so cool.
Guest 27-May-2008 05:04
These must be the couple Tasha trusted, the guy in Jan's homeroom daughter.
Jan Williamson 25-May-2008 16:31 case u didnt get -
Guest 13-May-2008 01:52
Ray and Jan, Do you remember me. Susan Johnson. I know Jan does. Ray, you and I as well as my twin brother Harold all went to Olympia Heights together. I'm living in Tampa now with my husband Tom. Would love to hear from you both.
Jan Williamson 01-May-2008 02:08
I worked at Jackson from 1975 to 1985 - For most of that time I was the Legal Liaison for the hospital.
Ray it doesnt surprise me you dont remember - we were only in 7th grade at the time-it was not when we went to Southwest...David Stamm was in our homeroom too and I had moved to Lake Mary (near Orlando) and ran into him in Maitland...
Ray Penland 21-Apr-2008 02:11
I don't know how old this posting is, but I am Ray Penland, the aforementioned firefighter/paramedic who also graduated from Sothwest in 1970. I was a terrible skater but I did grow up on 42nd street and 93rd ave and certainly remember skating at suniland as well as the pool hall. I'm embarassed to say I don't remember Jan Williamson although I remember the name.
lmartin16-Apr-2008 18:44
Jan, when did you work at Jackson?
Jan Williamson 15-Apr-2008 03:39
The name of the skating rink was Suniland, I went skating with Ray Penland, who later became Firefighter/, that was a hundred years ago. Jan Dupree is a guy who graduated Southwest Miami 1970 same as me. I sang a couple of nights at the skyways, when it had Ronnie Lounge there. I worked over ten years at Jackson Hospital before I moved away.
Robbie Smith 21-Mar-2008 00:39
I went to emerson elementary, remember the cat walk over the palmetto by the horse stables? I went to West Miami jr High lived on the "island" to age 14. LIved in Miami my entire life - just moved to north west central florida.
Laura Long 20-Mar-2008 19:35
Forgot to add, we used to go to Bird Bowl a lot. We too would get bottles that people would throw out on the road, and were able to go bowling with our deposit money. What great memories.
Laura Long 20-Mar-2008 19:33
Jan, I think I went to school with you at Emerson, If you were a school patrol officer. I used to know a Jeanette Dupree, it would have been about the same time, I graduated from Coral Park in 1971. My maiden name is Howk.
ENRIQUE 24-Feb-2008 02:56
s 20-Feb-2008 05:18
Not sure about the skating rink name, but I sure remember the Lounge a few years later! Late 60's-Early 70's...then further out to the "BirdCage?"...also was it the Keynote Lounge" Live Music, dancing, "Hot" place...60's-70's...vague memory...LOL
Guest 17-Feb-2008 19:19
Philip ,I too went to S.W. high in 63-64 and finished in 66 at Miami High ,hung out at Pizza Patio and Pizza Palace and also to moved to Alachua Co. in the city Alachua .
lmartin11-Feb-2008 15:34
The name Suniland Skating comes to mind. I know there are a lot of Suniland places, theaters and shopping centers, but I remember this name associated with Bird Bowl as well.
L Martin
BBarbara Morelandarbara 10-Feb-2008 17:34
Does anyone remember the skating rink that was next to Bird Bowl. I too went to Emerson West Miami and graduated first class at Coral Park. Grew up on 37 st and turnpike. What memories
Guest 05-Feb-2008 16:58
I remember the Alley, it was in our first alarm territory and we got calls there at all hours of the night. Rough neihborhood.
Guest 02-Feb-2008 15:45
Roberta, My mom Doris and I bowl with Mary and Deedee. we've known them for years. Does anyone remember the Pizza Palace on 87th and Bird? My Uncle owned it, and even though I was pretty young, I still vividly remember the Car Hops roller skating to our car with oversized trays that hooked on to the car door. I also remember Hells Angels reving their motorcycles in the parking lot which was pretty scarey stuff back then. Pizza Palace competed with Frankies Pizza up the road, but P.P. still had the best pizza, meatballs, and foot long 'special relish' dogs around. Uncle Pete also owned the Bon Vivant near Tropical Park in the 60's, and later in the 70's he had The Alley nightclub and restaurant on Shipping Avenue.
jmcdermott01-Feb-2008 14:32
I started bowling here in the mid 70's when I was 9 and worked here for a while in the early 80"s. I spent many Saturday mornings here.
Jan Williamson 31-Jan-2008 02:34
Philip...I graduated in 1970 from Southwest Too!
Philip 19-Jan-2008 05:53
I too went to Emerson Elementary, West Miami Jr High, and graduated from Southwest Sr High in 1970. I now live in Alachua County. I attended SW
reunions in 1995 and 2000 but was unable to attend in 2005. The SW alumni
assoc had a wonderful website until late year when it disappeared of the
Guest 15-Jan-2008 16:18
My father-in-law, (Anthony Amelio) did the remodel job on Bird Bowl back in the fifties. One of many I'm sure. He also built the Lejune Drive-In theatre, which has been torn down now.
Jan Williamson 07-Jan-2008 16:09
I went to Emerson Elementary, Rockway Jr High, Southwest Sr High, graduated 1970. Jan Dupree, I went to school with you!
Dani 05-Jan-2008 06:18
My husband didn't believe me when I said how old Bird Bowl was. It's our favorite bowling spot since they tore down the one on Kendall Drive.
I hate the Homestead bowling alley. I want the park that used to be there back!
Jan Dupree 23-Dec-2007 06:02
Roberta, I was in first and second grade with your brother Bill at Emerson. I lived right next to Tropical Park on 82 ave. My Parents still have the house. I played baseball right across from Tropical park on Bird Rd. I swam in the lakes on Miller Rd.
I now live in Lakeland FL. but return every couple of months. I watched the slow death of Miami and still mourn the loss. I have been gone for 5 years, but hope to move back one day.

Karen 05-Oct-2007 12:46
Worked there bowled there and had some good times there. Thats where I meet my husband. The Johnson family that opened it were wonderful people.
Jeff 10-Sep-2007 01:44
The pattern for the Bird Bowl sign and AMF robot were designed by the late Al Eckhardt [later of Allied Signs] when he worked for Tropicalites Neon...
Roberta Perry Hughes 09-Sep-2007 21:51
My brother, Willie, & I rode our bikes, all over our neighborhood, during the week, in Summer, collecting soda bottles. We'd cash them in at the Food Fair, up on Bird Road, & spend Saturdays, either bowling at Bird Bowl, or skating, at Sunland Skating Rink (now gone) which was right next door.
Whichever pasttime we chose, we'd still end up at Bird Bowl, because they had a snack bar, & we'd get a burger apiece, share the French fries, & get drinks...all on our money from redeeming the pop .02 cents each.
Thanks, for including this photo in the Galleries!!
My first cousin, Mary Perry Johnson (Southwest High, Class of 1960) still bowls there, every week, as well as her daughters.
Jeff Jenkins 08-Sep-2007 21:52
I used to bowl and play pool at Bird Bowl, when I used to live in Miami, where I was born and raised.