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1927 - Ida M. Fisher High School on Miami Beach, named after the mother of Carl G. Fisher
1927 Florida State Archives

1927 - Ida M. Fisher High School on Miami Beach, named after the mother of Carl G. Fisher

Miami Beach, Florida

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Carmen P. 13-Feb-2017 03:19
I attended Central Beach Elementary School, from 1963-1965. In fifth grade, my teacher's name was Mrs. Neaton (sp) and in sixth grade, my teacher was Mr. Bergman, the best teacher, ever!

I had wonderful classmates, Arnold in 5th grade always made me laugh which annoyed Mrs. Neaton.

I believe I went to Ida M. Fisher for 8th grade, I skipped the 7th, and left mid-year to /fort Lauderdale. For some reason my stay there was not as memorable as Central Beach.
Belinda V. 21-Feb-2016 23:10
I noticed that Jesse Valiente posted a comment and I remember him and his brother Victor even though they were a couple of years older but they were the Valiente brothers.
Wow!!! Lots of memories!!!
Belinda V. 21-Feb-2016 21:15
I went to Central Beach Elementary School in 1962. Mr. Feinberg was the principal, good man, he passed, and the school was named after him. I had Mrs. Gilbert in 3rd grade. I remember having a really nice teacher in either 4th or 5th grade that was Italian American but I remember her first name was Grace, forget last name. Then I had a mean teacher in 6th grade, Mrs. Price? The P.E. Coach was, Mr. Notkin, great man. The Spanish teachers name was Mrs. Salcines???
Andrea Newton 19-Sep-2015 20:29
Guest 11-Jun-2015 21:15
Mr Navarro mannnnn it was my best years Ms Moro. Was my teacher she was beautiful a Cuban American Teacher my P.E teacher was in love with her Mr nanking
Guest 13-Nov-2013 23:55
I attended Leroy D. Feinberg in the late 60's-early 70's. I remember Mrs. Schmidt too! I believe her son Glenn was in my class. He was a neighbor. Best friends: Joey, Marty, Diane, Bradley (not Sprung but Arkin). Elliot Sprung was a neighbor.
Lorna O. 25-Oct-2013 15:26
I remember my english teacher, Mrs. Schmidt, my homeroom teacher was Ms. Simpson. Classmates Delores Stansavich and Rosio Garcia. I know it was in the 80's but don't remember exact year.
Michelle Cropper 16-May-2013 15:26
I need your help. I have to locate a high school diploma from Ida Fisher from 1987. My brother went there for night school to complete his high school diploma, which he did. It's been so long and I can't find it anywhere. It is imperative that I find a copy . Does anyone have any ideas? please email me at
Guest 17-Apr-2013 22:54
I was in Mr. Sloane's class at tthat moment too...ran across the street from the gym in my gym suit right to Mr. Sloane
I was in Miss Chalcraft's 1972 I started my teaching careeer at a junior high where she had become the media specialist and married Mr. Sloane!!!
Paula 20-Sep-2012 20:59
That was Domingo Rivera and he was a jerk. I had him in a few of my classes. On the day JFK was assassinated, I was crossing the street to go to phys ed. I don't remember the principal's name but the Vice Principal was Dr. Solomon Lichter. Yes, there was a court yard and a pond. We pushed Mr Gill, our biology teacher into it one day. He wasn't happy. Domingo's best friend was George Sanchez. Lots of names running thru my head WOW, small world!
Rene 21-Aug-2012 03:28
I'll always remember I was in Mr Sloane(?)'s art class on the day JFK was assassinated. They gave the news over the loudspeakers and everyone was in shock and sobbing. I remember getting in trouble with the principal or vice-principal and going to his office. I was in 7-2 because it was written on my ping pong paddle for some tournament or something. Some guy named Domingo was popular. My best friends name was Eddie. I think there was an indoor open courtyard. I was just one year out of Cuba, a stranger in a strange land. It was a great time.
SIDNEY SCHOENGOLD 23-Jul-2012 16:32
Don Boyd11-Jun-2012 23:48
If I had more time, I would be for scanning purposes and placement on this site, but right now I'm swamped with thousands of images yet to add and not enough time to work on them. That's a great "find" though, in my book.

Tom L 11-Jun-2012 20:04
Have found three yearbooks from Ida M Fisher High School, 1928, 1929 and 1930. Anyone interested?
Harvey Prohow 04-May-2012 21:07
Anyone remember the librarian of Fisher in the early 60s? And can anyone tell me where the time has gone?
Harvey Prohow
Charles Morrell 25-Feb-2012 05:33
Hey I remember Mr Katz Science teacher, Ms. Monroe English and Mr Kessler , a big guy Teacher That use to step on my toes and hurt a little with his 400 lbs and all , I do not remember the Year I attended , But it was some of the best,,,Fellow students and best friends Were adamn trushion, Michael Morgan, rory , Who looked like Rodney dangerfield,, Tina Marrow, Teddy Egland ,Gale Schonfeld, Tina and Kathy,Cynthia Riveras Hey Guys This is Charlie Morrell , face book me Charles More on facebook Tampa fl , If anyone can help with dates and reunions let me know,,, Great days we had...Miss you all
marizol cruz 06-Feb-2012 18:23
omg!! halerious the comments im reading!! im remembering the movie porky's filmed while i was in fienberg fisher as its called now.. i attended k-5 in fienberg then 6 in fisher fienberg. i loved my 3rd grade teacher mrs.hall n never liked my 2nd she was so mein to me that my mom caught her pulling my hair n told the principal n they suspended her for a time.. very mean! the principal was very loving.. im talking about the year 77/78.. but, other wise i loved my school.. then graduated and left to nautilus middle..
Nestor Thenier 08-Nov-2011 13:45
II attended Ida M. Fisher back in 1987, when Miami Vice had it`s top rating on TV, I remember Mrs. Hale, my third grade teacher and Mrs. Chomar my fourth grade teacher. Many good friends too.
Chris Martin 09-Jun-2011 20:54
Re: Harvey Prohow's question about Dale Martin. Dale Martin is my father. Ida M. Fisher was probably his favorite assignment. He went from there to Horace Mann Jr. High, and then Miami Carol City Sr. High. Retired in 1973. Died in 1983. We lived in the NW section of Dade County so I did not attend Ida M. Fisher, but I have great memories from the many days I spent at that beautiful school when my dad worked there during the summer.
D Carroll 03-May-2011 03:04
We live in Manchester Tn. We have been picking up debris from the tornados that came through Alabama. Some of the papers were from 125 miles away. We found a copy of a 6th grade school paper that was written by somone named Carly Mennes that was in the sixth grade at Ida Fisher Elementary School. It was titled I have Learned conflict Resolution. We found it to be interesting and very well written. I Googled the school name and found this website. It is such a small world. I don't know who had this piece of paper last week before the storms or how many miles it went through the air but. We just thought someone out there might find this as special as we did. Sounds like you guys have a lot of good memories of a great school.
Harvey Prohow 04-Apr-2011 02:45
Went to Fisher from 59 until 62. Does anyone remember Dale Martin whom I believe was the principal? Went back a few years ago and it was fenced off but I climbed the fence and saw the statue of the soldier; gave me goodpimples.
Harvey Prohow, Tucson
Kim 18-Mar-2011 01:35
Was there a women pe teacher and swim coach there in 60-61???
If so does anyone remember her name??
dora 26-Feb-2011 19:39
wow i was there in 66-67 boy was that a long time ago
Guest 26-Oct-2010 18:50
Any one out there that attended the Mrs. Pineda class with her son armando??
Guest 26-Oct-2010 18:32
Any one out there that attended the Mrs. Pineda class with her son armando??
Robert Dultz 01-Sep-2010 11:03
Hylan, I remember you..I was there between 67-68..went to North Miami in 1969 and to Beach High in 1970.
Mr Martin was my music teacher..took music since it was the first part of the school that had AC..the pond in the middle of the schooll was great for biology experiments with all the life in it...
Guest 29-Aug-2010 02:28
I attended Leroy D. Fienberg with my sisters from '79-'84. Was there for the filming of Porkey's. Back when the 2 schools were separete and then street in between was made a pedistrain walk way. K-3 was at Fienberg and 4-6 was at Fisher. Wish I could contact my old teachers to say thank you. 1st Mrs. Pick, 2nd Mrs Daniels, 3rd Mrs Robinson, 4th Mrs Hall, 5th Mrs Can not remember, 6th Mrs Stein.
Seth H. Bramson 30-May-2010 16:40
I have signed the contract with The History Press to write the history of Ida M. and Miami Beach High. If any of you has anything--anything at all--on or about either Fisher or Beach High pls contact me in Myamuh at mrfec at yahoo dot com or call me at (305) 757 - 1016. Looking forward to hearing from you.
Almedia Seal 27-May-2010 03:02
1968, to answer Manuel Villaverde's question, the name of the Spanish teacher was Mrs. Pineda, and her son's name was Armando.
Debbie Tyler24-Apr-2010 10:37
I went to Ida M. Fisher in 71-72' and remember Debbie Martin well. She went out with Howie Rennert. I saw him a few years ago and he said he had stayed in touch with her for a while. She moved up north to love with relatives after everyone in her immediate family was killed in that plane crash. I did see her once the following year and she seemed okay considering what she had been through.

The song RickD was talking about was "Brandy" and the band's name was the Looking Glass. I thought that was so cool that the scholl would have a famous band come and play for us. Does anyone know how to reach any of our teachers: Mr. Greenberg (Science) or Mrs. McGarrie(sp) (English)?

They both really helped me a lot at a very difficult time in my life and I would love to thank them. Debbie
RickD 01-Mar-2010 10:37
Does anyone remember Mr. Martin (I think he was a music teacher) who died in a small plane crash with several members of his family in the Bahamas. I heard he, his wife and their sons perished. It might have been either 1972 or 73. His daughter Debbie Martin did not go on this fatal trip. She was in several of my classes, it was very tragic for Debbie and the Ida M. Fisher school family. After the incident Debbie left school suddenly to move in with family, she was never heard from again.
Don Boyd13-Feb-2010 19:42
Radio Lady: you can not post to someone's account or all of our sites would be full of spam and pornography. If you can scan the photo using a scanner or taking it to a FedEx/Kinkos you can send me a scan of the photo as an e-mail attachment and I'll consider putting it up on my site. Please provide me with the year the photo was taken, where, who, what, etc. My e-mail address is: Thanks

Radio Lady 13-Feb-2010 09:36
Charlotte Lanz Abbot -- My father attended Ida M. Fisher a little bit after your mom, from 1930-1934. He played varsity football, and used to talk about how they would get killed every year by the Stingarees (my school). I have a photo of one of his football teams. If I could figure out how to post it, I would.
Manuel Villaverde 15-Nov-2009 21:37
Does any one remember the name of the pspanish teacher?? she had a son that also attended school 1968
Jeff 04-Sep-2009 16:08
Jesse... You and your brother [Victo]r lived down the street from me on Lenox Avenue and we were in some of the same classes...

Jeff Levine
(1963-64 Central Beach Elem.)
(1964-1967 Ida Fisher JHS)
1967-1970 Miami Beach SHS)
dave goldberg 02-Jul-2009 21:04
i was there in 65 for 7th grade and went all 3 years. it was a beautiful school and was intact they hadn't tore any of it down yet the principal was dr lichter asst was mr marmar it was a wonderful time the friends in my life at that time were barbara gardner (my girlfriend) joe carpello chuck kirkman(deceased) eric moss dean pollock (deceased) the teacher i had a major crush on miss brownhill i look back on this timewith fond memmories. if you remember me i would love to hear from you i am at
RickD 27-Jun-2009 09:30
I attended Ida M. Fisher from 71-72 (8th & 9th), I remember the building next door to the south of Fisher. It had an auditorium and we saw a famous band at the time play there. I think they did either "Brandy" or "Ride Captain Ride", I don't remember the band's name. I have fond memories of Fisher. I think the building is still standing, I visited it a couple of years ago. I this photo is this the building still standing or the one that was demolished? Memories are sort of fading. Thanks everyone!!!
Eric BAez 26-Jun-2009 20:48
Looking for a Fisher Yearbook for 1975 or 1974, call 786-525-7505 or email
LaJuana Hill 03-Apr-2009 01:50
I attended Feinberg I believe from the third through the fifth grade and then went on to Nautilus Junior High. I'm not quite sure of the years I attended as I went to school year-round and skipped a couple of grades. I believe I started Feinberg in 1972 or '73? I attended with Paula Westbrook (she had a younger sister there); Wendy Rosen (or Rosenthal or Rosenberg); Bradly Sprung; Steven Martinez (we were the smartest in the 5th grade); Willard Edge and Louise Truillo went there for 1 year. These were the friends I hung out with. I took ballet lessions at Fisher until the auditorium became unsafe and they could no longer allow the ballet teacher to have her classes there. She charged 50 cents a lesson. We performed at nursing homes. It was a really neat school and I get natalgic whenever I visit home and pass by the two schools.
Guest 21-Feb-2009 21:23
I attended Leroy D Fienberg elementary 1969-1972 and Ida M Fisher (7th grade). I then reurned to Greece with my family.
Georgios Karras
Manty Malvarez Espinosa 07-Feb-2009 21:14
I attended Ida M.Fisher Jr High 1961-63 (grades 7,8).
Exile from Cuba with my family. A real difference from Cuban Catholic school.
Some very excellent teachers I recall:
Mr.Goldstein (Science), Mrs.Snyder (English), Mr.OConnell (Social Studies).
Mr.Ruby was Asst Principal, as was Mr.Marmar. Dr. Sol Lichter was principal,
later to go to Beach Hi (I also attended Beach Hi, grad 67).
Remember watching the NASA trips from Homeroom TVs.
Jesse valiente 17-Jan-2009 18:20
My name is Jesse valiente, I attended Central Beach Elem 1961 thru 1963 before it was named Leroy Fineberg Elem. I also attended Ida Fisher Jr high from fall of 1963 thru 1966, it was really a nice school I remember some of my teachers too, Mr.Sloan, Mr.Kelly, Mrs.Glaser etc. I graduated from Beach High in 1969.
Mercy Ayala 05-Nov-2008 23:01
I went to Fineberg from 1963 - 1965, then went to Ida Fisher 1966 -1969.
Does anyone know how I can get the yearbooks form 66-69. The biulding where I lived in Pennsylvania Avenue and 12 st colapsed and I lost everything.
My email is:
Mercy 05-Nov-2008 22:46
Fineber was across the street.
smartfox3730-Oct-2008 17:00
Was this school Ida M Fisher at the same location where Fineberg Fisher is now or was it in a different location?
JACK GRISAR 21-Oct-2008 14:26
Jeff 15-May-2008 13:40
I remotely remember Hylan Boxer from our days at Ida Fisher. Hylan... I'm Jeff Levine.

Funny, but no one has made these distinctions or corrections as of yet...

The school was named after Carl Fisher's MOTHER, Ida Graham Fisher... it was an error by the engraver of the sign that changed her middle initial to "M".

The high school was built in 1926, and the adjacent junior high school was built in 1936. In 1960 a new "Beach High" was built (since demolished and rebuilt), and the high school building on Drexel Avenue was absorbed into the junior high's operation.

This is when the sports teams for Beach High were renamed from the Typhoons to the Hi-Tides.

During 1964-67 [when I attended Ida Fisher] few of the high school's classrooms were used on the second or third floors, except for storage. For all intents and purposes they were shuttered classrooms since 1960.

I was very active in the community school program from about 1965 way into the 1970's, so I knew that property inside and out.

It was logical that the junior high would "inherit" the South building, for it was there that the cafeteria and auditotium were located. In the 1970's, it was discovered that the high school building had been built with sea sand - which had been slowly corroding the steel rebar inside it - so the building was demolished.

Declining youth population (at the time) forced the closing of the junior high and the merging of it with Leroy D. Feinberg Elementary School (formerly Central Beach Elementary; directly across the street from Fisher).

The combined facility became the Feinberg-Fisher Education Center.
robertbowman15-Mar-2008 04:27
I attended Ida m. Fisher Jr. High in 69, 70, 71.Great old building. Had a cool fishpond in one of the courtyards. I remember Mr. Williams the art teacher and Coach Kane the "chickenman".The movie Porkies was filmed there also."
Charlotte Lantz Abbott 10-Mar-2008 20:35
My mother, Charlotte Lantz néé Green attended Ida M Fisher 1927-1931 when it was a high school. the man who organized the Ida M fisher High school was a Dr C C Carson. For four years he was head of the Miami Beach Public Schools. His wife, Ruby was the dean of the Miami Beach College of Music. She organized and directed the Ida M fisher High School Orchestra which won the Florida State championship for three consecutive years.
Brian Willis 14-Nov-2007 01:12
I attended Fisher in 77-79 Ida M. Fisher was Carl's mother Jane Fisher was his wife
Edward J. Japhe 06-Jun-2007 16:34
I attended Ida M. Fisher Jr. High School 1941 - 1944 (grades 7-9). Across the street was Central Beach Elementary School which I attended from Kindergarten through grade 6, 1934 - 1941.
Hylan Boxer 01-Jun-2007 01:31
Replaced by Miami Beach Senior High School, was converted into Ida M Fisher Junior High School. I attended 1967-1969 (grades 7-9). Was a very old building back then!