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Don Boyd | all galleries >> Memories of Old Hialeah, Old Miami and Old South Florida Photo Galleries - largest non-Facebook collection on the internet >> 1950 to 1959 Miami Area Historical Photos Gallery - click on image to view > 1959 - Lindsley Lumber on NW 7th Avenue and about 128th Street, just south of Food Fair, North Miami
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1959 - Lindsley Lumber on NW 7th Avenue and about 128th Street, just south of Food Fair, North Miami
1959 Unknown contributor

1959 - Lindsley Lumber on NW 7th Avenue and about 128th Street, just south of Food Fair, North Miami

NW 7th Avenue and about 128th Street, North Miami, Florida

Thank you to Joanie H. for identifying the correct location of this store. See her comment below.

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Guest 09-Jan-2018 16:33
My father in law Mr Meyer ran the stores in the keys. Does anyone remember their locations?
Joanie H 11-Jan-2017 21:16
Correct! NW 7th Avenue and about 128th Street, just south of Food Fair
Guest 03-Dec-2016 22:20
Maybe N.W.7th ave.?
Don Boyd20-Oct-2016 16:11
Michael, I'm sorry that the location was misleading. It said "Not the store on NW 27th Avenue" because viewers posted that the angles of the store on NW 27th Avenue on North Dade were different than the angles of the store in the photo. I've changed the description to "unknown location" because that is accurate until someone identifies where the store was. But thank you for your memories of the various stores that were in the shopping center on the corner of NW 27th Avenue and 183rd Street.

Michael 19-Oct-2016 19:45
We moved to North Dade in 1960. We lived on 180th Terrace between 23 and 24 Ave. I used to work for Kinney Shoes at Carol City Center and didn't own a car so I would walk past this Lindsley Lumber store on my way to work. I'd cross busy 27th Ave. at 179th St. (no light) and into the back parking lot of the shopping center. I'd walk through a small two story arcade past a beauty salon, a dress shop and end up with Broward Drugs on the left and the Grand Union on the right. I'd turn left and head toward Kinney's passing another shoe store, Three Sisters, Kresge and then Kinney. Further along was a JCPenney store and then turning north was a Kress store. I never dreamed I'd see a picture of that Lindsley Lumber store. What a surprise. It brought back many memories.
Don Boyd21-Jan-2016 16:00
Randy, there were two Lindsley Lumber stores in west Hialeah that I can think of right off the bat. One was on the north side of W. 68th Street just west of W. 12th Avenue and a Food Fair grocery store and an older one on the north side of W. 49th Street around 13th Avenue just east of a Cypress Gardens flower store that was built in the early 1960's. I had a Miami Herald route in 1963-65 and several carriers and I folded our papers at the new W. 49th Street store for maybe at least several months starting at 4;30am or so. It was kind of spooky because the lighting was poor and all we could hear were cow bells and cows mooing in the undeveloped area across the street on the south side of W. 49th Street. I'm going to have to research "The Mayflower" - the name is now familiar to me after you mentioned it but I can't recall where it was.

Randy Sugg 20-Jan-2016 20:27
When I was about 4-7 years of age my Dad (Bill Sugg) managed a Lindsley Lumber Company, in Hialeah, I think... I can also remember that he hired a Miami Fire Fighter (Cliff Tanner) who worked on his off-days. This would have been in the very early 60s. We moved back to Kentucky when I was 8 years old. Ring a bell with anyone? Oh yeah, my mom (Jean Sugg) worked as a hostess for a restaurant called... "The Mayflower"... If my memory still serves me. I am currently 58 years old.
Gay Goodfriend 15-Sep-2015 22:57
My dad, Frank Goodfriend, was the manager for this store for a time, and then became East Coast Manager for Lindsley. my sister and I went to help clean-up after the store had been rushed with hurricane preparations (maybe Donna? about 1960-1961 or so) and when we went to the lumber stacks in back to get some push brooms -- there was a 6-8 ft alligator resting on the lumber. Animal control came. All very exciting!
Guest 30-May-2014 19:27
This is very interesting! I just heard a local radio personality mention he'd worked for Lindsley Lumber Company at one time. This caught my attention because I lived in Miami until 1962. At age 7, we moved to Orlando. My father was assistant manager for LLC prior to his position as personnel manager for Jordan Marsh in Orlando in 1962 for the store's first 18 years. Such fond memories!
Guest 30-May-2013 14:28
Harold...the movie-star whom lived in Carol City with the wild animals was none-other than the original Tarzan...Johnny Weissmuller.
Denise 17-Sep-2012 20:40
I was searching for other Alumni of Myrtle Grove Elementary and came across this site. I grew up in Carol City on 173rd and 33rd Ct. From 1966 until 1977. I miss it so much!! I remember Grand Union, Grants, Woolco, the bowling alley, Lums, Royal Castle, etc. I had a great childhood in my old neighborhood. Everyone knew everyone, and it was safe to let your kids play outside. I was Denise Honican (Burrows, my mom remarried) back then. I had so many great friends. We lost touch when we moved to Plantation. We use to shop at 163rd St. Mall until Westland Mall opened. I also saw lots of movies at the drive in on 27th. Would love to hear back from other people that grew up in the area.
Guest 20-Jul-2012 20:51
Sorry Kinseeker, but you have a couple of things wrong on your comment. The Lindsley Allapatah store was a couple of blocks North of 36 st, not South. Lindsley was not bought by RBC, but Lindsley bought RBC (Renuart, Bailey & Cheely) in 1968. At the time they were owned by NBC (National Building Centers) Lumber Co. with base in Minneapolis, MN and regional offices in Waco, TX and Miami. In 1971 they were in turn bought by Lone Star Industries, the cement company, located in Greenwich, CT and they stayed like that until the Company was dismembered in 1977 by selling different operations to several competitors. Lindsley had 112 operating centers from Hudson South on the West Coast of Florida and Delray Beach South on the East Coast, including 6 locations in the Florida Keys and 2 in Nassau, Bahamas.
Jose 28-Apr-2012 01:14
I remember lindsley lumber I used to go there with my dad before all this big stores like home depot it was nice back then. Oh yeah and the nudist place does anybody remember the drive in.,,saw lots of movies there. We used to go shopping at the grand union super market and woolco. My dad used to take me to get my hair cut at Rogers barber shop that was in the alley in the woolco plaza. I remember my grandad going to the little strip bar behind Atlantic bank.those were the days....
Paul Clark 05-Apr-2012 05:26
I Know John Cooney very well. Best friend. Grew up with him. In Gloucester mass. now.
Im Paul Clark
harold 29-Nov-2011 21:43
hi! i was born in miami in 1952 we first lived on nw82nd st and around 17th ave then about 1955 we moved to carol city we lived on 185th st and32nd ave across the field from 7 -11 i use to go to this lindsley with my dad it was across 27th from carol city shopping center, any body remember Broward Drugs in there we use to drink milk shakes and cherry colas and listen to the juke box, every body new about the nudist colony i was to scared to peek over that fence there was a lake behide there had lots of ducks we use to fish there any body remember the t v star who lived in carol city his name was trumble weeds he had wild animals i went to myrtle grove elementary before north carol city elementary was built,did anybody know Debby Flus or john cooney? use to eat at pizza palace also down by the palmetto royal castle the best ,lums right be hind the thanks Don like others have said this sites the best i feel like i,m back home i feal like were all related miami brothers and sisters( they ran us out of our town and destroyed it ! you know who i,m talking about! they will never know the miami we knew nobody can destroy or take our memories,this is very emotional and personal for me as i,m sure it is for you we pretty all lived there at the same time and i bet if we met in person and talkedthe good old days we might of known each other or people we new, thanks Don again for this site
Tony 20-May-2010 19:31
You can do it.
Nothing to it.
You can do it with Lindsley's help.
kinseeker26-Apr-2010 03:58
There were half a dozen Lindsley Lumber stores in Miami, all built exactly the same. We shopped at the one in Alapatta on 17th Ave a couple blocks south of 36th St.
In the 60s Lindlsey were bought out by RBC (Renuart, Beaty and Cheely) and eventually incorporated into a huge Texas Company.
Billy 29-Mar-2010 21:01
The current building at this address doesn't look like it sits on the property the same way the one in the picture does in relationship to NW 27th ave. Was a new building built at one time? Or is this possibly a different Lindsley?
I new guys who worked on the crew of that movie, they have since deceased. ...BTW This site is awesome!
Katie 03-Mar-2010 22:13
I believe the jingle was "You can do it with Lindsley's help"
Guest 27-Nov-2009 22:58
I lived on NW 168th Street and 29th Avenue in Carol City in the early sixties. Tales of people sneeking into the nudist camp were common. Usually ending in someone being shot with salt or bird shot. Lindsey Lumber, the North Dade Drive-In, Lums, Lithgow Funeral Home, Lewie's Gas Station, Royal Castle, the Pizza Palace .. it's all coming back to me now! Thanks for a great website.
Guest 20-Jul-2009 19:44
what was the jingle that went along with the commercial?
I can't remember it and it's driving me crazy!
Don Boyd03-Jun-2009 06:16
Hi EHB, thank you for all the detailed information on the film(s) at the nudist camp. I've forgotten a ton of movies that I've seen in my lifetime but I sure remember that one. Somewhere in the boxes I have a couple of photos of the nudist camp from 27th Avenue as I was passing by over the years. I remember seeing some very expensive cars parked in the driveway waiting for the caretaker to come out and open the outer gate so they could pull in and park inside. I also remember the Herald doing at least a couple of news articles about the nudist camp over the years and I either read of or heard of the caretaker with the gun so I never attempted to gain some peeks.

I looked up the movie title on Google and it came up with several sites that describe the movie and they mention Morganna being in it.
I found another site and ordered a DVD of the movie. Hopefully I can freeze frame it when appropriate and get some decent images to include on this site including the one of them driving into the front entrance of the camp from 27th Avenue.

Thanks again!

EHB 03-Jun-2009 03:16
You’re absolutely right about the movie having been made at that now infamous place in Carol City. The film was released in 1968 and is today considered a quirky, very unconventional, cult classic of the era. I’ve often wondered if it’s the only film documentation of Carol City available from that period of time? Whatever the case, the film is actually two movies that have been edited together. The first was a low-budget nudie film entitled “Nature’s Sweethearts,” by the legendary producer of the erotic business, Irving Klaw around 1962. The film showcased a then famous erotic model by the name of Marie Stinger. The other film, sliced together with Klaw’s from 1966 was called “Pickles and Beaver. The 1966 film included several noted striptease artists, who were working regularly at the famous Miami Beach strip club, “The Gaiety.” The 1968 version, now entitled “Girl’s Come Too!” is available on DVD for anyone who might feel enticed to now take a safe peek!

Well, I grew up right around that neighborhood. I lost count on how many stories, innuendos, rumors and gossip I heard over the years of someone sneaking around the nudist camp, trying to take a peek over the ten foot fence and bush laden mound that surrounded the enclosure. The most talked about character associated to the history of the nudist camp was that of the old “caretaker,” who walked around the parameter of the property, carrying a “salt pellet” rife. He would shoot at anyone hanging around the fence, suspected of taking a peek into the camp. All those years growing up in Carol City, there were residents, who never believed that the nudist camp was there! Usually, one only would hear about the place, by simple word of mouth, since there were no signs or any designation of what was on the property.

Richard 13-Mar-2008 01:51
My brother and I went to daycare in Golden Glades after school (at Carol City Elementary) for about a year in 1968-ish. We had always heard there was a nudist camp there, but this is the first I've ever seen it confirmed. Prior to that Pizza Palace opening on 27th Ave., there was another one down closer to Hialeah that we used to go to. Wasn't there another Lindsley Lumber to the south not far from that one?
Don Boyd08-Jan-2008 23:47
The nudist camp across the street had a gate for vehicles to enter a small parking lot cloest to 27th Avenue and beyond that was a bamboo fence to keep people on 27th from seeing anything inside. My buddies and I once saw a grade-B movie, circa early 60's, that showed a young gorgeous couple arriving at MIA and they had a helicopter following them for the footage of driving through Miami to the nudist camp and you could see the Pizza Palace and Lindsley Lumber in the background when they arrived there. That film would be awesome to see today because of all the changes. The majority of the film was filmed inside the nudist camp and activities around the pool, volleyball, etc. It was hilarious, and titillating to say the least.

Guest 08-Jan-2008 21:43
Bought many an item here in the 60s. This was just north of the Pizza Palace on 27th Avenue which was right out of American Graffiti. There was supposed to be a nudist camp across the street here but I never saw any going or coming, and I really looked!
Dave the Guest
Guest 01-Dec-2007 14:54
I was a senior at MCC Sr High in 1971 and had a part time job at this Lindsley Lumber after school. I learned how to drive with a clutch there thanx to one of my coworkers (Paul). He tossed me the keys to his VW and said "have at it". I caught shoplifters, learned to drive a forklift and ran the paint dept. there. Because of all the open garage doors, security was minimal. They later closed some of the doors to reduce theft. The asst. mgr there, Lou Bianchi would bum cigarettes from employees and customers. I never saw him buy his own. The cashier, Frieda, had 2 hot daughters . LOL I believe the manager's name at the time was Emil Labuz.