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Don Boyd | all galleries >> Memories of Old Hialeah, Old Miami and Old South Florida Photo Galleries - largest non-Facebook collection on the internet >> 1950 to 1959 Miami Area Historical Photos Gallery - click on image to view > 1955 - Park & Shop City on NW 36th Street and 25th Avenue, Miami
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1955 - Park & Shop City on NW 36th Street and 25th Avenue, Miami
1955 Miami-Dade Building & Zoning

1955 - Park & Shop City on NW 36th Street and 25th Avenue, Miami

Dade County, Florida

It's Park & Shop City, "more for your money!" I and others thought this was on NW 27th Avenue but a 1956 phone book shows it at 2500 NW 36th Street. That doesn't look like the 36th Street I remember back then and surely not the 36th Street of today which I have traveled recently.

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miket4628-Aug-2012 15:57
Re Kinseeker, I remember the Army Navy store, I spent most of my allowance and any money I could earn there. Got a neat Gyro, lots of electronic gadgets, helped to get me into the electronics area. I travelled this stretch of road twice a day during High school years from 1959 to 1964. I lived in Miami south of SW 8th street and went to Miami Central High, had to pass an exam to ge in there. Studied electronics and went on to Uof F in Electrical engineering. Still practicing at 66.
Guest 18-Nov-2011 00:21
Well, this was quite awhile between comments but I haven't been back on your cite. As I said before I was 17 when I reported to Miami for duty, just out of boot camp at Parris Island in Feb. 1954. I was assigned to Teletype Operators School there at Third Marine Air Wing in Opa-Locka. After completing that school I worked in an operting Communication Center there on base taking care of the incoming and outgoing communications. I worked 8 hours and was off 24 so it was rotating shifts When I enlisted my home was in Fort Pierce so being away from home for the first time all I wanted to do on my off time was spend as much time in Ft Pierce as I could until I finally got over that phase and started staying in Miami and making friends there. I was stationed there until Nov 1956 and during the spring of 1956 we went to Puerto Rico for deployment and once we spent a week at Green Cove Springs on the weapons range requalifying since that was a requirement for all Marines to be proficient with weapons. I sure did enjoy Miami during the 3 years I was stationed there and I lived with friends across the street from Dinner Key Auditoiun and before that they had lived on S.W. 8th St. around 12th Ave. Now I know how things have changed over the years and I have been back to Miami a couple of times during the last 30 years. It's just not the same Miami that it was in 1954. We had some happy times back then but who didn't when at that age. LOL
Don Boyd31-Jul-2011 17:17
Guest, thank you for posting. Maybe someday we'll get a more definitive answer on where it was exactly.

Can you tell us more about your Marine duty at Opa-locka? What was there, how many people, what they did, what you did on duty and off duty, etc. We'd love to hear more.

Congratulations on your long marriage, your retirement from the Corps and your second career with the Postal Service!

Guest 31-Jul-2011 15:01
I was a young Marine of 17 in 1954 at Opalocka and walked and hitchiked NW 27th Ave. a lot. I don't remember that Park and Shop City at all. That Ford Panel looks exactly like my Father-in-laws who lived at NW 29th Ave and 69th St not far from Stevens and the Army-Navy store at 62nd and 27th. He was in the refrigeration business and traveled around that area quite a bit, in fact he picked me up one day in June 1956 as I was hitchiking north on 27th Ave to the base and that is how I got to know his family. I married his daughter in June 1958 and became part of the family. We have celebrated our 53rd Wedding anniversary in June 2011. I retired from the Marine Corps in 1979 and spent 23 years in Orlando working for the Postal Service. Miami sure was nice back in those days.
kinseeker26-Apr-2010 02:00
Wally, Stevens was also on 27th and 62nd St. right across from the Army Navy. Back in my day you could still get real WWII salvage stuff. We bought all our Boy Scout camping gear from there and it was all WWII.
Guest 10-Feb-2009 19:50
I thought the Park & Shop was on 79th Street and between 27 and 26 ave. I could be wrong, but I remember being there just before Christmas one year. I wanted a baby doll but my mother thought I was too old for dolls (I was 12) so she showed me a walking doll. I didn't like it bit it ended up under our Christmas tree anyway!
Wally Bray 20-Jun-2007 06:18
I don't remember Park & Shop city. The cars look a little before the time I would remember. I was born in 1951. Although the back of the car in the photo looks just like the 1955 Ford Station Wagon we had that my brother at the age of three or four set on fire. I remember Funland Park at the southwest corner of 27th Avenue and 79th Street when Northside Shopping Center was a cow pasture. Funland Park had a roller coaster called the Wild Mouse. At 27th Avenue and 87th Street on the southwest corner was the 27th Avenue Drive-in Movie. On the southeast corner was a retirement center I think was called Covenant Palms. And on the northeast corner was and still is today I think the last time I drove by a Dairy Queen. At 27th Avenue and 95th Street on the southwest corner was a Kuick Check (spell-check) and on the northeast corner was a Royal Castle. There was a bicycle shop next to the Royal Castle where I occasionally had my bike fixed. Wow, 27th Avenue has so many memories for me. Shopping with my grandmother at Steven's I think it was at 54th Street and shopping with my father at the Army/Navy Surplus Store at 62nd Street. I wonder is the photo looking north or south. The building behind the sign looks somewhat familiar. What I find interesting in this photo is 27th Avenue (SR 9) has concrete curbs in the medium and sides with sidewalks and I see a storm drain. How modern. This is proof Miami was not a sleepy swamp in the good old days.
Don Boyd01-Jun-2007 05:23
Thank you for your comment. I was thinking 27th Avenue in that area also but unless I'm sure I won't say. Don
Guest 01-Jun-2007 04:22
I believe N.W. 27th Ave between 79th and 95th Street.