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Don Boyd | all galleries >> Memories of Old Hialeah, Old Miami and Old South Florida Photo Galleries - largest non-Facebook collection on the internet >> 1960 to 1969 Miami Area Historical Photos Gallery - click on image to view > 1966 - the original South Beach with golden sand between the fishing pier and the Government Cut north jetty
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1966 - the original South Beach with golden sand between the fishing pier and the Government Cut north jetty
1966 1966 Don Boyd

1966 - the original South Beach with golden sand between the fishing pier and the Government Cut north jetty

South Beach, Miami Beach, Florida

The Miami Beach Kennel Club's two story parking garage can be see on the left at this very popular beach in the 1960's. I spent many hours at this beach in the early to mid 1960's and I took this photo to take into the service with me to remind me of the many good times I had here. It was high tide when I took the photo because the beach was considerably wider at low tide. Note the golden sand that we used to have on our beaches in South Florida instead of the white stuff that they dredged up from other areas to replenish the beaches of South Florida because of development too close the water line.

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Jean Hull 20-Jan-2018 15:28
Does anyone remember a camp on the southern tip of South Beach, near Government Cut? It had concrete buildings for campers and a large communal kitchen. I t honking that it may have been owned by the Boys Club, but cannot remember.
Don Boyd11-Aug-2014 16:27
Thank you for posting, Jack, especially for the details on how the snack shack was constructed and what y'all served. I patronized that snack shack for a few years in the 1963-1966 time frame when my friends and I would go to South Beach for surfing, babe watching, etc. You undoubtedly served me numerous times. I even rode the bus to Washington and 5th Street with my skim board from west Hialeah numerous times when others didn't want to go. Despite being a good swimmer, I damn near drowned there with a buddy in a rip current after a hurricane hit South Florida while body surfing because all the surf boards were rented out.

I hope someone who remembers you sees your post and posts something on here. If you have any photos of yourself I'll be glad to add them to the site. Thanks again for posting.

jack 09-Aug-2014 04:16
under the shade of the 2nd tier of the kennel club, on the side nearest the pier, was parked a streamline trailer, so modified as to, with the lift of a side cut out facing the beach which could be winched up to form a sort of awning. inside was fitted out to act as a snack bar, sandwich bar, withe a pizza oven built in. i flipped those burgers, made those egg and cheese sandwiches on kaiser rolls, and made countless slices of pizza to serve to the surfers and locals. everyonewas young and tan and mostly beautiful, and i was a part of it, working for the owner, jack diamond, for nearly 3 years. i lived in the blue and white hotel on the across the street from the kennel club and walked to work or got picked up by jack on the way in to set up 7 days a week, and never even thought of it as work. i didn't wear shoes for most of that time, even to work. somewhere in there i went on to tend bar back off the beach at LUMS. if anyone remembers the not to bad looking blond guy serving hot dogs and beer, or soda and sandwiches, that was me. and that was about 45-50 years ago. some of the best years of my life.
debbie liebers 18-Jul-2012 17:55
this is where all the hialeah high kids went---can i purchase a copy of this photo?
Don Boyd09-May-2011 06:08
Municipal Pool (later renamed for Henry Milander, long-time mayor of HIaleah) was/is located on Palm Avenue and W 47th-48th Street in Hialeah, a long way from South Beach. You could be right about the old Smith's Casino pool. I only remember South Beach from the early 60's and by that time the parking garage was there.

Guest 09-May-2011 03:22
The Millander/Municiple Pool.... just wondering where that was exactly, because my parents would go in a large rectangular pool that was just east of the dog track, ran along Biscayne Street, and I believe bordered the ocean (before the parking garage was built).

Is that the same pool???? If so, I believe its' origins are from the days of Smiths' Casino, which was where the pier was later built in 1926.
Don Boyd18-Apr-2011 06:03
Sorry, I don't know the answer to your question but perhaps one of our older viewers can tell us.

Phil 18-Apr-2011 04:46
How far from the old (service man's) center was this pix shot?
Don Boyd17-Feb-2011 01:33
Thank you guest for writing in and relating your memories. The closest bus stop was at Washington Avenue and 5th Street at the time, which was a good walk from the beach shown in the photo. Some days I thought I'd never get to the beach carrying my skim board and then the trek back to the bus stop after hours in the sun and water sucked too.

Guest 16-Feb-2011 13:25
Hi Robbin: I used to hang out there too. I remember walking on "the wall" thinking I was all that!! I was skinny and flat-chested...wanted to look like Twiggy. I would take the #6 bus from in front of Millander/Municiple Pool and that would take me all the way to, I think it was Washington St. Then I had to walk the rest of the way to the beach. I remember the food van too. The pizza was pretty good. Remember the Lum's Restaurant across the street. Oh, how good the Lumberger with cheese was with fried clambs on the side of the little red plastic basket. I revisited there about 15 years ago while the park was being constructed. The top of the wall was visible, but flush to the sand. The pier is gone...well moved to the other side of the jetties. I got a chunk of the congrete that used to be the wall and put it in my China closet as a momento of "My days in the sun." Those were the days. Thank you so much for all your efforts, Don.
Guest 24-Aug-2010 21:42
This was the place to be in the early to mid 60s! Surf all day, meet boys, dance on weekend nights at the "baile de los viejos" ("old people's dance")...I think they were put on by the Police Benevolent Assn...??? Who remembers who set it up! But we danced till we dropped!
Don Boyd22-Oct-2009 21:24
Phil V, thank you for catching that. I must have typed that at 3 or 4 am when I usually add photos. I can't believe no one else caught it until you. You're correct, Biscayne Kennel Club was next to I-95 and NE 111th or thereabouts. Barry University bought all of that property a few years ago.

Phil V 22-Oct-2009 20:09
I believe the Biscatne kennel Club was on or near NW 111th street in Miami. I remember this as being the Miami Beach Kennel Club. Can someone confirm that.
robertbowman20-Jul-2009 02:07
Boy, If I had to count up all the time I spent there.What a great place to grow up.
Guest 14-Jun-2009 04:05
The golden colored sand is the natural sand that existed along the unspoiled Florida coast before they dredged this mess (current sand) up from deeper water. The golden sand has dissapeared from much of the east coast. The sand used now on beaches is courser, thus more susceptible to erosion because it can be transported easier in wave action. More of the "can't let things be", once again the fools need to challenge nature (and costs more money as in more frequent replnishement projects). But, people like "white" sand better, it is more "pleasing" to the eye,
Don Boyd01-May-2009 05:40
Guest, you just made an excellent point about the change in sand on our beaches and one I didn't realize until I read your comment. You are absolutely right about the sand having a golden hue many years ago. Thank you for your comment.

Guest 30-Apr-2009 18:39
does anybody remember that Miami Beach used to have golden color sand- when the rebuilt the beaches with dredgeing in the mid-70's, the sand they pumped onto the beaches was an ashy white color. I miss the golden sand, even though I've been gone from Miami for 20 years now.
Robbin P. Learned 07-Apr-2009 04:22
I was Here, Surfing, at this Time Period, and Had A Lot Of Fun Surfing, and Met aLot Of Girls too !!!!!! Ate Nickel Bagels, at Beach Bagel, and Drank Cans Of Pepsi, A Dime Each, and Sat on That Sidewalk Type Wall, where the People are sitting, in this Picture. I Remember, A Bread Truck Type Lunch Truck, That Had Great Brownies, and I Used to Get them. Great Picture, Don Boyd !!!!!! Great Memories, For Me. I was an 8th Grader, at Palm Springs JR. High School, in West Hialeah, and My Main Surfing Buddy, was: Rod Bauza.