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Don Boyd | all galleries >> Memories of Old Hialeah, Old Miami and Old South Florida Photo Galleries - largest non-Facebook collection on the internet >> 1950 to 1959 Miami Area Historical Photos Gallery - click on image to view > 1953 - the Bell Haven Trailer Park pool featured in an ad for a trailer manufacturer, Miami
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1953 - the Bell Haven Trailer Park pool featured in an ad for a trailer manufacturer, Miami
1953 From an old ad

1953 - the Bell Haven Trailer Park pool featured in an ad for a trailer manufacturer, Miami

NW 79th Street

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mike cox03-Oct-2015 04:53
there is a facebook page now for us Belle Haven-ites.It's sparse but all are welcome to join and share stories.
Friends of bell haven miami,fl I believe it's called.
mike cox
Don Boyd07-Apr-2015 16:08
Thank you for posting with that news. I went by there a year or so ago and it was still vacant and I wondered to myself why they closed the park if they were just going to leave it as vacant land. I just pulled up Walmart locations in Miami and it was the #1 listing for Walmart and the address of the store is 3200 NW 79th Street. Weird!

diego 07-Apr-2015 14:51
I lived in bell haven in the late 80's. It wasn't a pretty as the pic here at the time but it was a fun place to live. Great memories there. Went by today because I heard they turned it in to a Walmart. I guess you can't go home again but you can shop there. All the landmarks I remembered were gone except for one of the main column at the entrance.
Terry Arley 05-Apr-2015 16:11
I lived in bell haven for years. Been trying to find old friends , like Richard Ackins , Sherry Wyer , and others if anyone knows or heard from them.
Don Boyd27-Sep-2014 03:51
Well I'm really glad to hear that your hubby was able to reconnect with several of his friends, and I hope that others can reconnect too. I am all for people reconnecting after decades have passed by.

Ron, I haven't seen a photo of the Palm Lake trailer park yet but perhaps someday someone will contribute one and I will be glad to put it up on this site with a link to it posted in these comments.

Guest 27-Sep-2014 00:19
Found this website by chance and have now connected my husband with several of his friends from his years living in Bell Haven. Had to do some web sleuthing, but we'll worth the effort. Thanks, Don Boyd, for getting me started. It's been great to hear them all reconnect.
Guest 04-Aug-2014 15:00
I lived in Bell Haven from about 1951 to 1955 appro. Learned to swim there in the kiddy pool, then went to the big pool with the lion head. I thought that was something that I could go in the big pool. In the summer my hair was in braids and don't think they ever dried out from swimming so much. What memories. Best to all
Ron 25-Aug-2013 05:59
Any chance someone has a photo of the Palm Lake trailer park?
it was just 1 block south of Bell Haven on 27 ave. and had a small lake with
a little bridge.Roy Yost was the owner.I had a friend named Billy Case, 1950.
thanks, Ron
Dan "Skeeter" 13-Apr-2013 19:11
Nice site - have to get the word out for more to come here. Still wondering where some of "us" have landed now later in life.
Pokey 12-Apr-2013 19:37
I lived in Bell Haven from 53 - 69,
This was a great place for a kid to grow up in, always something to do and someone to hang out with, the pool, rec hall, play grounds, and pot luck suppers.

take care
Don Boyd10-Apr-2013 01:43
Hi Glenda, I never shut it down but I ended up deleting a bunch of junior high comments that were thrown back and forth. The site has been up every day since the day I started it, but welcome back anyhow. I have some photos of Bell Haven on a map that I will post someday in the near future.

swede315109-Apr-2013 03:16
Hi, Boyd. I used to come to your site a few years ago and was very saddened when you had to shut it down because people were trash talking and putting each other down. Glad to see you are up and running again. I so love to see pics of old Miami and especially Bell Haven where I lived from '57 or so to '60. Glenda (Cox) Schulte
mike cox 27-Mar-2013 02:33
re: bell haven,Pokey Hull sent some of us an ariel view pic this week,kinda neat,i'd love to share do I do that ?
some names that are popping into my head from WAY back then are : ron reik,mike nesbitt,kathy kunkle.Larry Swain the bullwhip guy,and his daughter Lynn,Mr Neal who was a mortican from Pa,he lived right near the pool,.Fran Grezsiak (sp).
mike cox 27-Mar-2013 02:24
mike cox here..again,forgot how to log in,etc. .anyway,several of us have qujite the email dialogue going right now about Bell Haven. some names I remember are: mike Nesbitt,Larry Swain the bullwhip guy,kathy kunkle,ron reik,Mr Neals the motician who lived right up by the pool.
was searching for some newpaper reports of it's demise,a very sad one as I recall.
I have GOT to chck back here mor often. thanks again for this page,Don
Don Boyd19-Feb-2013 01:26
Yes, Guest, it is still active and I check it every day or every other day if I'm on a trip out of town. Thank you for posting. I have some more map images of Bell Haven to add; believe it or not I found a map with a sign that points to "Bell Haven" on it as if it were a big tourist attraction or something. I'll post it in the near future.

Guest 17-Feb-2013 02:20
Is this page still active ? found it hiding in my favorites.
my name is mike cox,I lived in BH from about 1958-1961. Loved the pool,Mrs Troy taught me to swim for a fee.practically lived in it.Now the whole park is just a dirt spot according to google earth. I hear its' death throes was horrible. :(
Pam 16-May-2012 16:26
OH my goodness!! This was the pool i learned to swim! My grandparents lived in the park and we stayed much of our time with them during the early 60s! Every summer there would be a 'pool show' starring all of us 'park kids'! Fun times and fun memories! Pat and Jo (the barber and his wife!) ... the Florecks (the preacher of the little church and his wife) ... and oh the cherries that used to line the back of the park! ~ Thanks for the memories!
Guest 20-Feb-2011 05:33
The Bell Haven park was a POW camp during WW2. I was born at St Francis in '48, and the trailer park was my first home!
Robbin P. Learned 28-Dec-2008 20:17
Pokey, and Dave Bruce, Kilroy, was not Here, But Robbin Was !!!!!!!! I Enjoyed Seeing a Picture of Your Belle Haven Pool, and I Must say; it Looked Real Nice, and I'm Sure it was very Refreshing in The Hot Summer !!!!!!! And Thanks, Don Boyd, for The Picture !!!!!! Best Regards, To All Of You !!!!!!!! Robbin.