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Andrea 24-Jun-2010 09:15
I love your photos!
You should teach a class! I would love to learn from you.

CM Kwan22-Jun-2010 12:46
Hello David, Thanks a lot for visiting my gallery and signing my guestbook. Regards,CM
Kenny Wong 24-May-2010 02:33
David - it was great meeting you, at the studio, today. Your energy and your photography ROCKS!
reenie 10-May-2010 17:23
Ah There you are! Would you shoot some "walk to end poverty" event the City of Oakland is doing for $250 bucks? It's May 22nd and the pay sucks but City of Oakland is a great place to get "in". Your work is perfect Reenie
Diana Tarnopolskaya 05-May-2010 17:09
Hi David!
The photo from SPOCOM is amazing!!
I love your work :)
Carolyn Queen 27-Mar-2010 13:32
love your photos
Maysam Nasibi05-Dec-2009 17:00
Thank you very much David for your attention and your kind comment in my new gallery.

Best regards.
ms diamond 30-Nov-2009 16:45
You're awesome!
Keep doing what you love.
wedding packages?
Judy Jung 13-Oct-2009 17:15
Hi, David.
Awesome photos, thanks for sharing. I've enjoyed them very much. Looking forward to re-visit you gallery.
Hellen Echevarria 11-Jun-2009 03:18
Hey david... The pictures look awesome!!!! Im the one with the Big Black Carnaval costume of Ostrich with purple and yellow...
I love the picture with me and the sf Heart!!
Thanks david...

Hellen from Mixtiso sf
AL SAMHA EAST - RAZA04-Jun-2009 04:58

John Reyes 17-Mar-2009 14:21

Great photos! Thank you so much for sharing these. I always enjoy your pictures. Keep'em coming!

lorand25-Feb-2009 00:11
Hi David!
Thanks for your comment on my gallery.
Brando Ho07-Feb-2009 17:35
Hi David,
We both in the San Francisco bay area, we join Pbase about the same time, and we are often photographing the same events at the same time. Next time if you see me can you say hello. I don't know what you looks like, but my photo is in my "photographer at work album"......hope to meet you someday.
david pava 17-Oct-2008 17:37
Dave --
Great Love Fest photos.

I'm the zombie!

Any way you'd be willing to email me a hi-res JPG?
Ruth Chao13-Oct-2008 15:55
Interesting galleries with beautiful diversity. It was a very enjoyable journey viewing your photographs.

Looking forward for more,
Ruth Chao13-Oct-2008 15:55
Interesting galleries with beautiful diversity. It was a very enjoyable journey viewing your photographs.

Looking forward for more,
Beverly Yip 10-Oct-2008 18:15
Hi David!! You're an AMAZING photographer!! it was so nice to meet you @ the Dragon Boat Festival! Love, Beverly Yip - Miss Vitality 2005, Miss San Jose 2000
monmagnum 30-Aug-2008 13:06
hi david by the way do u hav any photos of a filipina named christine mendoza?
Darbowski20-Jun-2008 11:19
Thank you for your visit and comments ! You'll have beautiful work in your gallerys and i'll be back regularly to visit !
paul yung07-Jun-2008 14:34
Wonderful galleries! Two thumbs up! Congrats!
24:00 07-Jun-2008 02:13
hi david, are you chinese?
Christian Lallier03-Jun-2008 15:39
thanks for your comments on my venetian carnival pictures
you are are Silvano is a master and I am glad to be his friend.
2 weeks ago we spend time together in Burano........soon I will open a new gallery about these days
Andy 18-May-2008 07:40
Hey, David. New website When are you going to post the Singtao Expo picture on the web?
Andy 18-May-2008 07:40
Hey, David. New website When are you going to post the Singtao Expo picture on the web
Alain Boussac29-Apr-2008 13:10
All your galleries are succeeded very, and you know how to capture the feminine beauty perfectly. Congratulations ! And many thanks for visiting my Bhutan-Festival gallery and for your nice comment.
Jia Chen 05-Apr-2008 02:55
hey david,
are you going to photograph the miss teen chinatown SF this year?
Edward Jay 25-Feb-2008 22:22
You have shot some very nice shots in your gallery. Were you the official photog for the Miss Chinatown Pageant? You seem to get access to some nice events. How do you do it?

My gallery is at
Guest 31-Jan-2008 18:55
I thought the Bay Area Tango collection interesting, especially when we have just plain folks enjoying themselves rather than the glamour queens at Cinco de Mayo. Nice job.
Denise11-Dec-2007 18:52
David, thanks for visiting my galleries. As you can see, I love shooting photos at Golden Gate Park and especially the Conservatory of Flowers, also. Oh, the Dahlia Garden, too. I have enjoyed your photos and the interesting treatment of the Waterlilies. It is fun to see "my" waterlilies being enjoyed and photographed ;-)) I will be back to visit you again and again.
Kelly Nging Chao 27-Nov-2007 21:59
Hello David,
It was nice meeting you at the King Pan Festival in Oakland. Thank you for posting the pictures on the internet. The slideshow were great. My groups of girls that were performing enjoy seeing themselve on the internet, especially the little ones.
Thank you, Kelly
Jonathan Wong08-Nov-2007 05:35
Thanks for your visiting, your galleries includes different beauty of the world. Really nice!
lorand25-Oct-2007 22:20
Hi David!
Thanks for your nice comments on my galleries.
Best Regards,
ML25-Oct-2007 00:16
I absolutely love your event gallery coverage!!! It's filled with such fun and excitement! Thanks for the kind word as I still have a lot to learn from!
Zainudin24-Oct-2007 18:09
Nice gallery and wonderfulimages.

Guest 12-Oct-2007 19:37
Great shots that also serve as a time capsule to capture the spirit of what makes San Francisco such a desired place to live and visit.

You are a gifted photographer. Please continue to share with us....

Rob Shapiro
James Giovanni Pan08-Oct-2007 15:49
Mr. Yu! Your photos are exceptionally great with lots of storytelling. You bring to us the reality of life and that is something not easily achievable without the inner human sense and artistic eyes.

I'm glad we've met because there is so much to learn from someone of your calibur. I look forward to shooting alongside you again.
Nelson Chen Photography02-Sep-2007 21:26

You have captured so many wonderful events around the Bay Area. Your pictures are great story tellers. You are right that multi-cultural environment you are in provides the fertile ground for the colorful events each year. Thank you for sharing.
David Dong14-Jun-2007 02:22
Thanks for showing us many multi-cultural events of The San Francisco bay area looking forward to your new shows soon
lorand05-Jun-2007 11:20
Hi David!
Thanks for your nice comments on my galleries.
Best Regards,
jxsq30-May-2007 15:10
Love you carnaval gallery! Well, love all your work. You've done great!

For this year's carnaval, We probably shoot around same place. :)
Guest 08-Mar-2007 13:11
Nothing about great shots here.
markwp03-Jun-2006 05:35
Fantastic work -- you bring the Bay Area vividly to life, in all of it's variety.
Pradipta Dutta30-May-2006 05:15
Thanks for your comments David. Regardless of how many times I photograph the Golden Gate bridge, it always appears to me like a new bride!
anna 22-Apr-2006 13:31
i like to pose for you anna
Lee 09-Apr-2006 15:15
Hello David,
I love to take pictures. The area around SFO is rich and beautiful both in physical places, activities and people. I am looking forward to seeing more of the wonders.
Thanks for the pictures.
Guest 16-Mar-2006 18:35
Thanks for posting a comment in my gallery. Your FSF 2005 shots are hot! So are the rest of your photos. Unfortunatly, I have moved to Portland, Oregon and will not be attending the FSF this year. I will be looking to you to take some good shots for me.
I would also love to trade photos with you privatly if you are interested. Please let me know.
David Dong15-Feb-2006 13:55
Hi David:
Have some wonderful galleries here, thanks for sharing, would love to visit SF sometime :)=
Jennifer 31-Jan-2006 21:45
I found myself in your DUB show gallery, im looking for a photographer to start my me if you're interested in a trade..
cc 11-Dec-2005 07:55
so beautyful you pic!
just i meet the fuuny things,so i search "david"
do you know,i just start my businees,and i meet 8 pepole all named "david"
Howard 14-Oct-2005 20:58
Hi David,

Your pictures taken by D70 are very sharp and have good color saturation. I have a D70 too but cannot have a same result as yours. May I know your setting? Or do you use tripods? Thanks,

strikerowen 15-Jun-2005 23:06
Great pics, especially the Carnaval portfolio. Keep them coming. :)
Joanne 10-Jun-2005 21:57
These pics are great David! Too bad there aren't any of you for us to look at too! :^)
Thank you for sharing!
Skip 31-May-2005 18:35
Awesome pictures David.

Hope everyone enjoyed all of the good food and music!
Angie 31-May-2005 16:05
As always David, fantastic photos!