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Children Of Nicaragua

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DSC_2136 copy.jpg IMG_0088 copy.jpg IMG_5709 copy.jpg IMG_3441 copy.jpg
IMG_3440 copy.jpg IMG_3439 copy.jpg IMG_3491 copy.jpg IMG_3490 copy.jpg
IMG_3369 copy.jpg IMG_2180 copy.jpg Alicia IMG_2792 copy.jpg
IMG_0216 copy.jpg IMG_7376bg copy.jpg IMG_7342 copy.jpg IMG_0794 copy.jpg
Boy At The Market Annual Library Celebration Annual Library Celebration Annual Library Celebration
Street Vendors The Male Privilege Treat Play Time
IMG_7181kids.jpg Bang, Bang, Bang Young Carpenter IMG_1581play.JPG
Boys IMG_2789kite.JPG IMG_9526peteweb.JPG Future Stylist?
IMG_7510boy.JPG IMG_6406solinar.jpg IMG_6438solinar.JPG IMG_6435solinar.JPG
IMG_5724boy.JPG IMG_4370boy.JPG IMG_1361hop.JPG Walking The Dog
IMG_2650ride.JPG IMG_2406sain.JPG Photo Photo! IMG_1446hop.JPG
Just Riding IMG_1363hop.JPG IMG_1506hop.JPG IMG_1435hop.JPG
Helping Mom IMG_0482bc.JPG Relaxing On The Curb Playing On The Beach
_MG_9546boy.jpg P1020926boy.JPG Being Patient IMG_9595boy.JPG
Girl In Window P1020259boy.JPG P1020643boy.JPG Just Playing
_MG_5946litboy.JPG _MG_5923litgirl.JPG _MG_6336boy.jpg _MG_5950girl.JPG
_MG_5947boy.JPG Isl2 307 copy.jpg P1020395boy.JPG Catching A Ride
P1120658bpu.JPG _MG_3069VOboy.JPG _MG_3064sunboy.JPG Neighborhood Kids
_MG_3059girl.JPG _MG_3011boyy.JPG Mr. Cool IMG_3014cboy.JPG
_MG_3070boy.JPG Chilly In Paradise _MG_3022boy.JPG Tola Girl
P1120350boy.jpg Playing On The Beach P1120346boy.jpg Sports Park Action
Looking Down The Ride P1020034boyssun.jpg
Friends P1010993beachplay.jpg P1120328boy.jpg P1010967playb.jpg
P1120283firew.jpg Goodbye 2009 _MG_0650run.jpg P1120099girls.jpg
P1120096boy.jpg Girl at Orphanage IMG_0671boy.jpg IMG_0811cheerair.JPG
Children Of Bario Planta Christmas Visit To The Orphanage P1010374boy.jpg
Blowing IMG_2135angel.JPG IMG_2126angel.JPG IMG_2120angel.JPG
IMG_2125angel.JPG IMG_2284swimmer.JPG IMG_2275fishing.JPG
IMG_9251lib.JPG Whoa! Playing Foosball Farmers Market
Going Fishing IMG_9570panga.jpg IMG_9571panga.jpg IMG_9248lib.JPG
IMG_9572pan.jpg IMG_9586pan.JPG IMG_9245lib.JPG IMG_0047www.jpg
IMG_9214lib.JPG IMG_0046eee.jpg IMG_9200lib.JPG IMG_9197lib.JPG
IMG_9587.JPG Happy Face IMG_8747sports.jpg IMG_8744summ.JPG
Dollar Smile P1000349kids.JPG
P1000180boy.JPG P1000177boy.JPG Basketball Duo
Little Drummer Boy Boy In The Campo IMG_1488girlbike.JPG P1140344boy.JPG
Friends P1140326boy.JPG Helping Mom P1140213girl.JPG
IMG_1288girl.JPG Biker IMG_1233boybik.JPG IMG_9596print.JPG
Country Boy IMG_9304alexia.JPG IMG_9395boystripe.JPG Let's Play
IMG_6210Boy.JPG Roadside Stand... worker IMG_6225boy.JPG
IMG_6209rboy.JPG IMG_6218boy.JPG IMG_6213girl.JPG Baseball Camp
IMG_5344bubbles.JPG IMG_5265beach.JPG IMG_5252play.JPG IMG_5238party.JPG
Just Riding Happy Children Swinging El Captain
Bikers Boy Fishing IMG_4392boy.JPG IMG_4393girl.JPG
Yep, I'm O.K. P1090005mi.jpg IMG_1788littgirl.JPG IMG_1810lgirldanc.JPG
IMG_1805girldanc.JPG IMG_1733children.JPG IMG_1636boy.JPG IMG_1469boy.JPG
Pole Climbing IMG_0714yboy.JPG IMG_0706ygirl.JPG IMG_0692girlchick.JPG
IMG_0702ygirl2.JPG IMG_0700tgirl3.JPG IMG_0698ygirl4.JPG IMG_0717girl5.JPG
IMG_0685boy2.JPG IMG_0680girl.JPG IMG_0498boy.JPG P1080487boy.jpg
Skateboarder P1080487boys.jpg Going For A Ride A Boy And His Dog
P1080207happy.jpg IMG_8806poke.jpg Whoa!!! Beach Toy Store
Poor Boy Been Fishing IMG_6444girls.JPG Beggar Boy
IMG_5588sta.JPG One of Many Video Vendors IMG_2481boy.JPG IMG_2231girl.JPG
IMG_2321boy.JPG IMG_2151fun.JPG IMG_2166run.JPG T-shirts For Sale
IMG_9718run.JPG Jump!!! IMG_9493boys.JPG IMG_5300boy.JPG
IMG_4928basket.JPG hmmmm IMG_5299boy.JPG Day At The Beach
Pizzeria San Juan P1060257pizza.JPG Boy Outside Of The Market IMG_8291maxfr.JPG
IMG_8328boy.JPG Lunch Sharing A Smile
IMG_7373thought.JPG P1050084girl.JPG P1050082boy.jpg
P1040222BOY.JPG P1050111bros.JPG P1050078boy.jpg P1050103girlpop.jpg
P1050099shyboy.jpg P1050094boy.JPG P1050083girl.jpg P1050098bros.JPG
P1050080boy.JPG P1050090girl.JPG P1050077boy.JPG
Really Good Bike Trick Passing The Time P1040891bubble.JPG
Boy On Bike Playing With Fire Lottery Vendor Shy
Reading In The Park IMG_2874voshc.jpg IMG_0968boogie.jpg Boy On The Beach
IMG_0027boy.JPG IMG_0025kids.JPG NPH Orphanage Merry Christmas
IMG_7049play.JPG IMG_5467web.JPG P1030105LITANGEL.JPG P1030107boy.JPG
P1030090angel.JPG Angels IMG_4863boy.JPG Baseball Camp
IMG_3198boys.JPG P1020832boy.JPG IMG_1165hockkid.JPG IMG_0914boy.JPG
IMG_0826girls.JPG IMG_0310girls.JPG IMG_0305slide.JPG
IMG_0338skate.JPG P1020632scooter.JPG IMG_0302swing.JPG IMG_0327skate.JPG
P1020287win.JPG P1020310girls.JPG
IMG_8084fish.JPG Silly Kids P1020215boy.JPG IMG_7692son.JPG
Boy Of Catarina IMG_7717bike.jpg Play Ball P1010634bike.JPG
Beach in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua IMG_3881baby.JPG IMG_3230comehere.JPG IMG_3220brosis.JPG
IMG_3216boyyellow.JPG P1000860football.jpg Shy P1010006GIRL.jpg
P1010005boy.jpg P1000721girl.jpg P1000744girl.jpg P1000743boy.JPG
Play Ball IMG_0980boy.JPG y.JPG IMG_0915boy.JPG
IMG_0839boy.JPG IMG_0662bswing.JPG IMG_0672swing.JPG
IMG_0681child.JPG IMG_0119boy.JPG
IMG_0047boysurf.JPG Playing In The Surf P1030862bambu.JPG IMG_8348girl.JPG
IMG_8329boy.JPG IMG_8257girl.JPG IMG_8239boy.JPG
IMG_7093you.JPG P1000630girl.JPG P1000639boys.JPG
IMG_0651birthb.JPG P1000547boy.jpg Going For A Ride
IMG_4584boy.JPG Face Of Hunger
IMG_7594boy.JPG IMG_3455biker.JPG IMG_9944.JPG IMG_0703boy.JPG
IMG_0701girl.JPG IMG_0698girl.JPG IMG_0700WEB.jpg IMG_4611swing.JPG
IMG_3416.JPG IMG_0158.JPG IMG_3750.JPG IMG_0699web.JPG
IMG_5917girl.JPG IMG_3397.JPG IMG_9916.JPG IMG_0707gsing.JPG
IMG_2472boy4.JPG IMG_2519boy3.JPG IMG_9786.JPG IMG_2464boy2.JPG
IMG_6434 art .jpg IMG_4872 copy copy.jpg IMG_9788.JPG IMG_0746 copy.jpg
IMG_1936 copy.jpg Boy From The Street IMG_1830 copy.jpg IMG_9785.JPG
IMG_2438girl.JPG IMG_3490xx.JPG IMG_5180girl.JPG IMG_6016 copy.jpg
IMG_1429 copy.jpg IMG_1710 copy.jpg _MG_2540 copy.jpg IMG_1967 copy.jpg
IMG_9784.JPG IMG_2465boy3.JPG IMG_1716 copys.jpg IMG_1921 copy.jpg
IMG_9774.JPG IMG_1400 copy.jpg _MG_4329 copy.jpg IMG_2785 copy.jpg
IMG_1636 copy.jpg IMG_0554 copy.jpg IMG_9772.JPG IMG_1719 copys.jpg
IMG_1576 copy.jpg IMG_1766 copy.jpg IMG_1394 copy.jpg IMG_1229 copy.jpg
IMG_1860 copy.jpg IMG_1761 copy.jpg _MG_4919 copy.jpg IMG_8212 copy.jpg
IMG_7196 copy.jpg DSCF0856 copy.jpg IMG_3851 copy.jpg IMG_1938 copy.jpg
IMG_1877 copy.jpg IMG_1713 copy.jpg IMG_1553 copy.jpg IMG_9672 copy.jpg
IMG_1938 copy.jpg IMG_8642 copy.jpg IMG_7096 copy.jpg
IMG_1920 copy.jpg DSCF1140 copy.jpg IMG_6719 copy.jpg IMG_1764 copy.jpg
IMG_1722 copys.jpg IMG_1717 copys.jpg IMG_1227 copy.jpg IMG_1863 copy.jpg
IMG_4613girlslide.JPG IMG_0264 copy.jpg IMG_1934 copy.jpg IMG_2342b0y.JPG
IMG_3955web.JPG Artist At Work Street Vendor IMG_0074 copy.jpg
IMG_9797.JPG IMG_4635lbrwait.JPG IMG_4664lbrboygray.JPG IMG_4643lbrgirls.JPG
IMG_0069 copy.jpg IMG_1206 copy.jpg IMG_6712 copy.jpg IMG_1715 copys.jpg
IMG_1366 copy.jpg IMG_1230 copy.jpg IMG_9782.JPG IMG_2397boy.JPG
IMG_1896 copy.jpg IMG_1655 copy.jpg IMG_4470 copy.jpg IMG_1858 copy.jpg
IMG_5678 copy.jpg IMG_2795 copy.jpg IMG_1855 copy.jpg IMG_6689 copy.jpg
IMG_2702 copy.jpg DSCF6677 copy.jpg IMG_0705angel.JPG IMG_4652lbrboy.JPG
IMG_3743children.JPG IMG_1720 copy.jpg Angel IMG_1825 copy.jpg
IMG_5920 copy.jpg IMG_4025 copy.jpg IMG_0066 copy.jpg IMG_1602 copy.jpg
IMG_1624 copy.jpg IMG_0082 copy.jpg IMG_3787boy.JPG IMG_2573 copy.jpg
IMG_2730 copy.jpg IMG_1715 copy.jpg IMG_0080 copy.jpg IMG_3799 copy.jpg
IMG_3710 copy.jpg IMG_5887 copy.jpg IMG_1141 copy.jpg IMG_9183 copy.jpg
IMG_2898 copy.jpg IMG_1220 copy.jpg IMG_1599 copy.jpg IMG_0312 copy.jpg
IMG_0079 copy.jpg IMG_2707 copy.jpg IMG_1140 copy.jpg IMG_0064 copy.jpg
IMG_2706 copy.jpg IMG_5627 copy.jpg IMG_1197 copy.jpg IMG_0297 copy.jpg
IMG_1937 copy.jpg IMG_1844 copy.jpg IMG_0163 copy.jpg IMG_1836 copy.jpg
IMG_4125 copy.jpg IMG_1760 copy.jpg IMG_4493 copy.jpg IMG_1437 copy.jpg
IMG_1536 copy.jpg IMG_0061 copy.jpg IMG_2720 copy.jpg IMG_2522 copy.jpg
IMG_1134 copy.jpg IMG_1531 copy.jpg IMG_1073 copy.jpg
IMG_2681 copy.jpg IMG_1767 copy.jpg IMG_2683 copy.jpg IMG_0067 copy.jpg
IMG_0063 copy.jpg IMG_4000 copy.jpg IMG_5917 copy.jpg PICT2164 copy.jpg
IMG_0320 copy.jpg IMG_2800S copy.jpg IMG_4620slidegirls.JPG IMG_2678 copy.jpg
IMG_9006 copy.jpg IMG_1619 copy.jpg IMG_7158 copy.jpg IMG_5950.jpg
IMG_1495 copy.jpg IMG_5177 copy.jpg IMG_2439girl2.JPG IMG_0200 copy.jpg
IMG_2442girl3.JPG IMG_9039 copy.jpg MERRY CHRISTMAS from the Children of the NPH Orphanage
Football On The Beach IMG_2297girl.JPG IMG_1628 copy.jpg IMG_8906 copy.jpg
IMG_5219.jpg IMG_2704 copy.jpg IMG_9887 copy.jpg IMG_5179.jpg
IMG_1249 copy.jpg IMG_5151.jpg IMG_5922.jpg IMG_2705 copy.jpg
IMG_2682 copy.jpg IMG_5172.jpg IMG_8933 copy.jpg IMG_5257.jpg
IMG_4131 copy.jpg IMG_5180.jpg IMG_2483 copy.jpg
IMG_5953.jpg IMG_5167.jpg IMG_3618 copy.jpg
IMG_1505 copy.jpg Catch Me If You Can IMG_5254.jpg IMG_0328 copy.jpg
IMG_5144.jpg IMG_0078 copy.jpg IMG_5625 copy.jpg IMG_2710 copy.jpg
IMG_9010 copy.jpg IMG_5956.jpg
IMG_5329 copy.jpg IMG_5250.jpg IMG_2703 copy.jpg
IMG_2727 copy.jpg IMG_5251.jpg IMG_3285 copy.jpg IMG_3980 copy.jpg
IMG_5954.jpg IMG_2898 copy.jpg DSCF6354 copy.jpg IMG_5911.jpg
IMG_8224 copy.jpg IMG_1785 copy.jpg IMG_2538 copy.jpg CIMG4652 copy.jpg
IMG_4781.jpg IMG_1260 copy.jpg IMG_5213.jpg IMG_2938 copy.jpg
IMG_8743 copy.jpg IMG_1261 copy.jpg _MG_1836 copy.jpg IMG_2813 copy.jpg
IMG_8936 copy.jpg IMG_0765miguel.JPG IMG_8911 copy.jpg
IMG_2536 copy.jpg IMG_4887.jpg IMG_3294 copy.jpg
IMG_2467 copy.jpg IMG_1550 copy.jpg DSCF5342 copy.jpg IMG_5066.jpg
IMG_2496 copy.jpg IMG_0847beach.JPG IMG_7896 copy.jpg IMG_8722 copy.jpg
IMG_8681 copy.jpg IMG_5041.jpg IMG_5045.jpg IMG_8711W.jpg
_MG_1236 copy.jpg IMG_9306.jpg IMG_4909.jpg IMG_8940 copy.jpg
IMG_5942.jpg IMG_5029.jpg IMG_4871.jpg IMG_2454 copy.jpg
IMG_4973.jpg IMG_8881 copy.jpg IMG_4982.jpg IMG_2502 copy.jpg
IMG_5031.jpg IMG_3320copy.jpg IMG_2464 copy.jpg
IMG_4968.jpg IMG_1380 copy.jpg IMG_2530 copy.jpg IMG_4882.jpg
IMG_5114.jpg IMG_4866.jpg IMG_4824.jpg
IMG_5955.jpg IMG_4969.jpg IMG_4877.jpg IMG_8894 copy.jpg
IMG_5481.jpg IMG_5046.jpg IMG_4869.jpg
IMG_3279 copy.jpg IMG_4820.jpg IMG_1358 copy.jpg IMG_7964 copy.jpg
IMG_4954.jpg IMG_3305 copy.jpg IMG_8885 copy.jpg IMG_4934.jpg
IMG_9307.jpg IMG_4795.jpg IMG_7784 copy.jpg
IMG_4925.jpg IMG_4920.jpg IMG_2866 copy.jpg
IMG_0121 copy.jpg IMG_9311.jpg IMG_2150 copy.jpg IMG_4886.jpg
Children Of The Rio San Juan IMG_4984.jpg IMG_4404 copy.jpg
CIMG4654 copy.jpg Orphan Girl IMG_7965 copy.jpg IMG_4868.jpg
IMG_5107.jpg Peanut Boy IMG_9042 copy.jpg
CIMG3971 copy.jpg IMG_4298 copy.jpg School Boy IMG_5485 copy.jpg
IMG_4992.jpg IMG_5505 copy.jpg Boys Being Boys IMG_2504 copy.jpg
IMG_4986.jpg Children of Mulukuku Playing At The Beach Children Playing In The Surf
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