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Vijay21-Mar-2017 01:15
You have a remarkable collection in your galleries here. I visit and revisit your pics time and again and find them soulful and emotive. Tons of memories all frozen in time and generously shared here reminds me that Photography truly has found its purpose in your pictures. Thanks again for sharing something so personal.
Best Regards
lovediary24-Dec-2014 19:18
Merry Christmas to you my friend, all the best.

risecrowl27-Feb-2013 16:57
Hi Dan, your work continues to amaze me! It takes my breathe away. Hope you and Gail, kids and grandkids are doing well ---- hugs to all.
Jeff Real16-Jun-2012 14:24
You are an amazing photographic artist. I get so much joy and inspiration from seeing this wondrous collection. Thank you greatly for sharing what you do and for doing that work in such an incredible fashion.
Jeffrey Lewis Knapp19-Dec-2009 06:53
hi Daniel. I vote. Great pictures. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. Happy Holidays. God bless you. Jeff K
Sigrun Kristjansdottir07-Aug-2009 21:53
Thanks for your comment
Jerry G.16-Jun-2009 15:26
Discovered your work and think it is wonderful. I sense something melancholy in even the happiest portraits. Don't know exactly how you do it, but it is very special. Good stuff!
Jerry Gerber
Hugh Jones02-Jun-2009 02:55

thank you for visiting my site and your wonderful comment.

I've enjoyed going through your galleries. Many of those images gave me goosebumps - just fantastic!

Susan Kim01-Dec-2008 13:46
Wonderful Daniel.
I remember you wrote the very first comment in my Pbase gallery. Take care,

John Armstrong27-Nov-2008 17:09
Thanks for your kind comment

EB25-Oct-2008 03:40
thanks for your comments
they were left a long time ago but they meant a lot
Pawel03-Oct-2008 12:23
Hi! Your work is fantastic! I'm looking forward next visit soon! Pawel :)
Ron Weimer13-Aug-2008 04:31
Thanks for reviewing my photos. Your galleries are fabulous.
Ron Weimer-Rodawe
Diens12-Jul-2008 07:19
Words cannot even describe how much I like your work. THANK YOU!
Ronald Kamphuis24-Dec-2007 10:36
Daniel: thank you for the nice comment!
Guest 15-Jun-2007 08:10
Your photos have left an impression on me that can't be described by words.
Dan19-May-2007 14:48
Excellent images. I also like your presentation.
Nélida Marcela Barrios11-May-2007 09:27
Congratulations, your work is full of life and beauty.

Guest 05-May-2007 14:32
Your galleries are amazing. Thanks for checking out my galleries. I will put you on my favorites. I love your work!!
Galina Stepanova29-Apr-2007 05:12
your galleries full of artistic works, very enjoyable for viewer. My compliments, and thank you for your attention to my pictures!
Best wishes,
Debbie B.24-Mar-2007 04:37
Wow. Your images are amazing! I will put you on my favorites list to keep up with your work. I will come back when I have more time to browse.
Debbie B.24-Mar-2007 04:32
Thank you so much for the kind words about my winter Yellowstone pictures. We were there in January (-40 degrees), it was gorgeous. YS is a totally different place in the winter. I can't wait to go back next year.
Paula Krugerud16-Mar-2007 05:55
Thank you for commenting on my horses! They are sometimes difficult to shoot, I'll be anxious to see your photos if you post them! Good luck! Paula
Guest 08-Mar-2007 08:18
Fantastic gallery.
Mia Rosario19-Dec-2006 00:31
Hello again. It is great to be back
to your galleries. I especially love
your "along the way" gallery. (I spend the most time there)
It's very emotive. Thanks for sharing,
~~Mia Rosario
Linda Marlowe25-Oct-2006 05:36
Thank you for visiting and commenting on my gallery.
It is so nice to hear from new friends.
Meggi Raeder07-Oct-2006 17:08
Hi Daniel, you have a beautiful collecition of images -I love the mood and peace in your landscapes. Thank you for sharing, Meggi Raeder
Alyssa Francesca22-Sep-2006 05:41
My black and whites pale in comparison to yours. Your black and white landscapes are breath taking! Thank you for visiting my galleries. You've got an amazing eye.
Gérard Koehl02-Sep-2006 08:25
Je suis impressionné par vos photos. Elles sont d'une pure merveille. Je trouve que photographier des personnes est l’exercice le plus difficile en photo. Bravo
Kasia Guess01-Sep-2006 16:53
Hi Dan, Thank your for visiting my gallery. Your b&w is wonderful, I wish I could ever take or make some, my regards.
Guest 24-Jul-2006 05:07
Hi Dan!
Your shots are inspiration, not only the landscapes but the children portraits too.
Thanks for visiting and the comments.
John Beck25-Jun-2006 10:48
Dan, I don't often leave a lot of comments, but your gallery has some of the most striking images that I've seen. They are images I dream of making. An excellent gallery.

GdL07-May-2006 15:13
Daniel, thank you for visiting my El Nido gallery. I have browsed through just a couple of your galleries and I see only outstanding pieces of work. Your portraits are simply beautiful. I shall keep up with your work ...
Catherine_D07-May-2006 13:47
Thank you for your comment.You have done great work with all of your galleries!Haven't got the time to check them all yet but most of them are really inspiring.So full of life and movement!When I can I'll get back for more and check for updates.Keep up the good work!
Scott Forbes 05-Apr-2006 15:10
Hello from London, Ontario Canada. I have recently been to PV for R and R and learned about the dump ministry. I did not know about the Calvary Church ministry. thanks for posting the photos.
Scott Forbes
Guest 20-Mar-2006 14:12
Hi Daniel,

Your work is truly inspiring for me. Ur BWs especially, speak a lot. Keep 'em comming.
Would you share the equipment details that you have used for these shots.
I invite u to visit my gallery too...


Cynthia Kenworthy 18-Mar-2006 20:11
Hi Daniel,
Your work is inspiring. Very atmospheric. It is interesting you photograph many of the same images I have at the Ridgefield Refuge. It is great to see another photographer with the same vision of the refuge. Mostly I see close up bird imahges as if that is all there is to the refuge. You have a great eye.
Best to you
I invite you to visit my refuge images at
Guest 25-Feb-2006 21:22
Vive le rock progressif !
Paul H11-Jan-2006 06:01
You have some stunning images here, Daniel - I'm always pleased to find others that shoot B&W film. Thanks for stopping by my gallery. Best regards, Paul
Fred Parsons28-Dec-2005 16:07

Great collection of images, with the black and white landscapae images most exceptional. I wish I had a black and white eye like you do. Will put you in my "select" favorites and hope to see more of your work soon. My daughter is a sports model photographer in Portland OR so I can recognize some of the areas you have shot. See why you enjoyed my white sands images after seeing your great B&W dune shots ! best, Fred
27 IDX 106 - Odinn 06-Dec-2005 13:11

Very good website you have here, I am glad to put my step on it,
I send send you and your visitors my best greetings.
And you are welcome to visit my website one day.
Teila K. Day18-Nov-2005 19:07
My son and I reviewed your gallery, he kept saying "what about that one?", Of course we clicked on virtually every photo. It was worth every click of the mouse!! A+
Guest 13-Nov-2005 21:28
What can I say... you are an amazing artist. I've spent at least 90 minutes in your galleries without leaving.
Norman Tam08-Nov-2005 09:02
hi daniel,

i love your b&w landscapes. they are just breathtaking. anytime you are adding more? i just can't wait to see more. please keep sharing.

Andrew Mathias Marandu 22-Oct-2005 17:02
Hi Daniel,
Am saying hello again, I remember to receive your mail on March. It is the time you appeared in one of the Tanzania magazines.
You have nice kind of website and Gallery. O.K
Guest 04-Oct-2005 12:54
Daniel, thank you so much for your kind comments in my gallery, coming from you its a real compliment!
Good luck
Guest 05-Sep-2005 03:44
Hi Daniel, thanks for visiting my gallery. I am bowled over by your work. I will be back to learn. Thanks for sharing your wonderful images.
Guest 14-Aug-2005 13:52
Hi Daniel,
such a beautiful gallery! I love your B&W landscapes.. just amazing.
Best regards,
Cheryl09-Aug-2005 13:33
Hi Daniel! Thanks for taking a peak at my photos and your wonderful feedback! Your photos are AMAZING! I've definitely got a lot to learn, and your work is definitely an inspiration! All the best to you, Cheryl.
Fabrizio Verni08-Jul-2005 13:49
Hi Daniel,
thanks for your incredible B&W pictures!
Much more appreciated because you still use film cameras.
They will be of great inspiration!
I'm immensely proud that you called my humble shots "wonderful" !!!
Guest 29-Jun-2005 12:55

nice homepage you've got!
keep up the good work

Cathena Ferrero09-Jun-2005 19:20
Hey Daniel,
Thanks so much for visiting my galleries and your supportive feedback. The icing on the cake is seeing your photos. My jaw dropped upon viewing many of them. Love your eye; the humor, sensitiviy and mystery which are conveyed in your work! I'll be spending lots of time at your galleries.................. :-)
Matt Sakowski 27-May-2005 20:09
Absolutely love your photograghs. It is possible for art to exist anytime and anywhere and thankfully you are one of those gifted individuals that can truly see it! Thank you for sharing your gift with all of us. I look forward to seeing more in the future. Lovely to see you and Gail last Sunday! Matt
Michel Carlué06-May-2005 08:46
Thank you for visiting my galleries and the wonderful comments.
Your B&W photos of landscape are wonderful, it's a great job, i love...
elisa02-May-2005 09:25
I really like the way you see the world around you! Amazing!
Guest 29-Apr-2005 12:17
Hello! Thank you for the comments. I appreciate all and any input. I've been shooting since I was in high school and that photo of the 'cowboy next to the spray painted figure' was shot than...a loong time ago. As for the D70, that camera is amazing. Still at the top of the market ever since it came out last winter. Great investment!Thanks again! You got a lot of great stuff as well!!!
Nektario Moment Photo25-Apr-2005 21:20
I just want to say...thank you !
thank you for commenting on one of my photos, which led me to your site...
so thank you for the inspiration, motivation and willness to improve..
Andrew 18-Mar-2005 10:25
Hi Dan.
I really appreciate that you are contemporary photographer. Firstly, I came across with your Flower photo published in one of advertising magazine in Tanzania. This is very exciting and fun flower.
Am too happy that you also know about Tanzania. And me too I know little about USA especially National PArks. On 2002, I worked with Researchers from Brigham Young University in Provo Utah. They told me a bit, also I visited SCA website
We are in a globalisation era.
Well keep it Up.
Your niece!!! Birttany 04-Mar-2005 23:04
Hey uncle Dan!!! I love all of your photos!!! But I'm not in any of them!! Just kidding. They are all amazing, and Francisco is getting so big. Seeing all of those pictures makes me miss you guys sooooo much!! You are so very talented and I'm proud to say that you are my uncle. I love you, email me soon. -Britt
Peter Chou21-Feb-2005 06:41
Fantastic eye for landscapes and social documentary! Do take a look at my gallery and I appreciate your advice and comments.
Dani 10-Feb-2005 05:10
Dan~All your work I have ever seen has been positivily beautiful! Your an artist. Your family photos are wonderful.............. love dani
H.L.Tam11-Dec-2004 13:32
Hi Daniel,
Thank you for the kind words about my photography exercises. I really enjoyed yours as well. I am impressed with the B&W photos of landscape.
Best regards!
Julie Heath (Wickwire) 11-Dec-2004 00:17
I came across your pictures while doing a search for Wickwire. I am Frank W. Wickwire's (your uncle Frank's) daughter, Julie. I found some pictures of my dad that I had never seen. They're awesome. Thanks very much. If you have any other pictures of Frank, I would love to get a copy of them. I've gone through the old stuff that was in my parents' attic and found a lot of Wickwire pictures that you may be interested in also. My half-brother is Gary - you may know him better than you would know me. I still live in Spokane. As I get older and since dad passed away, I'm very interested in finding pictures, memories of him as I miss him greatly.

Anyway, get in touch with me via e-mail if you have anything or are interested. Thanks very much.

Julie Heath (Wickwire)
Guest 02-Dec-2004 01:22
You visited my album a while ago, it took me a while to figure out viewers could leave messages -- thanks for the feedback, especially given the amazing quality of your images. Loved your galleries!!!
Guest 06-Nov-2004 14:42
Thanks Daniel! It is amazing... especially the humpback whale "Fissure" who really liked to interact with boats. He was wonderful! Humorous (had to be), curious, imaginative, beautiful. A real privilege, hope you get the chance someday.
Markus Grompe12-Oct-2004 23:13
I live in Portland, Oregon and really enjoyed seeing some familiar venues in a different way. Great pictures!!! Do you scan negatives or is your Leica a digital camera?

markus grompe
Ezekiel 2012-Oct-2004 07:32
Your gallery has stunning black and white images. I'd be surprised if you aren't a pro.
Will bookmark and learn the secrets!
Michael Kilpatrick10-Oct-2004 00:54
Hello Daniel.
thanks for your kind comments about my images.
I'm surprised I haven't come across your galleries before, as I browse Pbase pretty regularly, but I'm particularly enjoying your misty shots and your very moving Mexican images.

Guest 09-Oct-2004 05:14
Thanks Daniel, just browse through your landscape pics too, the misty ones are wonderful~
Toni Moore30-Sep-2004 13:07
Hello Daniel, Thankyou for your encouraging comment on my gallery. As a young artist I loved pen and ink and I carry this love of contrast and texture with me in all I do. Your landscape galleries are magnificent. Thanks for leading me here on this cloudy fall morning. I will be back to tip toe around again.
Guest 23-Sep-2004 07:27
Stunning work.. Ur work really amazes/inspires me, in the same sentence it almost hurts to view ur work. Press on!!
bruce berrien15-Sep-2004 22:27
Daniel - I came in via your B&W landscapes, but you have so much here that is just fantastic and it made for a very pleasing tour. These are among the best I've seen. Great stuff! Thank you!

Didier Vanderperre13-Sep-2004 00:54
Thanks for visiting my galleries and your nice comments.
I like your style, you have an eye for photography, your shots are great and off the beaten track; I wish mine were as original as yours.
Great work !
April Sims04-Sep-2004 17:00

Thank you very much for the comment you let in my Flower Gallery.

Clyne27-Aug-2004 13:23
Hi Daniel, thanks for your comment on my Scotland gallerey. I've had a look around your galleries and you have a lot of great shots - really excellent stuff!
Guest 25-Aug-2004 13:29
Hi Daniel, thanks for the comment you left in my Kota Tinggi gallery :)

Browsed through your works, and you really have an eye for landscape photography! i like your idea of simplicity, with a touch of fine arts in it. Gives me a very surreal and peaceful feeling as i scroll through the page.

Awesome! :)

Daniel Beh
Guest 05-Aug-2004 21:51
Thank you for complementing on my gallery Daniel....I'm very flattered because I absolutely admire the treasures of peace and life you bring to the eyes of others with each photo you shoot. Your work is so beautiful and inspires me to aim higher in my own art and I only hope to be as great as you someday. It's relieving to see your pics from Mexico because I think it's so great to reveal the beauty that exists and breathes in all people and parts of the're photos touch a special place
marie24-Jun-2004 20:51

looking through all your beautiful pictures ( as often as possible )
they are a pleasure to look at and comment on.

many thanks for visiting my galleries Daniel
Vinay14-Jun-2004 04:55
Your black and white photography is inspirational
David Warren10-Jun-2004 16:25
Daniel ... I've taken the liberty of adding you to my "Favorite Artists" list so I can come back from time to time to recharge my batteries with a reminder of what it is to take good photos. So easy to forget. I especially like what you do with fog, dawn, and relatively soft focus. Thanks, thanks, thanks.
Jim Woodworth01-Jun-2004 00:41
You have an eye for unusual subjects and unusual composition. That makes for very interesting pictures.

Keep up the good work and keep adding to your galleries, I'll be watching. :-)
John Craig 27-May-2004 15:05

I can remember as kid my first Eater Egg hunt. Stalking throught the back yard, finding the eggs we colored only days before. Going through your galleries was kinda like that, finding beautiful treasures. And gorgeous (as in dazzlingly beautiful) black and white easter eggs! Thanks for sending me on the hunt. You have a great sense of composition and graphic style that is evident in both your black and whites and color.

P.S. You must get up and out the door early, a lot!
Feraidoun Ahrar 26-May-2004 21:21
Gracias por compartir.
Diseñado maravillosamente y profesionalmente.
Shu10-Apr-2004 04:30
Daniel--I have just made you one of my favorites. I look forward to any new additions to your galleries because I really love your style. The simplicity of your work is very effective. As much as I love color in my own work, I am drawn to your B&W images. I consider myself a newbie and will, most certainly, learn a great deal from viewing your photos. Shu
Anna Pagnacco06-Apr-2004 18:47
Hello Daniel! Thank you so much for visiting my gallery so I had the chance to find out yours.You did a great work on all of your galleries.( Flowers, Along the way Collection my favorite ones...Congratulations...Anna
Guest 03-Apr-2004 04:34
hi daniel,

saw ur comments on my gallery. thanks a ton.
but u have an awesome stunning gallery man. love ur black and white landscapes. do u develop the bw film urself ?

Guest 17-Mar-2004 16:13
I am trully moved by the beauty and poetry of your images.....hauntingly gorgeous....thanks for sharing them...
Riko Chandra
Patti Cabe 04-Mar-2004 17:38
I just received a call from Lindsey informing me that there were pictures of Gracie Lou and herself on the web. I had to look instantly as the proud grandma of Gracie. They are beautiful!!! What a nice thing to do for Lindsey and Gracie. You are very talented and I certainly look forward to the pictures in the future of the kids. Your family is very fortunate that you have an interest in this and that you take the time to put memories together for all to share. Thank you very much....Patti
Guest 04-Mar-2004 02:45
Lindsay told me you had a website and that you had taken pictures of both Gracie and Spencer, so I had to look at what was already on the website. You do a really great job. Take Care!!
Jen McNamara
Guest 29-Feb-2004 02:14
Lisa Haskins21-Feb-2004 13:10
Hi Daniel,
Thank you so much for leaving a comment in my birds gallery. It's given me a chance to discover your work for the first time. It is just fantastic...truly extraordinary and a total inspiration to someone like me who is new to photography. would be an inspiration to anyone! Wonderful work! Thanks again, Lisa
Laurent Pierre-Henry 17-Feb-2004 16:08
Dear Daniel, thank you so much for sharing such beautiful photographs. It is impossible for me to make a choice between all your galleries, I just can look at my camera and ask me the question if I ever took once a picture !
Would it be possible in a next future, with your kind permission, to put one of your photos in my site (actually in construction, the index page is Best regards and again thank you for your work.
Laurent (France - Normandy)
taichi 02-Feb-2004 17:07
Dear Daniel,
I am really impressed by your photos. I am now selecting some photos as the cover of a pamphlet introducing some information of my working unit. I am working in a non-profit making organisation in Hong Kong serving people with disabilties. I would very much willing to get your approval to let me choose one or two photo(s) from your amazing work.
Would you please reply to me via the email above. Thanks for your attention.
Best regards,
Gary Blanchette23-Jan-2004 20:53
I can only hope and pray to one day have the ability to produce such quality images. Awesome stuff!
katie borst 14-Jan-2004 19:43
YOUR PICTURES ARE SO GREAT! i really like all the landscapes and the first flower sections...i liked them so much that i was wondering if i could use them for back grounds in a power point presentation :) i hope i can, they will make my presentation B-E-A-utiful! hehe thanks. katie.
Guest 07-Jan-2004 10:18
one word: PEACE! thanks ,wim
Jean-Luc Elias29-Dec-2003 20:36
Very impressive photoalbums.Liked your landscapes and old famillypictures.

Bob Gates12-Dec-2003 15:13
Hi Daniel, I came to your photos because you left a message about one of mine and I am blown away by your black and whites. There are many I like, but drive-in theater is amazing. Such purity of vision. You inspire me to work more in black and white.

Bob Gates
kms09-Dec-2003 06:02
Hi Dan,

Thanks for the kind words you left for me...that pic you asked about was indeed taken from the base of Multnomah Falls. You're good! And fast too. I had posted that one by mistake, but you managed to catch it in the 5 minutes I had it up there:-)

The pics in your galleries are fantastic -- I love black and whites (your "reflections of marble, the grotto" is simply stunning) and you've inspired me to go out and experiment some more!

Take care,
Steven Russell03-Dec-2003 22:36
Hi Daniel,
Thanks for your comments at my website. I must say, I was humbled to see your work- your B&W work in particular is inspirational.
Best regards,
Steven Russell
Guest 02-Dec-2003 15:42
Hallo Daniel,
nice to meet you. Thank you very much for visiting my gallery. The thing that I most appreciate in your comments is the fact that you have noticed the effort to pass to digital without loosing the style. That's it! I think that style should be completely indipendent from the instrument that is used, paradoxically it is posibble to take great
pictures with a Polaroid! I have already seen your gallery "Black and White landscapes", a little bit in a hurry, and I think that your photos are excellent! When I have enough time, I will visit your gallery calmly and get in touch with you again to make you know a more detailed opinion.
Thank you again. Bye
black white28-Nov-2003 03:43
It is such a great experience to browser through your gallery, you have so many beautiful pictures, I will come back and back again.
Torarinn Olafsson (Toti)24-Nov-2003 00:13
Thank you for kind words Daniel. I went to your site and I see a lot of photos I like much. Along the way is excelent and your family Album is very good. Tulip of Oregon I like and the lonely tree in the green to name some.
Take care
Anna Yu22-Nov-2003 15:46
Hi Daniel,
Thank you for your kind comments in one of my galleries. I have admired your pictures before but didn't dare to comment. It takes time for beginners to get up the courage... Your generosity will encourage even more.
Picturebox by Loy10-Nov-2003 02:01
Hi Daniel,

Very nice photos you have in here too. Do drop by and visit my site again

Picture box
Dodie Gray 08-Nov-2003 00:25
Hi Dan! Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your family photos! Most I had not seen before! I have one for you I will be sending asap. Jim gave me your website info when he and Mary Lou were here last month. Hi to Gail! Love, Dodie
Guest 22-Oct-2003 21:55
It was a great experience to sea you pictures.
Some of the B&W shots are real outstanding, real masterpiece.

Thank you
Moshe Kassirer (adara on Pbase)
Wally Raynes21-Oct-2003 17:45
Hi Daniel! Wonderful B&W landscapes, it almost inspired me to dig out my OM1n out of storage and a roll or two of film.... But, after handling digital SLR's the last four years I've become an instantly gratified convert!!
Your gallery is full of rich, beautifullly composed images... I might just take out the old 35mm this weekend...


Cecilia 29-Sep-2003 19:03
Hi Daniel
I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed looking at your pictures. You have inspired me to pick up my camera again.

Guest 21-Sep-2003 13:24
Hello Daniel,
First of all I'd like to thank you for the nice words you left on one of my galleries. That means so much coming from someone with such a talent. You are now one of my favs here though I can keep eyes on you
cya around
Gary Foster 21-Sep-2003 01:53
Daniel, we are conducting a charitable event in Tijuana to collect shoes for poor kids. May we use your photo on our website? Please let me know ASAP.
Guest 08-Sep-2003 08:49
Hello daniel. I took a look at my gallery today for the first time in about 2 months and couldn't believe somone left a comment! Wow somone else has seen my work!! Take a look at the website too theres more on there. Thanks, lewis
Mattie Iverson05-Sep-2003 04:30
Thanks for the note, Daniel. Looks like you have added cheer to many other people's lives as well. Beautiful photos...I, of course, am greatly humbled. Living in Seattle I can say that you've captured our state quite well. -MI
Crystal 31-Aug-2003 10:32
I'm Jody's friend & I wanted to see how big Franciso had gotten, so she gave me this website. I would like to say that you take BEAUTIFUL pictures!! I love your work!!

Guest 20-Aug-2003 15:50
Frankly Speaking,You have done a very great atmosphere at b/w landscapes photo.
I really love them!!it gives a very strong feeling on them!!
I look forward for your new works!!

Best Regards
Guest 14-Aug-2003 18:36
I am surpried you had the time to vist my humble gallery (Thank-you) given the effort you obvioulsy put into capturing your fantastic images.
alanm29-Jul-2003 04:03
"To spend hours on a photo working up close on the face of a long, absent, parent or grandparent at various stages of their life is a very moving experience - Daniel Wickwire"

Thanks for visiting my restoration page. It's equally rewarding to receive comments such as yours and to know that others share similar life-changing experiences. Be well.
wtraub06-Jul-2003 04:01
I was setting up my Little Rock page when you looked. Come back if you have time. I stuck those photos in the Pops on the River page. – Waynette
Oscar Chu13-Jun-2003 16:07
Hi Daniel,

Thanks for visiting my gallery.

Enjoy your pictures much. Nice works.


J_Elizabeth11-Jun-2003 11:47
Thankyou so much Daniel for leaving a comment on my photo...I sincerely appreciate it...:). Your pictures are truly beautiful...thank-you again.
Guest 01-Jun-2003 05:06
Hi Daniel,

First of all thanks for commenting on my meager landscape gallery (you might like my Prague gallery, I have an easier time with urban stuff I guess). But I wanted to compliment you on your work... your landscape stuff is very exciting! Obviously you have a great eye and I can see the dedication. Beautiful compositions and just great contrast and range. Thanks for leading me to your site!

Florence and Lance 01-Jun-2003 02:09
Hi, Dan. We continue to enjoy your pictures. I (Florence)liked the addition of flowers to the galleries. Our oldest grandson, Michael,has been taking black and white photographs this year; he has some good results with pictures of horses.
Guest 31-May-2003 05:50
Thanks for posting at my guestbook & leading me to your galleries. Your work certainly shows what a pro can do. Cudos....!! Thanks for giving me ideas. As my gallery shows, I am a beginner. My parents past away durin the last couple years & am trying to make long forgotten family photos available to other family members. Will likely have a work in progress for a long, long time to come. Thanks again
Also, it took me a while to discover how to delete your message in my guestbook. But i finally "learned" by posting a question in the help forum. So.... am continuing my education on pBase. It certainly shows of some outstanding photography.
Thanks again,
Mike Thompson
Bertha Cheuk25-May-2003 16:53

Thanks for your visiting my gallery! I like your gallery, too! ^_^ Especially, Flowers and Collection... all of them are so beautiful pictures.

Claudia Robinson18-May-2003 02:33
I've looked through all of them and it was like reading a good book, just couldn't put them down. I'm truly impressed with your work, especially the b&w's. Keep up the great work!
Daniel Wickwire11-May-2003 01:11
Daniel. I think I came by your gallery through the "recently updated" galleries route but I'm not sure. I bounce around a lot. Thanks for the comments... Lots of times I think we all just trade back and forth comments/compliments but I really do think that your work is way up there. Thanks for the correspondence and take care. Dan.
Daniel Terpstra10-May-2003 18:26
Daniel, you have great images on your site so I value your input even more. I wonder if you remember how you stumbled into my "favorites" page? I like your "collection" gallery a bunch with the total simplicity and depth of the images.
Vincent Belford10-May-2003 12:34
Thanks;I value your comments on "The Sunshine Bridge", after looking at your terrific galleries.
The B&W staggered me, the color had me against the ropes, and the people gallery was the K.O. punch!
There's just something about the Leica in the hands of an artist.
Looking forward to more,
Vince B.
Philippe Regnier07-May-2003 14:54
Daniel, thank you for your message about Images d'Himalaya and for the Generations on Everest site adress. I wish you brother Jim and the team make it to the top. I will often visit your Galleries: your photographs are really beautiful.
Philippe Regnier
Guest 03-May-2003 03:25
Thank you so much for your comment on my gallery! I am honoured, as your work is phenominal!
Warmest Regards,
Guest 01-May-2003 21:59
Thanks for your comments on my galleris.
I hve chosen your Monochrome boat on the lake for my favourite of your pictures.
Guest 18-Apr-2003 04:32
Thank you Daniel for your kind comment on my photo. You made day, especially after viewing your magnificent photography.

I hope to photograph as well as you someday. I only have been photographing for the last 18 months. It has become my passion and has brought me so much joy.

I have bookmarked your gallery as a favorite of mine. Thank you for taking the time to comment on my photo.

With warmest regards,
Guest 02-Mar-2003 06:46
Your photos are amazing, I am very impressed with your landscape shots especially.
I hope to have the eyes to compose shots like these one day.
jennifer hortman 28-Jan-2003 14:35
Hey there Dan,
You are doing a great job on your photos...I really like some of the the color one with the clouds. blue sky and the grass in the water. are you using a flash when you photograph you portraits? You have come along way...I am still plugging along. Will take a class with Mike this spring at mhcc...a lighting class. I have been sticking to portraits lately. Some upcomming weddings. I think this will be my avenue. We have set up a studio at our house. Saw Gail today. Would love to get together soon and chat. Call or send me an email. The 4 of us could meet for coffee. Keep up the good work Dan!!! jennifer
Jennifer Zhou23-Nov-2002 08:20
those photos are fantastic!!!i love seeing them...hope you have more to share with us...
Guest 12-Nov-2002 04:55
Thanks for browsing my gallery and for the kind comments. You've got some great photos.
Guest 12-Nov-2002 03:09

Thanks for your undeserved praise of my first feeble attempts at digital photography. Your images are amazing and I really learned a lot from looking at them, esp regarding the stark beauty and power of B&W vs color. Wow.

Jeff and Cheri 24-Oct-2002 03:57
Hey neighbor, We had a great time tonight looking through most of your galleries. You are really growing and we are enjoying your work.

Jeff and Cheri
Michele21-Sep-2002 16:28
Noah is fine. Just a fatty tumor, no cancer. What a relief.
I glad you explained about your relative, because I was a little confused, which is nothing new for me !! LOL

Michele20-Sep-2002 18:40
Thank you Dan for looking at my Galleries. I am sorry it took so long for me to write this, but I am not use to manuvering my way around this site.
You have really great photo's. Thank your Mother for her kind comments on my site also.
My Noah is going to the Vet's today, he has a lump on his neck. I am very worried about him, he is 6 years old and the fur love of my life. He is 110 lbs and is so great with our 2 kitties. I had a dog growing up that he reminds me of also. Not in looks as much as in his great personality and gentle spirit.
Paul Hobart17-Aug-2002 23:41
Hello Daniel. Thanks for your generous comments about my gallery. The digital camera I'm using is a Nikon 990. I recently acquired a filmscanner, so I'm in the process of digitizing 20 years worth of negatives/slides. The picture "ogun" (Ogunquit, ME) was really just an experiment- I hadn't used the bulb setting on my camera before for multi-second exposures.

I'm enjoying the lovely pictures you've posted here on your gallery.

Paul Hobart
Guest 14-Aug-2002 19:07
i love your pictures
they are all beautiful.
thanks for taking the time to look at mine.

Julie 16-Jul-2002 03:22
I had no idea you were such a great photographer. These are fabulous.
Guest 25-Apr-2002 05:47
Hi Daniel, very nice photos, and I'm very interest on your history photos, your parents looks very nice and kindly.
Randy Peterschick 17-Apr-2002 21:08
Very nice Dan. You'll have to tell us how to do that someday. Great pictures. JoAnn had a good time looking at them.
Daniel Wickwire10-Feb-2002 02:56
nice job little brother!!!!!!!!!!!!!