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Dave Berry | all galleries >> Vietnam War '67 - '68 > 28th US Infantry Regiment - Black Lions of Cantigny
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28th US Infantry Regiment - Black Lions of Cantigny

28th US Infantry Regiment - Black Lions of Cantigny

This crest is worn proudly by members of the 1st and 2nd Battalions, 28th Infantry Regiment. Both battalions are known as Black Lions. When we were in Vietnam the units were differentiated by a 1 or a 2 across the chest of the lion on the patch. You will find a brief history of the Regiment, as well as other information regarding both battalions here:

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Guest 22-Jun-2015 18:06
To all black lions. Last year this month I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. I found out the major problem was a large carcinoma next to read duct. And five other biopsies over different parts of body. We were in the same shit. I'm sure mine is throughout my body. Insist on regular exams. To you b 5 Wardell. Cheers to little joe.
Ben Martin 22-May-2015 20:10
To:Chaplain Clemmons my unit at that time was A2/28/laikhe
Ben Martin 22-May-2015 20:06
To:Chaplain Clemmons
my name is ben martin I was wounded april,2,1968 by friendly fire.I just wanted to thank you for your visits while I was at the hospital.
Guest 07-May-2015 20:30
Julio Martinez I served with the 2/28th from July 67 thru June 68. When I first arrived I was assigned to Alpha Co. then was transferred to HHC Recon. Many memories and lots of brothers.
Jerry Smith 22-Apr-2015 18:12
I was Arty Recon Sgt with Company "C" 1st Bn. 28th Infantry from Oct.1967 to Oct. 1968. I was right beside Captain James Hay when he was KIA. I've forgotten most of the guys but still can recall a couple of names from the unit.
Jay Gurry 05-Apr-2015 18:03
My name is jay Gurry in country 67 October with a co 2/28 black lions big red 1 wounded in October on lp mission. Later wounded in May 68 outside of Saigon the 12 th. Sent to Japan ! Now suffering from agent orange. Searching for surviors who served with. ! Remember terry kempher. Sgt. Harris. Delong. Wheeler ????? Contact me please via mail at 16 swan pond rd north reading. Mass. 01864. Or call 978. 664 4075 ! God blesss it's been way to long !!! Hope to hear soon!
Lonny Mosby 23-Mar-2015 03:36
Looking for Black Lions with me in Wiesbaden -- Please contact Lonny Mosby
Lonny Mosby 23-Mar-2015 03:34
Looking for Black Lion buddies -- Please contact Lonny Mosby 3/28 Infantry HHC mechanic
Guest 17-Mar-2015 18:39
Thanks Dave. Rvn 68/69
Guest 11-Mar-2015 01:19
Black Lions Of Lai Khe on facebook at

Lee Helle
Steven Webb 27-Feb-2015 00:47
My first unit was B 3/28 in Wiesbaden Germany in '83 unfortunately they disbanded a short time later.
Chaplain Amos Clemmons 01-Feb-2015 22:23
I moved from 2/2 to 2/28 (Rocket Alley) just before Tet, '68. My "hootch" behind the O Club was destroyed the first night of TET by a 122 mm rocket....just the beginning of many "adventures" with the Black Lions. LTC's Menetrey and Coffee were the battalion commanders during my tenure. Menetrey became a 4 Star; Coffee was a military to President Nixon for a while....SP5 Eric Snoberger was my assistant...great field grunt!
Guest. 25-Jan-2015 18:55
To Walt Wardell I had a positive biopsy for prostate cancer. And skin. I think agent orange. We went into areas near phuc vinh that had been recently sprayed. No one talks from 1/28 so I can't get message. Have blood screening spread word.
Guest. 25-Jan-2015 18:22
Message to sp/4 bailey B co. 1/28. The day I walked away from you and company at fsb Lorraine I was point man coming into Lorraine with company to support Lorraine a small
Co ndp at time. You were on listening post. I spoke to you. And you said Lorraine was to be hit that night. The lt told me to leave Lorraine on chopper for fsb doc. You asked me not to leave with squad I was ordered by battalion to leave or court martial. I left and you were shot at by the attackers so close a miss to your head that your ear was burned black from muzzle flash. After fighting outside doc perimeter that night on a disabled apc with john spivey. I was pissed. I want you to know that wasn't my call.
Santiago Griego 26-Nov-2014 01:30
To Alvin Lewis My name is Santiago Griego I remember you from D co. Please contact me . We have been looking for you for many years .
jose troche 17-Nov-2014 03:11
I served as a platoon leader in C and A Company in 1968 at Quan Loi
Mary Bazinau Bolthouse 11-Nov-2014 04:37
Did anyone serve with Milton Bazinau? I am his daughter
Alvin L 20-Oct-2014 03:01
My name is Alvin L.Lewis i served in the Big Red One.The year was 1967-October.
Gene Ritchhart 31-Aug-2014 00:22
I was on line poking about for guys I knew with the 28th in Mainz-Gonsenheim,Germany. I found an old comrade had passed away in 2012. His name was Randolph Ottoboni. I was pleased to know that he made sergeant before he left the service. Any one out there that was with C-2-28 , please remember him.
Guest 29-Jul-2014 17:21
Daughter of First Sgt. Raymond R. Lindquist Company A 2/28th served in Vietnam 1965-1966 would like to find anyone who knew my father he has just passed away.
Cindy Lindquist Moore 29-Jul-2014 17:12
I am the Daughter of First Sgt. Raymond R. Lindquist, Company A 2/28th. My father has passed away and even though its late I would like to know more about his military history. I know he was with SFC Jerald L. Dozier, Platoon Sgt. Loyle Hale. He was a Black Lion from Fort Riley, Kansas 1960's, a highly decorated war veteran. Was in Vietnam Sept 1965.
Guest 22-Jul-2014 09:37
Guest: This was my first unit in weisbaden in 83. What a history.
Guest 19-Jul-2014 10:01
does anyone remember frank r hill in the 1/28 black lion in november of 67
larry schaffer 01-Jul-2014 01:49
RTO 69/70 D 1/28 & HHC
Guest. Black lion 29-Jun-2014 04:34
If u were a black lion please have regular tests for cancer we are falling to cancer cause A/o.
Guest 26-Jun-2014 01:53
Being the "next" generation after Vietnam- my father's war. I'm a huge Vietnam junkie! What I can't figure out through years of listening, reading, watching, learning history, etc; why? This war makes no sense to me. What pisses me off more than anything- the very same protestors who "exercised their Democratic right" to protest the war and bring the GI's home. What a bunch of bullshit! Spitting on veterans, calling names to young men who were sent to do the government's bidding. I can firmly say that I've worked with many vets on different levels through the years. They are all proud, yet hesitant of their experience. I'm disappointed in how we treat our fellow American. If you think killing another human being is a natural action, you are crazy! To live with that is awful enough , but to be labeled as a killer and treated like an animal-is bullshit! 58,000+ for what? You had the balls to pick at one guy or two coming out of an airline terminal, but not to stop a war. Feel proud about nothing protesters. You spit on the guy next to you at work, not the guy who made them do it.
Carter Swart 23-Jun-2014 18:44
Carter Swart and Howard M. Swart
1958-60 Cold War vets

Drafted, and lucky to serve in Munich. The only fighting we did was with each other. Still proud of my service, tho it pales next to you combat vets. Always a Black Lion!
Charlesrafferty6 25-May-2014 21:28
This buds for u little joe from b co 1/28 and friends in recon 1/28 1968 loc ninh u paid the high price black lion. By fact not choice. C m Rafferty.
Charlesrafferty6 25-May-2014 17:31
Dong nai regiment 50 miles Saigon. Black lions fought them . They were in 1id A O. They were tough. And enlisted women fighters They r attacking Chinese and killing. In the same area today world news or google for info.
Charlesrafferty6 25-May-2014 17:24
To carp I don't remember names. U knew who u had to. To many friends died soon to afford friends. I don't remember many good times. Of course I was a draftee.
BILL CANINO 15-May-2014 22:52
George Moore 20-Apr-2014 02:44
Hello all,
Asked by a friend to try to find, John F. Hinderson, Vietnam Nam 1968.
1st. Div. 1st. Btn. 28th. Inf.
Any info would be welcome.
Thank you.
George Moore.
John Parmenter 10-Apr-2014 14:11
Cold War Veteran of 1st Battle Group & 2nd Battalion, 28th Infantry, 1st Infantry Division 1961 - 1964. Assigned to Ft. Riley, in 1963, 1st Battle Group deployed to West Germany & advanced through communist East Germany to reinforce Berlin Brigade. We returned to Ft. Riley later that year. In 2012, I was honored to be appointed Distinguished Member, 28th Infantry Regiment. Black Lions forever!
Louis Pisano Sr. 10-Mar-2014 14:39
I was a medic for Charlie Co. and HHC medical platoon from Aug.'66 to Aug. '67. My name is Lou Pisano better known as on the 1st Infantry Assoc. lounge as 'DocLou'... I served with Charlie Co. Sept. '66 through Nov '66. If anyone remembers me and has photos of the time please send to ... God Bless All the Blacklions and troops overall.
JOHN K PARMENTER 03-Dec-2013 15:54
Having served in both 1st Battle Group & 2nd Battalion, 28th U.S. Infantry, I salute all salute all Black Lions, past, present, & future. Perhaps the proudest day of my life came in 2012 when I was appointed Distinguished Member of the 28th Infantry Regiment.
walter wordell 24-Jul-2013 19:21
charles rafferary my name is walter wordell i was once know as lima 5. the platoon sgt.
Charles m rafferty 16-Jun-2013 19:19
R v n tour 6/68 6/69. Started out at pagoda phu Loi. Anyone remember fab lorraine or fsb doc ?end of march 69 .
Charles m rafferty 16-Jun-2013 19:15
In country. June 68/69 black lion b co Lima plt. 1/28. Started out at pagoda phu Loi .anyone remember fire support base doc. Fire support base Lorraine ?
Casey Victorino 30-Apr-2013 17:48
My Dad, Peter Victorino, Was a combat medic in a recon unit with you guys for a couple years, he doesn't tell me much though. anyone remember him? id love to talk to you.
E mail me at
LARRY CATALDO 26-Jan-2013 16:43
ALLEN COLEMAN 24-Oct-2012 12:12
looking for friends in black lions 2 28 inf. also lrrp served 6months each
Carp 29-Sep-2012 13:29
I have my 1st Bn. unit crest in my medals and awards display. Also have my old camo cover from my steel pot. Means a whole lot to me! Looking back, I'd do it again in a minute. The buddies I have are more family to me than family!
John Rich Carpenter, Alpha Company, 1/28th Infantry, Oct '68 - Nov '69 Mike platoon
charles keating 30-Aug-2012 03:33
68 69 b co. Laikhe and e co. Charles keating aka buda
charles keating 30-Aug-2012 03:28
Big red one black lions god bless all
Jon Lanham 30-Aug-2012 01:24
Black Lions in the Night! 2003 - 2004, Fort Jackson, SC. C-1-28 3rd Platoon "Terminators"
Patrick A. Shew 23-May-2012 14:55
Patrick A. Shew 1/28th Alpha. I still morn friends lost in Nam, and the ones that seem to be dying daily now. The older I get [65] the more I reflect. Just bought a cap, decals, and watch from "The Quartermaster" something and support them...great resourse. If you remember Have a wonderful day! In Him, Patrick
C.R. McClain 02-May-2012 19:13
My Bro was 1rst and 28th around 68-69. Made it home safe age 65 went to sleep one night closed his eyes that was the last time we saw him. He was proud of the Black Lions,didnt talk much about it but then I didnt ask. But I know he was proud!! P.D.McClain 1944-2110 a.o. cause of death!
Dave Aldridge 09-Mar-2011 02:01
To Dave Turnball,
You can purchase by downloading the Quartermaster List on our website at
our website as shown above...without the "his.htm" at end of hyperlink. It is the official Black Lions Website. The checks or money order for purchases can be mailed to 28th Infantry Assoc. (D. Aldridge) P.O.Box 5328, Fort Lee, VA 23801-0328
Donald Turnbull 31-Mar-2010 15:45
Where may I find this patch? B 2 28th Black Lion I would like to purchase.
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