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1st. Argggggggg by Rod
10-FEB-2008 Rod

1st. Argggggggg by Rod

Backyard Brissie oz

Canon EOS 350D ,Canon EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6
1/30s f/8.0 at 55.0mm iso100 full exif

other sizes: small medium original
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Rod 12-Feb-2008 10:35
You have made Mereana & me really happy, thanks mate:-)..................Bright red lipstick will be fine:-)
ctfchallenge12-Feb-2008 10:31
ok, deal, big kiss to Mereana - and now I'll get my lipstick on ;o)
Rod 12-Feb-2008 10:17
I'm still looking for someone to put a lipstick kiss on me bum but I don't think Armin would be interested:-) Mereana would prefer a kiss from you Armin as she likes handsome blokes. Good onya mate:-)
ctfchallenge12-Feb-2008 10:08
do I really have to? Hm, since Mereana gets all the credit, can I then chose please? I would prefer to give Mereana the kiss :o)
ctfchallenge12-Feb-2008 02:06
Ha! Mereana still gets the credit. Armin & you need to kiss and make up. Funny how web anonymity sometimes breeds unexpected disputes. -tv
ctfchallenge11-Feb-2008 21:18
The "anonymous" picture was me, Rod, picking up the gauntlet from another comment in one of Pennies images - deleted it again! Sorry about that.
ctfchallenge11-Feb-2008 20:35
Hm, now I do not get it; yes, please let us all remain friends, but I am everything but peed off by your lemon comment! If I would have been, be sure I would have posted it there.
ctfchallenge11-Feb-2008 20:14
Ah now I'm beginning to understand Armin my comment under your lemon picy has peed you off. You really should say so by commenting on my comment at the time & not let it fester to come out at a later time. By making more than one comment about this joke brought on the lecture as I just couldn't understand your questioning my ethics. Question my way of posting for sure as it can pee people off, I can understand that but not my use of Photoshop here being a problem.
Here's the original of the frame picy. Did anonymous clone out the glasses? I had one pair for reading & one pair for distance:-) Don't worry Penny, Armin & me will remain friends no matter what we do here....It's a testosterone sort of thing:-)

ctfchallenge11-Feb-2008 19:01
Rod, a small point but were you aware that in the framed shot below there are a few "i"s missing from the word "artiiiist"?!...claire
aam1234 11-Feb-2008 15:09
We need a Frames challenge.
ctfchallenge11-Feb-2008 14:27
thanks, Penny, perfect timing :o)
ctfchallenge11-Feb-2008 14:20
thanks for the link to the hat!
Penny Street (or -one who pretends to know when to distract)
ctfchallenge11-Feb-2008 13:45
Mate, strange to see you arguing so harsh; I thought a few nits would be fine with you, the master of nits?! I told you, that the fun factor is yours - so I am obviously aware that this is a joke, yet, I do not need a lecture in either me not reading the posts or ripping your words from the context. If I find it too hard to copy the originals technique then I stop trying, try harder or learn to be happy with a different result/interpretation - e.g. when I first did the lemon shot in exhib. - I was happy with the completely different look compared to the backlit version that inspired me in the first place :o) ...but that's of course a personal thing as is that I typically would not post a pp picture here. But where do I say, that you call your picture a photograph? So now please let us settle down and do what we are here for: having fun altogether :o)
ctfchallenge11-Feb-2008 13:24
It's hard to tell, but the double set of eyeglasses gives it away!
The original must have looked something like this:

ctfchallenge11-Feb-2008 10:53
If you want to use my arguments Armin then keep them in context mate. I'm against creating picys in Photoshop & calling them photographs, period. Now do you seriously think I was representing this as a Photograph? I think some of the problem with people who think they know my views is they don't read most of my posts, I'm fairly consistent in what I say & when shown to be wrong I admit it. Now read through my posts in the DP thread & see what I have to say about this topic, you will then see as the picys got posted they were quite far removed from the originals which JV said was OK. I remember saying that freed me up to maybe submit a satire (joke) of someone's photo as I had no interest whatsoever in copying someone's picy. So no Armin I haven't sold out, no Armin I'm not a hypocrite knocking Photoshop creations & then doing them myself the next day, no Armin this picy will never be shown to anyone as an example of my photography, YES Armin this is 100% a joke the same as when a couple of years ago I posted a picy of me in this or the mini challenge with a wonderful frame & using the smudge tool in Photoshop along with a sig. Does this mean everything I've ever said about frames & sigs is mute, defunct, no more, a load of bollocks?. No one took your attitude of me being a hypocrite as they saw 100% joke. How can you see this picy as other than a joke is beyond my comprehension.
This was the other JOKE. No doubt there are a few others posted here & I can't be bothered to look for.

ctfchallenge11-Feb-2008 09:45
the fun factor is yours of course :o) ...but from a philosophical ?-) point of view...when does your argument start to count? it's too hard to wait for the bird flying directly in front of the setting sun? to use the right light on whatever, the right exposure... :o)'s fun using your arguments, mate :-P
ctfchallenge11-Feb-2008 08:24
How can you think about hats in front of this masterwork Aamm:-)
It's from Newcastle hats here in Oz & here's the linky to their page for the one I have. It's called the Nullarbor. It's sort of soft but keeps it's shape & looks really sexy on:-) Have a look at some of their other hats you may like some better.
aam1234 11-Feb-2008 08:13
I still want one of those hats. What brand is it so I can look it up.
Rod 11-Feb-2008 07:37
Of course Sharon did a great job on her picy doing it the hard way by just using the camera, & all credit goes to her. Were we supposed to copy the originals technique as well? Too bloody hard mate:-)
ctfchallenge11-Feb-2008 07:00
That's the reason why I like Sharon's setup so much :o)
Rod 11-Feb-2008 06:54
Armin I haven't figured out a good panning technique for self portraits................Yet:-)
ctfchallenge11-Feb-2008 06:50
Thanks everyone:-) I'm glad you all enjoy a good laugh:-) Here's the proper picy so the newbie's can see how it was set up. Thanks again all:-)

ctfchallenge11-Feb-2008 06:50
although I really like the picture, I am a bit dissapointed on how it was achieved :-)
janewigginsphotography11-Feb-2008 00:57
oh this is too perfect. Awesome job. jano
Canon DSLR Challenge10-Feb-2008 23:22
Tooo funny! ~ Lonnit
ctfchallenge10-Feb-2008 23:18

Geeeeesh Rod! You complain about the topic and then come up with these great entries - see if I stick up for you again when you say something is not your cup of tea! AND here you are using PS tricks too - all we need is a border on this! :-D CJ
ctfchallenge10-Feb-2008 22:27
i have no doubt this is a PS work but this is my by far the most favourite shot in the gallery nonetheless. exceptional thinking, nice execution, and good ps work. this one has to be on the front page in three days.
Hats off to you Rod :) -Abstract
aam1234 10-Feb-2008 20:27
I don't see any cheating here either.
elips10-Feb-2008 19:52
LOL! Great job, Rod! You took my bland, rather saccharine image and turned it into a fun, active shot! Love it! ~Sharon
ctfchallenge10-Feb-2008 17:56
He's not cheating... I'm just razzing him for his prior verbosity on strong PS changing a photograph into 'not a photograph' on one of prior entries. *grin* ~Lydia
ctfchallenge10-Feb-2008 16:25
Brent..I had the same problem...the coffee came right through my nose! Too funny Rod...see I knew you would have fun with this once you gave it a shot! Good job! -Britt
aam1234 10-Feb-2008 15:32
Eh, isn't it obvious that it's a PS job? I still want one of those hats.
ctfchallenge10-Feb-2008 14:53
Rod, no way, are you cheating, mate?
shame on you - if so :o)
ctfchallenge10-Feb-2008 14:37
LOL, Rod! This is wonderful. But... Do my eyes deceive me or have you made this 'not a photograph' by PSing it and changing it so much? *grin* I wish the hat were 'flowing' in the same exact direction as everything else... to make it seem more real, but I suppose it's 'tension' this way, huh? *smile* ~Lydia
Canon DSLR Challenge10-Feb-2008 14:19
The tongue makes it. I can feel the choke. Great technique. Mereana takes good picys. -tv
Troy10-Feb-2008 14:03
ctfchallenge10-Feb-2008 12:48
wow, I could understand, how Sharon had done her shot, but how did you do it?
wonderful job!
aam1234 10-Feb-2008 11:46
Nice hat too, I want one of those.
Rod 10-Feb-2008 11:41
Thanks again Barbara:-)hehe
Rod 10-Feb-2008 11:39
Thanks Barbara:-)
Barbara Heide10-Feb-2008 10:35
excellent! v
Rod 10-Feb-2008 09:00
Thanks girls & Brent:-) Bit of fun a:-)
ctfchallenge10-Feb-2008 08:50
Rod, This one woke me up and I had to say, great take on a really clever Sharon shot. Your too funny. Yvonne
ctfchallenge10-Feb-2008 07:42
"Turning" with a twist! Very funny :)
Canon DSLR Challenge10-Feb-2008 07:12
You made me burst out laughing too Rod- almost sprayed beer out my nose! Can't wait to here what Sharon thinks. Great stuff mate :-)
ctfchallenge10-Feb-2008 05:51
My hubby thought I have gone mad - I was sitting and laughing for 15 minutes - Debi
Rod 10-Feb-2008 05:07
:-)Hehe,Thanks sweetheart:-)
ctfchallenge10-Feb-2008 05:02
You are just tooooooooo funny. (and I enjoy a good laugh).
Penny Street