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1st Place
by Earl Waud
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Waiting for PopTarts, too<br>1st Place<br>by Earl Waud
14-SEP-2005 Imitation by Earl Waud

Waiting for PopTarts, too
1st Place
by Earl Waud

Chula Vista, CA

Here is a link to the image being imitated (as if you couldn't tell) Click here

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jimhwy22-Sep-2005 08:23
Dude, this is just too much. Fantastic. I'm just sitting here shaking my head and my cheeks are sore from smiling. Way to go!
Canon DSLR Challenge18-Sep-2005 22:12
Pure genius and Oh! soooo funny!! shu
ctfchallenge16-Sep-2005 14:19
You know it Gayle, you know it! I've gained a whole new respect.... or something! LOL! ~ Lonnit
Gayle Knowles16-Sep-2005 11:35
I think Lonnit's reaction is almost as funny as the photo itself. Earl, I think you've won a lifelong fan there.
Guest 16-Sep-2005 05:12
Bahahahahahahahaha! ....and I thought your first one was funny... you were just getting started! LOL
roberta16-Sep-2005 03:28
You are definitely on a roll for this challenge! Great stuff!
ctfchallenge16-Sep-2005 01:10
Very funny! thefly
Canon DSLR Challenge15-Sep-2005 18:14
I am just enjoying the heck out of this all! I'm not buying the part about the filter making your legs look hairless; based on that horizontal highlight on your leg, you've got a very nice freshly-shaven-sheen going on there! LOL! ;)

If you look at your background and mine, you will see that you did indeed select the proper filter. I think maybe you just didn't apply it as strongly. Oh, man, I'm trying to write this with a straight face, but I'm in the comments box and you are laying across the bottom of my screen looking sooooo hysterically funny I can't take it! Here it comes again - my eyes are welling up! I see this image and I just start to cry and my face cramps up! What a classic! Sunshine was funny enough but this one, geez man, it's one for the record books! BTW, the point of the toes is just killer too. I do believe though, that we should be seeing a bit more thigh, however, I will also thank you for not treating us to that! LMAO!!!!! ~ Lonnit
Guest 15-Sep-2005 17:37
Thanks! This one was even more fun than “Sunshine … Earl?”.

My family was going nuts watching me do this. My wife asked for a print of “Sunshine…” for our scrap book, and she was very helpful with this shot too, lending me the nightgown, making sure my pose was just right, etc., but she told me that she never wants to see this photo again, in fact, she would rather just block the entire image from her mind!

Lonnit, I had the hardest time even coming close to getting the post processing to resemble you wonderful photo. I ended up settling on the “Plastic Wrap” filter in PS. How did you do it?

Sergio, NO!! I did not shave my legs for the photo! It was the PS filter that makes them look so nice. :)

Mikel, I still say that if you want to do ANYTHING at my house in a pink Speedo, I’ll have to be away from home!!!

Thanks again for the comments. I’m enjoying reading your reactions nearly as much as I enjoyed taking the photo!
Canon DSLR Challenge15-Sep-2005 17:35
This quite excellent Earl - and after just watching the Tim Burton 1994 movie "Ed Wood" last night - WTG!!!! Very well crafted. - Kelly
Guest 15-Sep-2005 17:30
This is just way too funny!! Excellent work Earl!!! -Cat
Canon DSLR Challenge15-Sep-2005 16:13
LOL This is becoming a great challenge! theFly
Guest 15-Sep-2005 16:08
EARL!!!! You, my man, take the CAKE in this challenge!
Mikel Featherston15-Sep-2005 15:44
Ok, "Mr. I have to be away from home if you want to borrow my pool and wear a pink speedo to imitate Neil Lawson's photo". Did Patti help you pick out the dress? ;)
Sergio Rojkes15-Sep-2005 14:47
oh man, you did shave your legs!!!
Canon DSLR Challenge15-Sep-2005 14:35
Oh MAN!!!!!!!! Ok, I'm back from hyperventilating! I opened it when my husband was on business call right next to me. I barely stifled the screech I let out. I ran out of the room, doubled over, laughing my arse off until I finally fell backwards on the bed, where I hyperventilated with tears streaming from my eyes, abs cramped. The pic on the wall is an outstanding touch, but nothing compared to that lovely nighty you're wearing. Brilliant stuff! With all this Iso ragging going on I never expected to be the brunt of it too. Somehow, in my twisted psyche, I am actually flattered by this! {{{{{{Huge Hugs}}}}}} - I so enjoyed the laugh! Hubby thinks it's hysterical too. ~ Lonnit
Guest 15-Sep-2005 12:11
I'm glad you did this! I thought about it but I don't have any of the right props...
Gayle Knowles15-Sep-2005 09:38
ROFL!!! The picture on the wall is the finishing touch. Excellent stuff!
iso320015-Sep-2005 08:56
LOL - She's gonna love this one. You seem to be excelling in this challenge!