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Canon DSLR Challenge | all galleries >> CSLR 140 : Sound (hosted by Nico Conradie) >> CSLR Challenge 140 - Eligible > sound of silence
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sound of silence
2/23/09 d.tallakson

sound of silence


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Canon DSLR Challenge03-Mar-2009 22:55
Thanks for the comments, Kuivaamo, Carole and Alexeig! -dtallakson
alexeig03-Mar-2009 21:56
Poor you ... what a sacrifice for a challenge :-) Great photograph
Canon DSLR Challenge02-Mar-2009 23:41
Oh, I would have loved to have seen you rip that tape off DT - very funny as is too though! It looks like you're in the midst of being robbed! That wide-eyed look with the glasses askew adds a lot. Good shot too! :-) CJ
PS You look like a mere shadow of your former self! :-)
Canon DSLR Challenge01-Mar-2009 17:40
If you had titled this "Mmf, pfmmhf mmmf!" I doubt anyone would have questioned its eligibility! :-) Funny and cool image. -Kuivaamo
Canon DSLR Challenge26-Feb-2009 21:29
Thanks Melbob. Yes, if someone had taken a picture of me ripping that tape off it would have been a great shot. I don't know why I put it on so securely! -dtallakson
Canon DSLR Challenge26-Feb-2009 04:42
Too funny dT, love it. Great expression and I bet the expression post 'tape removal' would have been even better?

Regards Melbob
Canon DSLR Challenge25-Feb-2009 08:41
Thanks tv, angioman and Sharon. tv and're right about that! Peeling off that tape felt like I was taking a good many layers of skin off my face! -dtallakson
elips25-Feb-2009 03:07
Very funny! I love the crazed look in your eyes! ~Sharon
Canon DSLR Challenge25-Feb-2009 02:01
Won't have to shave for a few weeks:-). Well lit and interesting choice for composition and centering. - angioman
ctfchallenge24-Feb-2009 23:47
Silence can be deafening. Tha duct tape must have hurt. Good idea well done. -tv
Canon DSLR Challenge24-Feb-2009 23:46
Thanks Pops! -dtallakson
Guest 24-Feb-2009 23:26
I keep coming back to this and laughing every time - Excellent!
Canon DSLR Challenge24-Feb-2009 22:24
Thanks Olaf. Your entry for challenge 3 was a fun one. You've been at this for a long time! -dtallakson
Olaf.dk24-Feb-2009 21:01
I've read the other comments now. To me, the words "sound of silence" are very poetic. Is the absence of sound a sound? Perhaps not. Does it have to do with sound? It definitely does! Sound without a pause just becomes noise. Meaningful sound, like music or speech, relies on silence as well as sound. What's characterizes silence? Can you describe it without mentioning sound? I didn't think so...
Olaf.dk24-Feb-2009 20:37
The first thing I thought of when I saw the theme of this challenge was the title "The Sound of Silence". I had a different kind of image in mind though - a serene minimalist landscape photograph.

Yours is a fun interpretation of the words, and it makes me think of an image I submitted in cslr_challenge 3:
Canon DSLR Challenge24-Feb-2009 18:38
Thanks Alastair! -dtallakson
Canon DSLR Challenge24-Feb-2009 16:06
I think this is definitely on topic, but I posted a sound of one hand clapping, so I would! I was trying to think of a way to do the sound of silence myself, but all I could think of was a sign saying "The words of the prophets are written on the subway walls and tenement halls". Yours is much better.
Canon DSLR Challenge24-Feb-2009 08:38
Thank you Nico! -dtallakson
jnconradie24-Feb-2009 05:34

:-) I can least hear a "mmm... mumble... grumble... mumble... mmm..." coming out of this one :-)

The cap backwards is wonderful! Kind regards Nico
Canon DSLR Challenge24-Feb-2009 03:32
Way to go Pops! ;^) -dtallakson
Guest 24-Feb-2009 02:46
mumble mumble mumble - I say YES!
Canon DSLR Challenge24-Feb-2009 02:14
OK...Lydia says "nay". Any "ayes' out there? -dtallakson
Canon DSLR Challenge24-Feb-2009 02:07
Sorry... not buyin'. The absence of the challenge title does not meet the challenge, IMHO. If I say go and you give me 'stop', the opposite of 'go'... it's not meeting the challenge.

You're ADORABLE though, dt! *grin*

Save this for a "Silence" challenge. ;) ~Lydia