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Nikon Coolpix 990
1/41s f/2.7 at 10.3mm iso100 full exif

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Jack meoff 30-Oct-2014 03:39
People were treated like shit...nothing grand about this building
Mika Gray 21-Dec-2010 02:59
If no one can the candyman can!! really i live with the candyman!!! lol! have a nice day and don't forget to get some candy!! serous get some now!
Mika Gray 21-Dec-2010 02:56
this is not scarey at all. so shut up and stop acting like a little 2 year old!!!lol joking and it could be more scary if it was at night and you were all by your self. Wouldn't you think so? if you didn't (no afence) but are a little baby!!!
thank you for reading!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol again!!!
Guest 20-Aug-2009 18:46
your ment to say candyman 5 times lol 3 times is for bloody mary
Cortney 07-Mar-2009 21:20
look. still alive.
bre 21-Nov-2008 16:35
dang dat p!ctur3 scar3d m3 w3n ! cam3 t0 d!s p!ctur3 wat !s d!s
Meag 15-Nov-2008 11:41
Well the guy who owned it actually wanted it torn down but couldn't legally do it so he encouraged people to vandalize it so it would be condemmed, finally gave up and eventually sold the property. It's such a huge building I don't know what they could turn it into if someone decided to remodel it
oleg 27-Oct-2008 06:20
Fucken satanists they seriously need to repaint that shit!
bub 30-Sep-2008 15:02
Dare ya to put yer hand in!
Guest 30-Sep-2008 15:02
I have heard some different explanations for this...from vandals to intentional work from the owners when they started using the building as a haunted house to raise money. If the first is the case, then yes, it is sad...but if it was indeed intentionally put there by the owners, Then I can see how a little paint is going to do no harm once the money is raised to to finish the renovations. Either have to admit it was rather creative a way to use a whole in the wall.
stacie:) 23-Sep-2008 22:58
0kay let's not
bee immature.
ALC18 08-Sep-2008 18:45
Vida 07-Sep-2008 14:58
what ah nice step mom emarie .. (im sayin dat sarcastically) .. n no candyman has no business being on these walls but in the same token that is ah good drawing and that person who drew it should do murals legitimately ..
emarie 18-Feb-2008 16:10
I hate candy man.
I used to be so scared of him.
My step-mom used to tell me that story every night before I went to bed.
Sanita Meade. 29-Jan-2008 22:06
To answer your question "Guest". Candy Man is an old horror movie,saying that if you say Candy Man three times, or saying a dead persons name, He/She will come out, and possibly kill you.
And this is a shame.
This buliding is beautiful.
I can't believe this man made people do this, just for money.
Thats just rude.
Guest 25-Nov-2007 00:59
whos candy man?
Heather 02-Nov-2007 02:28
There was a beautiful mural on the cafeteria wall and vandals f'd it up as usual. Robert Alberhasky encouraged vandalism to collect insurance money. For a man that wanted to erect a statue of Jesus on the site, it sure was an unchristian thing to do.
april abel 01-Nov-2007 02:20
that is really creepy.
if i ever went in there
id go no where near that.
just cause its haunted & every
one knows the tale of CANDY MAN!
zac 04-Aug-2007 23:55
I love the historical aspect of weaverly but you have to admit that some taggers (although disrespectful) have talent!
Leona 25-May-2007 03:20
We are surrounded by morons.
Guest 24-May-2007 23:04
This is a crying shame that people do not have any more respect for a once grand building than to do something as stupid as this.
Mark Ledford05-Nov-2005 04:53
This is some grifitti that is actually on the wall. Its not a random photo. I beleive from what I heard it was created when the place was publicly used as a haunted house one halloween.
rhibbs 16-Oct-2004 02:30
what exactly does the candyman pic have to do with a place where thousands die from a uncurable disease?