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Nikon Coolpix 990
1/80s f/3.1 at 8.2mm iso100 full exif

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abigail milller 30-Dec-2010 16:49
what is in or behind the doors window?
Tyler Daniels 14-Aug-2010 07:50
Jeanette, is there a person standing next to it so you know the actual size of the furnace? This building is immensely tall. This could be 10 feet tall and 6 feet across for all you know. You are the kind of person who pushes her skepticism on everyone else, and i believe that you are repressing some bad feeling toward the paranormal. It's time you face your fear and quit living in denial. Sometimes we dont pass right on. But I would assume you dont believe in religion either.
barnz 14-Apr-2010 06:21
Janette, it is fairly widely known that patients were severely mistreated at this location.. so arguing the case for the dedicated staff working tirelessly to save lives seems a little strange. Of course, unfortunately no-one knew how to treat this horrible disease effectively in those days...
Ashley 15-Jul-2009 01:44
I thought it could of been the entrance to a creamatorium
ashey 25-Mar-2009 16:08
i am from louisville kentucky and just think of the body count and all of the horrible things that happened there...of course its haunted
scottie 21-Feb-2009 20:44
is weaverly hills truely haunted?
scottie 21-Feb-2009 20:44
is weaverly hills truely haunted?
scottie 21-Feb-2009 20:43
is weaverly hills truely haunted?
Guest 13-Sep-2008 00:28
It isn't like the dead person is going to get all clausterphobic or anything....definitely big enough for a body. Even a bigger one. Thoink about hte overall size of the structure...the chimney and the door.
ALC18 08-Sep-2008 18:43
Vida 07-Sep-2008 14:54
once again janette who cares what you have on your property?

and janette you must not read history much to know that people have been burned alive in furnaces such as this .. i not saying that this is what this was used for, but it is possible and if the bodies were already dead they could have used it for cremation .. stick the body in, and let the bones burn.. you trying to sound intelligent janette but you try too hard .. stop putting others down on EVERY PICTURE upon which you comment on (and please note i said EVERY PICTURE WHICH YOU COMMENT ON .. not that you comment on every picture , b/c there so far is like maybe 4 at most you actually had some sense to keep quiet upon) and yes im putting you down now b/c you continue to do so to others .. just like i am sure someone will do to me but you really got to stop
Tracy 22-Jun-2008 02:44
I agree, it would be very easy to put a body in there, maybe not of a large man, maybe a smaller woman or child. It's very sad, but they did burn bodies back then, I'm not saying they did here, but it is large enough for a body.
Guest 24-Apr-2008 03:11
I've seen these. Not really all that uncommon if you are familiar with crematoriums, and even historical medical buildings.It is certainly not surprising to see one at WH. If you saw this in person, it would appear larger, and definitely able to fit a person, even of decent size. It really is not pleasant to think about, though.
Lolly 16-Apr-2008 01:43
I am a health care official and iv done a lot of research on diseases and back then it was very common to burn someone than to bury them because they didn't no how the diseases where transfered so they thought that it would be best to burn them, so they may have burned body's here u don't have to have a hug hole to fit someone in believe me i work in a hospital so i deal with a lot of dead people.
michael 02-Apr-2008 00:07
actually it would be very easy to put a body in this thing aslo its not overly shockin theat back in the day they would do this the sanitorium was filld with terberculosis patients and yes they did exparaments on the people that were thier to try and cure them unfortunatly most of the died but back to my point the place has a morge also a room whear they would stack bodies if the morge was to full so i could see them burning some bodies to make space

email me with outher ideas im 15 and this place is a bit of an obsession
Sanita Meade 29-Jan-2008 22:00
Janette, i hate to say this, but your right. How could they fit a body in there? It looks like where they would probably heat the place up. So it's probably a fernis of somesort.

and, even tho i agree with you Janette, I still think your annoying, and rude.
Janette Murphy 18-Oct-2007 18:58
Do you really think they could fit a patient in there? You think they folded a person up or something? What an insult to a dedicated staff who worked ceaselesly to save lives at enormous risk to their own. It's just one of those burners for bits of old garden rubbish.We have one very similar on our property; if properly constructed it can also be used as a bread oven, but I think that's highly unlikely in this case.
Guest 11-May-2007 01:28
hey mike sorry about what i said bout drunk or on drugs
MONIK 18-Feb-2007 15:53
Jennifer 18-Jan-2007 07:32
ok not that I am proud of this now, but it kinda reminds me of my younger free days and it sort of ties me to this historical spot. See G-Fer. That's me! Jennifer
Guest 09-Oct-2006 01:52
Hey Mike Was U drunk When U Posted That Or On Drugs!!!!!!!!
Sunnye 28-Sep-2006 13:28
You may want to get your facts right about the building. I think you may have some of the facts confused with another TB hosptial that turned into a state owned facility for handicap children that just back in may 2006 closed its doors for good and there has been odd things that happened and were found there. But Waverly hills was always to my understanding a TB hospital then a Geratrics (old people) home that some where abused there. There is a tunnel on Waverly hills where they used carts to transport the bodies to the bottom of the hill to keep morale up at the hospital, it got deamed the "Body Chute" or the death tunnel. The new movie that came out a few months ago on DVD is called "THE DEATH TUNNEL" and it was filmed their based upon some of the true facts. But Ron the security guard has a website with most of the facts there.
mike 08-Aug-2006 15:03
it look like a furnace thing...maybe thy burned some of their patience. You know, this once was a place for mentally retarded pepeople to go to, than TB struck, and people started dying. The doctors that worked there use to use the people as test rats, so to say, and use to do all kinds of experiments to them...think about that.

Im going October 16, my mums birthday, its going to be great!
andrea 11-Jun-2006 00:26
what does this door go too? a basement? these are some pretty good pics of this place...