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Mark Ledford | all galleries >> Waverly Hills Sanitorium >> waverly hills black and white > DSCN2953.JPG
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Nikon Coolpix 990
1/64s f/3.5 at 11.3mm iso100 full exif

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nikki 24-Jun-2009 02:47
does anyone else see the first part of an arm grabing the pipe in the middle top? its in the sun!! look a;t the pipes you will see it!!!
Talena 05-Dec-2008 20:30
as long as all of you keep commenting on what JANETTE is saying your playing right into her little world and creating things for her to be negative about.....she irritates me as well but honestly keep commenting n what she says and your giving her what she wants...ATTENTION
Sanita Meade. 29-Jan-2008 22:43
I agree with Janette.
There is no face dear.
Not that i can see.
And Janette,
how could you know?
Because of your mother in a Mental Hospital?

You know what?
Your really making me mad.
Go choke on something.
Grow up.
How many times am I going to say this?
Im guessing lots.
Cause it's just not going through your thick skull.

Other than that,
im sorry dear,
but i see nothing in this picture..
only broken pipes,and tattered walls..
And a messy floor.
Heather 02-Nov-2007 03:52
Anyone can find faces in everyday things if you want to see them. I don't consider discoloration on the walls to be supernatural.
The doorway on the left leads to the morgue. For the record: the legend says that the nurse in 502 was pregnant by a married doctor and he performed the abortion, but wanted nothing more to do with her afterwards. She threatened to tell so he pushed her out of the window and claimed it was suicide. (Yeah right, in front of all those patients in the solarium. I'm sure none of them would have seen it!) The possibility of the father being a "supplier" is unlikely because all of the supplies were delivered at the bottom of the hill, so they could be transported up the tunnel. (Remember, the outside world did not want to be near the disease.) There was a train depot where employees and supplies were dropped off. Anyway, one-night-stands with strangers wasn't the norm back in those days, granted neither was adultery, but it's more likely the nurse fell in love with someone she had contact with everyday. If it was possible for the couple to be together she probably wouldn't have aborted the baby. The owners said that a baby was found in the well system. Again, no proof. The whole story is probably bull. If a nurse killed herself it was probably due to contracting the disease. It is on record that 2 nurses died while working there but the causes were undetermined. It's not unlikely that staff died from TB.
Janette Murphy 18-Oct-2007 16:59
You must be on something! The 'face' is nothing more than shadows on the peeling wall, as is everything else.How do you know the person in 502 looked 'wiery' - I assume you mean 'weary'- and confused? Perhaps she was glad to get out of her predicament and delighted to go? How can you possibly know? Because it fits in with all the silly stories and general assumptions, of course. Why do you assume the father of the ill-fated babe had to have been a patient or a doctor? What about the people who supplied the hospital - they didn't all leave things at the gate! - resident janitors and/or porters? Not only women worked in the kitchens, either......This is a picture of an old workspace, not unlike my uncle's garbage-can of a garage. Full stop.
brandon 19-May-2007 13:37
stories of a hereo is right there is 2 possible ghost here one defenintly look to the left side of the picture u see what appears as two circles then look up there is a ver clear face there not grafitti and them to circles breast aka boobs so its a female but not young of age i dont belive because of height so it could possibaly be Mary the little girl not in the under waist line area on the sides u see a withered arm so it is possiable its a mental midget...look at legs to also white there crossed giving off the expression he does possibaly need a wheelchair at way the knees are bent then notice far down the right side the wheel chair hiding in corner..... very intresting right? then i also ask you to note the other set of arms that appear to be sticking out of head and she is either handcuffed to that pole or hanging there dying bring back 502 to ur mind?
also note the facial expressions look wiery and confused signs of depression bring back 502 to ur mind? also note the breast and below waist line were they appear to be underwear if this is a nurse she is missing her uniform also note the nurse who hung herself in 502 was pregnant and the father had to of been a patient or a doctor because she was not allowed to leave the hospital u this could possibaly with me throwing a shot in the dark be a sexual scene were the nurse became pregnant. also look up u see what appears as a orb very intresting could be the baby who we all know had to of died in this place.
jamie 15-Oct-2006 03:07
it's probably graviti, you know there did use to be vandals (and still are)
Guest 04-Oct-2006 01:48
stories of a hero 23-Oct-2005 21:09
Can anyone else see the face in the middle of the pic. One eye is open, the other is closed. The mouth is a mass of checkerboard teeth, and a very angular chin.
Chasity 15-Sep-2005 13:30
Creepy looking