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Be different?  (weekly challenge...)

Be different? (weekly challenge...)

Ehm, I certainly love the theme but,
how can i be different if all i know is to be who i am?

So, the real title I would like to give this image of mine would be:
Run for life…while you can,
find and cultivate and spread beauty, wherever you can too.

The planet is just going crazy.
I can’t stand that “religion”, to this day, remain an excuse
to “destroy” the life of anybody and is used to “kill” others!
Religion is used for and by “some” politicians, dictators
and a vast array of manipulators…over “ignorants” and “easy to manipulate” people.
Religion is a “man made” thing to control the weak ones,
USE and ABUSE of them for the own benefits of the manipulators,
i.e. other human beings in position of “power & control”.

I can truly appreciate the basic values of religion,
principles that, unfortunately, don't seem to rule the world when i look at the world...
But, i personally love to read some passages in the great books that are
supposed to be a way of living life. There is a lot of wisdom in those books
but...when is this wisdom making a difference ultimately if "a single movie" is enough
to enhance the already existing chaos and give a licence to kill?

When will people realize the power “they” are giving to “religion” and their dictators???
Any extremist in ANY religion = danger.

Getting “enraged” over a stupid, bad taste, poor quality “movie” for ignorants
and made by ignorants and to KILL because of that stupid movie?
That is beyond ANY value that “religion” is supposed to be carrying as a message
and as a way of living life: LOVE…is what we can find in all those books.
Where is the “love” when religion is used to CONTROL and DESTROY the life of anyone?

All that negative toxic energy that is deployed over that “silly” joke of a trash movie
is….appalling, to say the least and AS STUPID if not more…disgusting.

Why can’t we just LIVE and LET LIVE “life and freedom” for ALL?
If that stupid movie had just been "disregarded"
where it seemed to have an horrible impact instead of given all this attention,
you think the makers would continue to make them? No...
And "so what" if they continue?
It is just a lemon of a movie of Z category!

What part of that is so difficult to understand?
My...ignorance is so ruling this planet...
Why this “need” to “control” others?
What is that? Since the beginning of times...
Can't we ALL just wake up and be part of the solution
instead of the problem?
There are no excuses to kill period
and NO EXCUSE to "infringe" the freedom of others either!
But...we are so far of any remote balance in the world.
Still, i want to keep faith and believe in some sort of new hope.

We don’t need religion to appreciate the beauty and wonders of this world
and of life itself.

Don't we just need to be more “human” “loving” and “at peace” with ourselves first
and then with each other…and the rest of our world?

Humans NEED to STOP destroying the planet,
the animals, nature and…themselves!

Why is it so difficult for people to take time to understand…?
Any type of power or force taking “over” any human being
for any reason is wrong. At any time, in any place,
as insignificant this could feel to WHOEVER wants to control whoever.

This being said, I know this does not apply to my fellow least,
this is what I want to believe.

The vast majority of the human race is made of sleepwalkers…
and THAT is the sad part. No significant and general effort is made
to make the blue planet, our world, a better place to just BE.

I also know that, most likely, the ones who will take time to “read”
are not the ones who don’t understand deep down the essence of this comment…already.
I personally recognize there must be some kind of a god or energy that "rules"
the universe, but totally reject the idea of "fear" that comes with
man made religion...

Perhaps instead of running,
we just all need to sit quietly and feel
the beauty of our world, the real one, all together?

Oui je sais...une utopie.

I also know that between black and white, there are all those
shades of grey...and what we see and hear through media is often
biased...and manipulated...too.

None the less, photography is a beautiful way to capture life
with all those shades and to communicate...

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Janet Donnelly05-May-2013 23:25
Your image is mysterious yet beautiful..... but your words speak volumes. I believe that people can be good without god and that religion is, and has been in many ways, a destructive problem. Thanks you so much for your honesty!
mtd07419-Sep-2012 00:09
Wow you put so much thought into this. Well done!
Norbert Fortelny18-Sep-2012 18:17
Mysterious photo, great as always.
Lots of different ways to interpret it, that's what makes in interesting and special.
Best greetings!
Jola Dziubinska17-Sep-2012 18:34
Awesome photo, excellent perspective and mono tones. V.
rousselziak17-Sep-2012 14:50
Superbe ! -V-
An De Wilde17-Sep-2012 11:10
well done, great picture
Flo Hendry17-Sep-2012 04:57
wonderful image and words. The words to "God" by John Lennon came to mind. "God is a concept by which we measure our pain..."
Inga Morozoff17-Sep-2012 02:52
Cindi Smith17-Sep-2012 02:48
Amen! Your words speak volumes. I agree that "religion" can go to extremes. I'm who has always said, it isn't about religion but about a relationship. So many people do not understand that and the world would be a better place if they did. I do like the image a lot. Your outlook is always refreshing and I like how you speak your mind. I admire your honesty.
sue anne17-Sep-2012 02:37
Wow, very well thought out.
wernere0117-Sep-2012 01:54
This is a wonderful image that works great in b&w. But the difference is in your words. As Walter said, I like your courage to put your opinion in a nutshell here, which is a rare thing at pbase. And I fully agree, especially with your point of view concerning religions (not faith), as a significant part in this disgusting game, though there are more instruments than that. Thats one reason why I continue to capture the beauty things of life. It keeps my balance. v
Stephanie16-Sep-2012 17:45
Interesting words and image. This certainly is a different take on the theme! I like your thinking out of the box Claudia!
settler16-Sep-2012 17:24
Just keep shooting and never mind!..V!
J. Scott Coile16-Sep-2012 02:21
Most of life is lived in the grey.
Walter O. Koenig16-Sep-2012 00:29
I like your take on the theme. I did read your words, but I will not comment on them here. I will take the live and let live position. I respect your opinions and applaud your courage that you let us know them. For those that look close enough, my opinions on life can be gleaned by looking at my images, especially my PaD Gallery. As for your photo, it's excellent, I really like its mysteriousness and many possible stories. Well done! "V"
Karen Stuebing15-Sep-2012 21:42
The linen dress with its shadows is very fitting for your dissertation on religion and people in general. Whether one agrees with your viewpoint or not, this is a perfect illustration for it. V.
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