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PauloCGama15-Mar-2012 00:51
Hey Joe
I've seen my last time here at the guestbook: 2010 my man. How long since PP?
The road really goes on forever!

Carol 12-Feb-2012 22:33
Beautiful site Joe...wonderful work
PauloCGama28-Dec-2009 01:06
Hey Joe, my good friend.
I wish you and your loved ones a wonderful 2010 plenty of love, health, harmony and joy.
A big & sincere hug
The road goes on forever.
Craig Robinson30-Jun-2009 11:08
It's been a coon's age, Joe. How ya doin? Everything's just right up here in the sticks. Hope all is well with you.

See ya ~ Craig
Sem 20-Jul-2006 21:50
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Galina Stepanova03-Jul-2006 21:04
Drive careful, Joe!
Yan 07-Jun-2006 22:37
Hey, Site was very interesting for me. I wish you and your site everything best!
Alex 02-Jun-2006 11:10
Dori 31-May-2006 07:30
Good site. It would be desirable to return again and again! 23-May-2006 15:36
Nice site! David
Guest 21-May-2006 19:03
Very interesting have some fantastic work...I really liked the ER nights gallery. Hope to see more of your wishes...Lorraine
Kolin 07-May-2006 23:56
Hi! Do not prompt as me to send e-mail? = (
Zloy 07-May-2006 01:29
Why I can not insert the image into my message? 19-Apr-2006 09:18
Fabulous site.
jik 12-Apr-2006 05:53

I love this site and awesome Spend hours reading/writing fanfictions, one of the things that keeps me sane. The organization and selection is even better on this site.
also I love the way it's organized, and it's really clear that the adminstrators care about the people visiting the site. The atmosphere is fun, friendly and warm. And there are a lot of talented people that share their art with the rest of us that contribute to the quality of the site as well. I absolutely love why dont you visit aside from this websites you visited
Lev 10-Apr-2006 14:10
Prompt how to get rid of advertising?
Guest 10-Apr-2006 13:03
Your galleries are incredible. Wonderful photographs
Guest 10-Apr-2006 11:01
Great Work!!! Wonderful collection of pictures.
Keep it up...
Anton 31-Mar-2006 17:37
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FIREGROUND IMAGES by Keith Muratori10-Feb-2006 17:28
You have quite the collection here. Excellent work with people.

Take care,
wert 10-Feb-2006 14:54
Nice, well done! sdsdsadas [p] sadasdas
Acheter 26-Oct-2005 14:42
I love this site!
Thank for all . Veronile
Acheter 26-Oct-2005 09:35
I love this site!
Thank for all . Veronile
Acheter 26-Oct-2005 09:35
I love this site!
Thank for all . Veronile
gina_dl23-Oct-2005 08:23
Thanks for the visit J.. Sorry for the delay. You have a great collection of pics here yourself.
Happy shooting and take care!
Guest 22-Oct-2005 02:56
I really enjoy visiting your galleries. I usualy swing by once in a while to see what you have created. I would like some day to start my focus on the art of photgraphing poeple as you do. The images that you produce each seem to have a story behind them and what I enjoy the most is, studying and doing a collective thought on what that story may be. I usualy can come up with two or three differnt storys with one image. I do admire your work and find it to be quite inspiering.
Peter 15-Oct-2005 18:42
Hi! I ocasionally found your site and I think it is very informative. I've found very much interesting stuff for me... Thanks for your site!
Vixi 15-Oct-2005 15:45
Wat een prachtige vernieuwde website. Heldere opzet en ook een goede kleurstelling. Mooi.
Mijn complimenten!

Met vriendelijke groeten
Dan Houck21-Sep-2005 02:44
You have some interesting work here. Definately worth keeping an eye on. Added you to favorites. Thanks for riding the rails, hope you continue to enjoy the journey.
Guest 30-Jul-2005 06:33
Its been awhile since ive been to your gallerys. You have some great images, i enjoyed my view through your eyes.

Peter Chou04-Apr-2005 23:44
Excellent documentary and street photography! I enjoyed your ER work the best and I always love to see other realities and you have portrayed yours admirably through the lens. Do take a look at my world and I have a gallery on nurses of Singapore that you might be interested.
Joe Vigliotta02-Apr-2005 17:52

I would be glad to help you out. Which album speciifically are you referring to and I would be glad to help you with the code and set up.

Guest 02-Apr-2005 17:06
Mr Gull:
Beautiful work. Thank you.
I would like to albumize some granddaughter images the way you have displayed your images on the screen:
Line by line, 4 columns wide. Please, please tell us/me how to do it. Do you have a simple instruction page somewhere ? ANY help, most appreciated. 4/2/05
Cristine Varney27-Mar-2005 19:43
I was browising your impressively diverse galleries this morning, and what
strikes me is your ability to capture the whole gamut of life on this spinning orb.

One of my all time favorites, is "Amazement" in your Simple Things, Little Things, Special Things gallery.

It is my aim and desire that we all would have this feeling of discovery and wonder
which your lens has so perfectly captured, throughout our lives.

My best and brightst to you, Joe. ...Hugs, ..c
Susan T19-Mar-2005 18:31
Thanks for your complement on my images, I browsed through yours and I like what I see, very nice indeed!
Joe Vigliotta15-Jan-2005 16:19
Thank You Very Much. Those are very kind words and supportive thoughts. Inspirational for me.
Guest 15-Jan-2005 15:11
Great gallerie, fantastic pics, big emotions and the comments about life even I know them al,l are still as valid as life itself!!!! You have a killer style and if life would be fair should have hundred of thousands of clicks....
Keep on living and using u re camera. You get my vote and I hope to see more pics of your emotions.
Lu26-Aug-2004 20:27
I like the humor and strength conveyed by your pictures, and.. they are beautiful!
Galina Stepanova18-Aug-2004 02:29
Dear Joe,
this is just a word of appreciation to your beautiful photography, deep and meaningful landscapes, captured with love and mastery; your spontaneous and natural candid shots, full of everyday life.
I spend a wonderful evening with your pictures.
My appreciation as well to your helpful comments and advices on my work.
Best wishes,
Guest 15-Aug-2004 03:52

Thanks for stopping by my website a few days ago--your comment got lost in the mad shuffle of Kerry comments. Ridiculous. I've always thought my photographs were good--just ask me--but that darn Kerry gallery is the only time I've ever had a popular gallery. Anyway, yeah use images, phrases, whatever. It's all good. So that flag in the window pic...that's a 100% crop of a photo I took for a poster. You can see the final product here:

It was a reflection in a window. I took 256 megs worth of pictures of that window/flag at different angles. This one was a no-brainer for the poster though. I was originally working with this image, but it wasn't nearly as strong:

Now on to your photos--they're quite good. I especially like your "casual observer" and "ER" galleries. I left some comments on my favorite pictures.

All the best, and make sure you vote...for anyone!
PauloCGama04-Aug-2004 14:40
Hello my friend. I've got your mail ready. She wrote some few and beautiful words. :-)
The mail will be send this evening and the Cd tomorrow!
Sincere hugs my friend.
Joe Vigliotta29-Jun-2004 13:51
Hi Cin;
Yes, I have been slowly adding my works here. I think I shall do the PAD soon. I am trying to clean up my hard disk of all photos right now. I had no idea how many photos I never used I had. I need to transfer them all to CD before this machine gets Alz!
Then, good bad or ugly I will try PAD.
Kind Regards Cin, to you, and your family.
Cindy29-Jun-2004 13:48
Oh my goodness Joey, I didn't know you had a pbase gallery, I was soooo surprised to see comments from you on mine. Your gallery is wonderful, I love every image you have posted, I esp. loved your surfrat chronicles, very well done. You have a wonderful eye for a photo, why don't you jump into the PAD cult now??? That is a REAL challenge. I started it in April, and believe me, somedays, it is a real struggle to think of something to shoot. I had to cheat on a few days, and add plug in's. Thanx for stopping by my gallery and giving me a laugh with your frozen food section comment, leave it to you to think of something like that. :-) Hugs to you my friend. Cindy.
Guest 28-Jun-2004 11:45
Hello Mister Gull,

thank you! best regards Stefan
PauloCGama15-Feb-2004 03:24
Nope, not like PP and yes, like a gallery. And you'll find wonderful ones here. Anddie Dippie, Bart Aldrich, Marie Helene Raletz, Eddy Meuwese, GP Merfeld, Armindo Lopes, Stefan Rohnerand so on, all here too.
So glad to see more of your work here my friend.
Guest 14-Feb-2004 21:34
Thanks for stopping by me site! Great work too!

Joe Vigliotta04-Feb-2004 09:39
Hallo Paulo

Well you know I have been giving this alot of thought. I do have much to upload. But, I should probably rework most of them to get the dings and dents out. There is such good work here. I would hate to post sloppy work. It is not a critique site like PP is it?
More like a gallery.
As for new work. Ha, I have none. No idea either.
Well, I am out in triage tonight. A very busy night in the ER, whewww!
Nice talking with you, always is.
PauloCGama03-Feb-2004 11:46
Hello my friend.
When are you going to sub some images? :)
Hugs my friend.