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Shan Dong

Thanks for visiting my gallery.

I went to Shan Dong Province in north eastern China during the National Week holidays on 2004 and visited the three cities Qing Dao, Qu Fu and Ji Nan. I also climb the staircases with thousands of steps up to the peak of the famous Tai Shan. Though a bit tiresome, it was a very memorable trip indeed.

Qing Dao was a German colony during the Ching Dynasty and the city was crowded with German style buildings from the old age. It is the coastal city where the 2008 Olympic Games wind surfing competition will be held.

Qu Fu was the home town of Confucious and contains historical temples built over 1000 years ago to adore the man that had so much powerful influence to the Chinese culture.

Tai Shan is a famous mountain in China. It was first mentioned in history over 2000 years after the hike by Confucious. Since Shi Huang Di (the "First King") of the Chin Dynasty about 2000 years ago, the Emperors of ancient China had started their regular imperial worship of the gods on the peak of Tai Shan. Plenty of historical remains from these ages have endured the time and, fortunately, destruction during the Cultural Revolution due to the difficult accessibility. Visitors have to climb thousands of footsteps to reach the peak. Therefore Tai Shan has long remained a quiet place separated from the public and was the best asylum for those who indulge in religion study. On the top levels of the mountain, religious structures built for Buddhism, Taoism and Confucionism can be found but they all exist together in harmony without conflict.

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Qing Dao
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Qu Fu
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Tai Shan
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Ji Nan
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