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Tokyo, Nikko, Sendai and Matsushima

Spent my holiday in Japan and travelled from Tokyo to Matsushima through Nikko and Sendai at the north-east in late July 2004.
Nice place and very friendly people I met there, though the weather turning from bad to stormy during the middle part of my journey was very discouraging. Pity I was not able to take many good picture of the scenary in the mountainous area of Sendai - may be next time.
u38%2fbesati%2fsmall%2f32085824._DSC0932ps.jpg u38%2fbesati%2fsmall%2f32086091._DSC0931ps.jpg u11%2fbesati%2fsmall%2f32086209._DSC0935ps.jpg u38%2fbesati%2fsmall%2f32086574._DSC0938ps.jpg
u38%2fbesati%2fsmall%2f32089913._DSC0961ps.jpg Lamp Post in Tokyo u38%2fbesati%2fsmall%2f32087844._DSC0960ps.jpg Sign box at the entrance of the Asakusa Temple
u38%2fbesati%2fsmall%2f32090201._DSC1006ps.jpg Window Shopping in Sendai u38%2fbesati%2fsmall%2f32128664._DSC0941ps.jpg The Royal Host Restaurant
u38%2fbesati%2fsmall%2f32128897._DSC0934bps.jpg Is it a flower or a leaf? u36%2fbesati%2fsmall%2f32160609._DSC1219ps.jpg Sheltering under the roof of the Asakusa Temple
The Sendai Museum of History and Culture Waterworld - Disneyland Sea Moulded Peace A Buzziing Visitor
Garden Above The Clouds Planter Islands The Harbour, Matsushima Shore of Matsushima
u36%2fbesati%2fsmall%2f32195669._DSC1316ps.jpg Colors Feeding Seagulls at Matsushima Confrontation
Hero Fly High u38%2fbesati%2fsmall%2f32097285._DSC1111bps.jpg Tradition
Pinnacle of Carftsmanship 1 Pinnacle of Carftsmanship 2 Love Charms Thou Shalt Not ...
Threshold to Buddhism u37%2fbesati%2fsmall%2f32097270._DSC1182ps.jpg A Cool Guy Play My Tune
Japanese Supermart Gardeners of the Matsushima Museum The whistle Shopkeeper, Temple of Nikko
u38%2fbesati%2fsmall%2f32098300._DSC1122ps.jpg u37%2fbesati%2fsmall%2f32098905._DSC1123ps.jpg Schoolgirl Achievement
Grahhhhhhh The Little Pink Lady School Girl With A Golden Umbrella It's closed!  What should I do?
Wonder Kid Light Painting with Firework at night Don't bother the wishes, let's go u11%2fbesati%2fsmall%2f38083553._DSC1153ps.jpg
Cheers Painting Light with Firework at night 2 Young Indiana Jones Which shop shall we go next?
u37%2fbesati%2fsmall%2f32093995._DSC0983ps.jpg Cheers You should go that way u36%2fbesati%2fsmall%2f32249157._DSC1247ps.jpg
Hello? Are you there? I heard it through the grapevine u37%2fbesati%2fsmall%2f32094605._DSC1008ps.jpg Urasenke