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The ORIGINS of Life

Life started in the Primordial Stream. In the beginning there was only slime.It oozed green from the bowels of the earth, bubbling forth, celestial song heralding the moment***In comedy, as in life, timing is everything.It took an eternity for conditions to be right, ripening in exquisite anticipation***Covered in ice, ravaged by wind,the germ of creation awaits its turn in the evolutionary cycle, relentlessly to multiply***At first, some tentative steps.A few primitive plants, glowingly uncomplicated, mere forebears
of the glory in store***Primordial life-forms in first blush,Like brushstrokes of an impressionist master capturing a garden
of as-yet-undiscovered delights***An undefined amalgam, a bouquet.A priceless gift from Gaia, the most-generous, the all-giving, all-forgiving Mother of us all***It comes from the sky, as the heavens darken.
It points the way to cataclysmic change a cascade of riches of everlasting strife***This is a time before death.
That will come later. Now life begins. It is creation.And for the moment, indestructible.
rMisWa_edited-1.jpg slime92aaa.jpg slime9a copy.jpg ice10a copy.jpg
slime5a copy.jpg IMG_6776a.jpg IMG_6904a copy.jpg IMG_6790.jpg
IMG_6807.jpg IMG_6784_edited-1.jpg FzkX6 copy.jpg cob5P copy.jpg
IMG_6894a copy.jpg ice7 copya.jpg IMG_6782.jpg IMG_6788.JPG
IMG_6800a.jpg slime8a copy.jpg slime90a copy.jpg bol11.jpg
IMG_6809.jpg IMG_6913a copy.jpg IMG_6909a copy.jpg IMG_6907a copy.jpg
IMG_6813.jpg IMG_6833aa.jpg IMG_6848aaa.jpg IMG_6884a copy.jpg
IMG_6765.jpg IMG_6808.jpg slime13aaaa1.jpg IMG_6763a.jpg
IMG_6800a.jpg scum1a.jpg scum2a.jpg ice6a copy.jpg
slime 95a .jpg IMG_6780a.jpg scum7a.jpg IMG_6801.jpg
IMG_6836a copy.jpg scum8a copy.jpg BOL12.jpg ice2 copya.jpg
IMG_6799.jpg slime22 copya.jpg ice4 copy.jpg IMG_6893a copy.jpg
slime1aa.jpg otylu copya.jpg slime100a copy.jpg IMG_6792_edited-1.jpg
slime8a copy.jpg slime10aa copy.jpg slime13aa copy.jpg IMG_6764.jpg
bol7.jpg slime38 copy.jpg SZw1Y copy.jpg slime10aa copy.jpg
ice13a copy.jpg scum2a.jpg scum6aa.jpg slime5a.jpg
slime58a copy.jpg slime56a copy.jpg slime16 copya.jpg ice11 copya.jpg
slime35a copy.jpg slime32 copya.jpg slime7aa.jpg slime95a copy.jpg
slime91a copy.jpg slime98a copy.jpg scum4a.jpg ice9a copy.jpg
slime89a copy.jpg bol2.jpg bof5aaa.jpg slime33 copya.jpg
bol.jpg bol6.jpg IMG_6786aa.jpg bol9.jpg
bol23.jpg bol15.jpg bol27.jpg slime3a copy.jpg
bol28_edited-1.jpg bol26_edited-1.jpg ice3a copy.jpg IMG_6810a.jpg