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Photos from Sao Tome and Principe

large flag
short form Sao Tome and Principe
capital Sao Tome
long form Democratic Republic of Sao Tome and Principe
local short Sao Tome e Principe
local long Republica Democratica de Sao Tome e Principe
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Photo Galleries from Sao Tome and Principe (6 total)

Panoramas by mzungu


S. Tomé e Príncipe by mzungu


São Tomé and Príncipe - Birds by Ian Fulton


São Tomé and Príncipe - Views and people by Ian Fulton


São Tomé 2007-2008 by Noemia Costa Dias


Sao Tome by Christian Bétrisey

Sao Tomean Cities
São Tomé (0)
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Sao Tomean Regions
Principe Sao Tome
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