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World >> Cape Verdean Photos

Photos from Cape Verde

large flag
short form Cape Verde
capital Praia
long form Republic of Cape Verde
local short Cabo Verde
local long Republica de Cabo Verde
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Photo Galleries from Cape Verde (15 total)

Boa Vista by Frank Terassa

Old Brick Works by Peter Robertson

Club Hotel Karamboa by Peter Robertson

Chaves Beach by Peter Robertson

Cabo Verde by Xavi Barneda

Cabo Verde :: Sal by Marcin Krakowiak

Cape Verde 2004 by Jan-Michael Breider

City of Vancouver by John W (WARBY)

Cape Verde black and white by Jean-Gregoire Marin

Santiago by Frank Terassa

CAPE VERDE 2007 by Ulf Sthle

Glenwood Springs by Ruth Moorhead

Cape Verdean Cities
Praia (221)
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Cape Verdean Regions
Boa Vista Brava Praia Ribeira Grande Santa Catarina
Santa Cruz São Domingos São Filipe São Miguel São Nicolau
São Vicente (( Fogo )) Maio Paul Sal
Mosteiros Tarrafal
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