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Nicole 05-Nov-2020 04:20
Hello, we are trying to license photos from David Scott and LeRoy Grannis for a TV Series; does anyone have any contact info for either or estate info? Thank you.
venicepix04-Jun-2018 23:56
To set the record straight (and to paraphrase Mark Twain): Rumors of my demise are highly exaggerated. Still alive and kickin' DS aka venicepix
Bodhipine 04-Jun-2018 23:10
How does one reach David Scott if he's still alive? Did he ever publish a book of his fantastic photos?
Marc Martinez 17-Jun-2017 05:03
Does anyone have pictures of "The German's" restaurant that was along Pacific? Any pictures of the 1006 Pacific Avenue version of Gold's when it was opened?
kafkette 09-Apr-2017 12:30
hi there.
might you know what's become of allen dennis? on one hand, i do not know that i wanna know; on the other, i figure it's best i do. we werent close friends, i just took a phrase of his — mercy buckets that i've used more than thirty years, & i'd like to thank him. that's about it.

otoh, i might be able to ID some of yr venice unnameables, IF they come from the punk scene, & IF the punk scene in which they fished & drowned was in the late 70s. otoh, lots of people i know now could likely name more.

i thank you much, & i'm easy to find: edi of punks for bernie in the Apocalypse on facebook. that's the best way to reach me.
Guest 09-Dec-2015 14:31
De superbes photos, que dire d'autre ?
huile de ricin14-May-2015 12:49
De superbes photos, que dire d'autre ?
Avoir une belle peau01-May-2015 13:09
I love your galery
matteo 24-Oct-2013 19:28
I just found your photos recently. I'm working on a documentary about the Mecca and am interested in possibly using some of your photos in the film.

My email is
skateboard john 11-Sep-2013 19:48
Skateboard John .... these pics are a trip. OMG. love to here from dougo. buddah. all the rest. so many gone now. I will never forget those wonderful times. 82 thru 92. contact me :
Guest 21-Jul-2013 18:49
Hey, I think you are David and LittleJohn right? I love your pics and I remember you guys quite well. My sister's house across the street, I would love to hear from you. Jerry
Eb 27-Jun-2013 01:53
These photos are incredible, and yes, they are getting distributed around the internet on blogs without your getting credit! I saw a few grouped together in different places and by the consistent high quality and unique vision I knew they had to have come from a single source. One fortunately had a caption "Venice Beach" and when I searched that with the date "1970's" in google images I tracked down your FANTASTIC site. I've been here for nearly two hours--but where is your personal profile? People SHOULD give you credit--they need and want biographical / artistic information! If you possibly have the time, I would implore you to write up a paragraph or two with some of the information about yourself which you have kindly and candidly shared here as responses to fans' questions. Why not include this on your "profile" page? Your archive absolutely deserves care and proper cataloguing. It beautifully and artistically documents a unique place and time in American culture--one which has influenced style around the world. What about contacting the Smithsonian Institution--they must have a photography curator? And what about your brother's Hockney / Geldzahler connections? Someone in that orbit would surely be able to offer some assistance. I wish you very good luck with this. Thank you for giving so much time and energy toward making this fascinating material available to the public.
Mike C23-May-2013 06:45
Hey Venicepix, Michael Cramer here, I was a boardwalk/breakwater local back in the mid-70's (good friends with Ananda, Dylan, and Noah). I have two black and whites take by, I believe you, if you would like to see them I can send you a scan... it would be great to know if there are yours? Either way thanks for the trip down memory broadwalk... Cheers, m.
Salty 14-Dec-2012 03:57

2324 Pacific Ave, Venice. Summer of 1977.
Guest 24-Jul-2012 14:31
My name is Louise, I am writing from Front Magazine in London.
We are doing a huge skate feature in our up coming issue and would really like to use some of your awesome photos- specifically any z boys team/members.
Do you have a way to contact you to discuss this? my email is

Chris Merritt 03-May-2012 04:14
Hi David - Sorry to pester you, but I am currently working on a book about Pacific Ocean Park, and was wondering about getting permission to use one of your photos on the site. I sent you a private message on the page with this photo: 01013 Beneath POP.jpg

Thanks! - Chris Merritt
Guest 02-May-2012 13:02
Send them over to London we'll gladly accept them.
venicepix28-Apr-2012 04:12
Well…. Since you put it so delicately….
I might point out that thanks to modern technology more than 1300 of my photos are easily available to anyone with a computer and internet access. There are many more well known and accomplished photographers out there whose work is much less publicly available. Just a few years ago I was thinking that most of my negatives would wind up in a dumpster after I died. Frankly, I didn’t think that there was anyone who would much care. It took the untimely death of Dennis Agnew and the resulting tribute begun by Kelley Jackson to make me realize that perhaps that wasn’t the case….. and let’s face it, I would gladly trash all my negs if it would bring Dennis back. But sadly that’s not the way it works. At least now if a Hurricane washes away my little house (always a distinct possibility) all would not be lost.
The question of what to do with the negatives still on the shelf (figuratively and literally) is not an easy one to answer. I’m certainly not ready relinquish control and to send them off to some archive. Personally, I don’t think my work is so important that some institution is going to have the resources to scan and somehow catalog tens of thousands of shots anyway. Even now there are very few people who have really had the inclination to go through the entire site and although I posted them all myself I sometimes have trouble finding a shot that I know is there……. somewhere!!!
I do hope I’ll find the time to go through venicepix and make more careful scans of some of the best shots and to also scan some other negatives that didn’t make it to the site. I might remark, however, that some of my favorite photos are not what one might call venicepix material.
I do promise that if I should find myself hovering outside death’s door I’ll try to find a future home for all the negs…. Any ideas,,,,,,anyone? Anyone?
david john 27-Apr-2012 15:50
whats gonna happen to the rest of your pictures after you kick the ol' bucket
anita (romo) molina dt chick 21-Mar-2012 11:39
nice to go to a sight filled with fond memories of good times and people...anita
Guest 11-Mar-2012 22:03
can you add some pictures of the z-boys?
venicepix11-Mar-2012 20:32
Since this question has been asked twice I’ll try to answer, but the answer has three parts:
1: venicepix has 1361 images posted but I have many, many more negatives so even if I could post “the rest” it would create a site that would be way too big to take in. As it is I have trouble keeping track of them myself.
2: In this digital age huge amounts of information can travel around with us or be accessed from afar. The negatives, however stay in one place. Quite often I don’t. To scan a negative I have to pull the file off the shelf, remove the strip and insert it into the scanner. That can’t be done from another hemisphere.
5. The internet was a different beast seven years ago when venicepix began. Recently I have begun to see my shots showing up all over the world, often without credit. It’s both flattering and upsetting. It may even be somewhat upsetting to some of the subjects too. At first it was necessary for people to download the shots, save them, and then upload them to another site. People did that with as many as 50 shots at a time. Now with many of the blog sites it’s even easier than that. For example, with tumblr when one person posts a shot it gets an ID and is saved on the tumblr drives and any other tumblr user can reblog it to their blog with a click or two. Even more annoying is the fact that it gets automatically credited back to the blog that stole it in the first place.

I have a bit more time on my hands these days and I’ve done some scanning, mostly of the shots I myself most want to see digitized and cleaned up. Some of these might be venicepix material (I took lots of photos that have nothing to do with the Venice locals etc) but my favorite shots are the very ones that I would hate to see scattered about the world without proper credit.
You might try an image search for Jay Adams. My shot of him holding his helmet is always on the top row. If you choose it and click “more sizes” there are twelve versions and although Kelley and Adam credited me, most didn’t. If you take the image itself and drag it into the Google image search box (in another open window) you’ll get at least four pages of hits, with new ones showing up every week. It’s a classic shot, if I do say so myself, and I hope Jay likes it (he wasn’t all that comfortable posing for it). But in some ways I wish I hadn’t posted it.
Guest 10-Mar-2012 20:58
Hey David i was just wondering if you were planning on adding the rest of the photos in your collection?
venicepix10-Mar-2012 18:40
SORRY!That was a typo which I have fixed. (The 01275 number is a sequential number that I give to each picture as I scan and save them into my venicepix folders. I think I must have picked up the'75 and written that instead of the correct:1979)
venicepix10-Mar-2012 13:04
I didn't date the first 10 proof sheets. #11 is marked May 77 and by #24 they have complete dates of the day I developed them and I was fairly accurate from then on. I think I went back and marked the first 10 simply "Spring '77" and it's possible that the first few may have been actually from the end of 1976 but not 1975. Maybe you could leave a comment on the shot you mention since I don't know which one it is. If I wrote 1975 it's probably a typo, but if the date was in a comment, I probably wouldn't have 'corrected' it. I was in Venice a few years before I started taking black and white.
Guest 10-Mar-2012 09:38
can you please straighten this out for me David when did you come to Venice and start taking photographs in 77 like it says at homestead or in 75 as it says on one of your roller skating photos.
Guest 07-Mar-2012 06:13
do you think you will ever put the rest of your pictures up here, i would love to see them.
venicepix28-Feb-2012 13:04
I would refer you to the "Bulldog pages":
There's a post from "Julie", the eighth up from the bottom.
Guest 28-Feb-2012 06:54
what did dennis agnew die from?
hollu 05-Dec-2011 03:58
Hey David and Little is Holly, Prudy's daughter...I turn 50 tomorrow...wild huh!!!
venicepix22-Oct-2011 16:20
In response to a 'private' comment (which you all can't see) asking how this came to be:
I surfed the breakwater for about ten years but have never considered myself as a ‘local’ partly because I wasn’t raised in Venice and partly because surfing and the breakwater were never the major focus of my life. I started taking photographs of the locals because I realized that very few of them would hassle a guy when they considered that the guy might be able to produce a nice shot of them surfing or skating. After a while I was obviously aware that I was documenting a rather unique subculture and that influenced what I chose to photograph. I might point out that I shot perhaps twenty-five thousand frames during that time and so venicepix only represents four percent of what I shot.
I started this website as a tribute to Dennis Agnew because I liked and respected him and I’d like to think that he felt the same about me. The site grew larger than I expected, often fueled and influenced by thoughtful comments made by the early visitors. One might say that “venicepix…the website” was shaped by its audience. The overwhelming majority of people shown here I personally knew only casually or didn’t really know at all. For example, looking through the “Lots of Venice People” there’s no one represented there who I stayed in touch with after I left Venice twenty-five years ago (We did always send a Christmas card to Diver Dan). I have kept my negatives carefully filed and I have a steamer trunk full of prints but I had suspected they might end up in a dumpster if I kicked the bucket, so I welcomed the chance to share them once again on the internet…
Domingo08-Sep-2011 13:11
Hello to all of you -

Starting on September 5th, 2011 I began embarking on a social experiment to find the names of these 8 boys. This photo was published in the March 1980 Smithsonian magazine and can be found on pages 112-113 in the article titled “Wheels and deals keep California Venice spinning“. The article was written by Charles Lockwood with photographs taken by Chad Slattery.

I know that I could probably go about sourcing this information by contacting the Smithsonian, which would put me in contact with the author and photographer. That doesn’t sound challenging enough. I want to see if all this information can be sourced using online social networks such as: Google+, Facebook, Linkedin, Quora, Twitter and my website. To accomplish this, I’m going to need your help! Please re-post this and share this information with everyone that you know through an online network! You can of course know these same people and having personally met them, but I request that you must only share this information online. I am again striving to learn how quickly I can go from not knowing these 8 guys personally, to learning their names, getting an updated photo of them and learning what has occurred in their lives since this photo was taken and published. Again, if this project interests you, and you would like to help, please contribute and share!

This same information and accompanying photos can be found on my website at the following shortened url: or just go to my website:

For questions and/or information, please email: domingorogers (at) gmail (dot) com

Thanks for your help and allowing me the chance to have a glimpse into you and your friend's lives!
Tony Ryan 02-Aug-2011 02:57
David well done. you have captured a very special moment in time for so many people.Thanks. im the "fish brother" surfing in that pic. i remember that day and of all my go outs to this day that day was so perfect for the breakwater never saw it many good friends and memories..
Serg, from Russia with love)) 17-Apr-2011 10:01
Unbelievable! I spent a couple of hours looking at the picture! Good times gone.
Tim Hayes 15-Apr-2011 16:53
THANKS for the killer pics! It's great to see some more of the scene rather than the same ol' pics we always get!
Alana08-Apr-2011 02:25
Wow, what a trip down memory lane.. Thank you so much for the wonderful photos! But where's all the girls! - Mahalo, Alana
rory hoffman 02-Feb-2011 05:12
Thanks for all the great old fotos
briggs 04-Jan-2011 18:05
Guest 15-Sep-2010 21:08
just saw this and spend HOURS reliving my childhood. thanks so much.
Allen Rice 10-Sep-2010 17:48
Hey David thanks for posting the pics and adding the commentary and history of " The Days and the Life in and around The Breakwater." This was where I learned to surf in 1976 and was first brought there by Dell Grant. He was the best surfer, in my opinion, at the VBWL at that time. You were always very cool and encouraging and consistent. You weren't a flake. I remember you letting me borrow your springsuit one time when I went to surf County Line. It is really cool that all the energy you invested in chronichling the people from the VBWL era has had a far reaching touch and captured a very unique piece of American History. I live in S Florida and am married with 2 boys who are 11 and 12. I still surf and wish the surf was more consistent. But I did get some unreal waves last friday in Palm Beach. Hope all is well with you and thanks again for the person you are, you haven't changed and that is good! Warmest regards, Allen Rice
SALLY 27-Jul-2010 04:33
sorry, I was not allowed to give his website but it is on Facebook, Team MEXICAN.
Guest 27-Jul-2010 04:31
Check out Dayne Olsen at Team MEXICAN
shawley23-May-2010 02:15
Hi, my name is Spencer and I'm looking for anyone who remembers an old local named Darchelle Bridges. She may have gone by Darcy. You can contact me at spencerhawley @
Any information would be greatly appreciated!
Adam Marcus Paul 08-May-2010 03:27
It's Adam Paul here, Hey! Imagine my shock when i saw pictures of myself skating the Marina Skate Park in your galleries. Wow! I never saw them before so It was heart felt and touching to say the least. There is a shot of me and polar bear (RIP) that really hit home. Anyway I am in awe. thanks for keeping the memory alive. peace..
Guest 29-Apr-2010 08:09
If anyone has any information on how to contact PEGGY BENCOMO, I would be very greatful. It is a very important, personal matter. My name is Carl, I met Peggy while attending Western New Mexico University in Silver City, NM back in 1991-92. I can be reached via email at:

I thank you in advance for your help.
Please email me with any questions.
Raynard(Ray)01-Apr-2010 22:23
Dave THANK YOU for this important and historical archive. I'd like to get some signed prints. 16X24? They'd look great hanging at - get ahold oof me at and let's work something out. Peace, Raynard
dougo 22-Jan-2010 06:26
Ill be a breakwater local till the wheels fall off
Guest 31-Dec-2009 22:16
The letter from Marilyn Sleeper to all of his friends is on Pat's memorial page......
December 31, 2009

Please respond; Marilyn would love to connect with all of you..... I am Pat's aunt.......Jan
Jan 31-Dec-2009 14:38
Hey.....I am Pat Sleeper's aunt (Marilyn's sister) and Pat's mother Marilyn would love to connect with you and has written a wonderful letter for you all. One of the names she remembered was John Hands (see below)......Marilyn doesn't have a computer so I am helping her get in contact with anyone who was Pat's friend. Also she loved the pics of Pat on this site and wonders if anyone has any more pics they could share with her. Marilyn and Joe are in Las Vegas, and I am in Two Harbors, Minnesota. Please respond.....she would be so happy to share memories of Pat with you all! Minnesota sister Jan
Bex12-Dec-2009 00:03
Update: My new yahoo is: .... Becky
Guest 05-Dec-2009 19:29
Brothers and Sisters! Love to hear from you. Those days were magnificent... sublime... Raynard (Ray) Packard and check out
Bex23-Sep-2009 12:18
Hey everyone! Becky Howe here, how cool this site is, probably the best years of my life were spent with all of you in Venice! So sad to see so many of us are gone. Anyone wanting to contact me, I would love to hear from you! Miss ya'!
kirsten howell 16-Jul-2009 19:19
kirsten howell 16-Jul-2009 19:18
Kara...I am looking for you.
Steve Shelp 11-Jul-2009 18:10
Dave your photos are truly works of art. So many memories. Thanks for the website and all the photos over the years. Glad to see you and John are doing well. Venice is not the same without you and your camera. PEACE
P.S. As a punk kid I don't know if I ever said thank you for driving us up North to surf County line and Zeros. We got some good waves for sure. Thank you.
P.S.S. I know you have more surf shots from way back Jetty and Breakwater.
JOHN 16-Feb-2009 18:28
JOHN 16-Feb-2009 18:23
john 16-Feb-2009 17:54
hi sally, i hope your doing good in life. randy newman moved to the valley with his parents in the early 80 we kept in touch for awhile but then we dritted away. he was my best friend in the 70,s
masao miyashiro 17-Jan-2009 00:36
my name is masao and i'm doing a documentary on the building of the new skatepark that is in progress right now.the sight of the park is where the old dansen oil refinery use to be and i was wondering if you might have any pics.i love the stuff you have on your sight and would like to use some of them for the movie.
contact me at 310-392-2386.
i live next to jeff shelp.
sally conn 22-Dec-2008 02:02
April Newman showed me this site and I'm dizzy from flying back in time. Shout out to John Hands, whatever happened to Randy Newman from Mark Twain JH?
STACY 21-Sep-2008 09:29
WOW.....Beautiful photos...Love looking back!!!!! Hello Ananda,kara,Mark,Soren, everyone.
This is Stacy(sister named Kelly)you may or may not remember me,thats o.k.. I remember you, back in the old venice days!!!!!

Julie Fulmer (now Wallach) 08-Sep-2008 02:05
I lived in SM with mom, but my dad lived in Venice on Ozone and I spent lots of time hanging with so many of these guys. What were blurry memories are now vivid in my many great times. Although I had a loving family I feel like my friends -- many of whom are photographed here -- were like a second family to me. Just walking through my teenage years with such good people (even if they seemed tough on the outside) always made me feel safe and free, all at once. Thank you!!
Guest 31-Aug-2008 21:34
Aloha! Amazing site!Does anyone have photos of chick skaters 1978-1982 from Venice Pavillion or Marina Skate Park? I need Lory Mayotte, Tanya etc. Thankx for help- working on a book.
john hands 25-Jul-2008 15:18
hey dave and john i dont know if i ever thanked you for letting me stay in your shack you built in your backyard it helped me out alot.also thanks for all the pictures of me and all the peoples pictures of whom i grew up and surfed with from 1971 till 2001 after that a few times a summer. last time last july. the b.w. north side was the best from the 70s to 85 9os tou could ask me j.h. jay a.allen s.kenny t.adrain polar bear doug i. scott h. parker h. randy r. butch m. steve s. jeff s. hime pam april doug o dan tan ricky m mike s kelly r lars j kenny m kenney eby pat s diver d avrey his brother greg knee board rob knee board raphl leif s kori a froggy a the zimmerman brothers jimmy t one man band neville b little matt dillon doug i rayn brothers joe karen anderson husband and i cant forget about the little hot chicks that hung at the wall to show there stuff and give it up not all did i could name lots of hotties then but you do know woh you are i do have pictures of many of you most were taken by picture man rick martin and a few by man and wife that is dave scott and little john that name is what us locals gave them in the 80s we would see them coming to the beach in the morning to take theri morning walk we would see them coming and say hey here comes man and wife dAve if your reading this i hope
you two got married write me if you want need to here from rona r J>H





Guest 09-Jul-2008 21:29
Thanks Man!
True Stoke Found Here!
Know your Future, Remember your Past!
Por Vida
Por Vida
Por Vida
Thanks again!
pete mayotte 01-Jun-2008 20:26
i would guess that guest is my sis LO RY , LOL ... EMAIL ME AT PETE4_89@HOTMAIL.COM PLEASE , I MISS YOU AND AM IN NKC ....P
Guest 17-Mar-2008 08:32
Pete Mayotte-All good in life?I'm going to post photos (new and late 70's-80's.)I have all your Model Photos- and letter from ROLAND to YOU!I have photos of all skater life + Hinanos!!
PETE MAYOTTE 10-Feb-2008 20:27
HEATHER H. 31-Jan-2008 04:13
Cecily Lobretto 15-Jan-2008 18:00
Did any of you go to school with Burt Lamar? Great pix!
Lory Mayotte 02-Jan-2008 04:55
Lory here sending big-love. I read Pete's msg.-Thank YOU. Peace on all.
Mike Shaughnessy 04-Dec-2007 22:44
Nice, classic pics. It brings back alot of memories. Those were great times!
Patrick Fletcher 24-Oct-2007 07:01
Amazing photos! Those were interesting days ...
Rachel Monday 22-Oct-2007 15:38
David, What an amazing body of work - thank you so much for taking the time to post and share it. -Rachel
Guest 08-Mar-2007 13:24
Your photos ignite a lot of inspiration.
Anna McGuirk 20-Nov-2006 02:03
Thanks for the trip down memory lane. Don't you have any pictures of us girls that hung out at he breakwater? I know "picture man" sure liked to take our pictures. I started going to the breakwater when my mother was pregnant with me (1959). I was a junior lifeguard at the breakwater too. Lobster John taught my uncles to free dive. I spent every moment possible there until 1977. I've got some great pictures. Real life interfered and now I only get back on New Years Day for the Penguin swim which my mother orginizes. She's on the board of directors of the Venice Historical Society too. It sure has changed. Thanks again.
John (guitar guy) 18-Jul-2006 04:19
Thanks ever so much for your galleries. It really brings back memories of the days when my son Jim's skate rat buddies (Reid, Froggy, Steve H. and the gang) would hang out at our place on Ozone. I'm always checking for updates, so please post more - it was a rare time, and unfortunately the present pales by comparison.
I don't think we ever met, but I do remember the kids proudly showing me some of the shots the "camera dude" had taken of the skateboard action.
P&L, Gnarly, Rad and all that,
Justin Zimmerman 24-May-2006 07:07
Thanks for the memories, Dave. I can now show my kids pictures of the old days that I've talked about for years. My kids are now the same age that many of us were when these pics were taken. Their life is so different. That is both good and bad...

God bless - Justin Z
Guest 01-Mar-2006 05:44
Unreal.... your photos tell the whole story, they say so much about what Venice is all about. This is the best collection of Venice Locals I've ever seen.
Jimmy T
Bret Knight 20-Jan-2006 15:45
I never claimed to be from the break water but I am proud to have grown up in Venice. Had some great times and some bad ones too but I'm sure we all had those. The pictures posted on this site bring back most of the good ones.
Ananda 18-Dec-2005 02:29
Hey Daivd ,
Thanks for putting my pixs up. It really is amazing to look back at all of your photos. It realy is like the history of Venice. Maybe you should get a book together...I love the black and white photography. Seeing the photos of Prudy and all the kids takes me back, I have old black and white photos of us when we were all really mom and Prudy (when Prudy was still married to Jerry) were best friends in the 60's and my family and I lived in the apartment behind them on Anchorage street. My mom passed away before Prudy....she had cancer. A lot memories are here in these pictures. They really touch my heart. Keep up the good work. Happy Holiday's. Wishing you all the best in the New Year.
Peace and Love,
Leif Seligsohn 03-Dec-2005 17:35
Back in the day, I sit and wish I was a kid, and sometimes, I sitback and even think I was a kid again!!!!That was an O.G. rap lyric.Don't know the artist, but if you can read it and recall the melody, they pretty much nailed it! Miss those days,miss all my old friends.What?, We used to breakdance on the boardwalk for change???,and surf too!! O.G. Thanks David, Leif Brah. VBWL FOR LIFE....
Guest 27-Nov-2005 19:44
I just discovered this... its blowing my mind! Thanks so much... can't stop looking... overwhelmed... miss everyone! Kevin
Guest 18-Nov-2005 21:41
These pictures are truly amazing. It's like painting vs. computer art, there is no
Guest 04-Nov-2005 09:33
I "bumped" into your site quite by accident....I was looking for VW pics....but am sure glad I reached this destination. Your pictures are magnificent as stand-alones, and you must have put an amazing amount of time in collecting these, and protecting them for such a long period. Never mind the time and effort to post them here. But best of all, these pics tell a fascinating story. Congratulations.
Ryan Schmitter 04-Nov-2005 08:20
Hey David, Wow !!
Lots of great Pix, something about B+W pix that are magical, and takes you back ! Makes me want to dig into my own collection of Skate Board & Surf pix. Superb presentation.
See ya soon..............Ryan
Erin 04-Oct-2005 23:56
How time flies. These are amazing pictures.
downtown81 04-Oct-2005 06:18
When I came across this website I almost started crying, those were the funnest days of my life hangin in Venice Beach in the early eighties. I can't believe how little everyone looks, and we thought we were so tough!
Ian 30-Sep-2005 03:39
Thanks for doing all this I have forgotten what a great time we grew up in, with a great group of friends, you are only young once
Roy Pritchard 04-Sep-2005 06:24
Do you have any pictures of my dad Roy Pritchard
Amy Burtis 28-Aug-2005 17:02
David, Thanks so much! It's a joy to see how my husband grew up and how interesting Venice is. I've heard so many crazy stories and these pictures say it all. I'm glad I can share them with Colin's kids, Alyssa and Forrest.
Thank you,
Amy Burtis
Neville Burtis 31-Jul-2005 17:08
David, WOW! What an amazing gift it is that you've taken the time to document and share such great images. I can't thank you enough! They bring back priceless memories of amazing friends and family. What a treasure of memories.
Thank You.
Neville Burtis
Guest 16-Jul-2005 16:52
This is a great site; thanks for doing it, but as Angie asked--where are the girls?
Margaret C.
G. Ruiz 29-Jun-2005 05:28
Thanks for the taking these pictures and posting them. They really capture a special time and bring back a lot of really nice memories. I'm very proud to be from VENICE and am hopeful that future generations enjoy this special place.
Gus Rosenfeld26-Jun-2005 05:52
These are amazing shots; really brings it back. Thanks - g
Guest 21-Jun-2005 06:55
Thanks David For ALL the Pics . Sharing these with us is a treat I wish all could see.
I wish I had my lil brother to share them with. But I'll show them to my kids and to his daughter.To be able to have an open discussion on the pics is great. This is history. OUR history. VENICE history

Billy "Mil Mil" Bryant