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Best of Kerala and Tamil Nadu

These are a selection of images taken from the database of Kerala and Tamil Nadu, and to me they express the best the way I have seen and experienced this area of India. If you want to see all photos, just go to my gallery .
Bride Madurai.jpg Detail temple Madurai 1.jpg Man in orange Trivandrum.jpg Lady in pink 1.jpg Begging woman.jpg
Proud mother Alleppey.jpg Enjoying the morning sun.jpg Man at the market in Madurai.jpg Saddhu Pondi.jpg Man at flower market 1.jpg
After ritual in temple of Madurai.jpg Lost amidst posters.jpg Portrait Trivandrum.jpg Tiruvanamalai 1.jpg Gods.jpg
Intense look.jpg Two shy girls.jpg Bearded man 1.jpg Orange man.jpg Market woman in Madurai.jpg
Cleaning fish.jpg Reflected temple Madurai.jpg .sister Doing laundry.jpg Hidden.jpg
Man in doorway Trivandrum.jpg Girl in pink and blue Madurai.jpg Pilgrim near bathing tank.jpg Golden light.jpg Laundry woman.jpg
Shop near temple.jpg Lake near Munnar.jpg Dutch palace sleeper.jpg At work in the fields.jpg Coconut seller.jpg
Tea and phone.jpg Woman Kanchipuram.jpg Giant ad.jpg Waiting Madurai.jpg old man near Kanyakumari 3.jpg
Communal water pump Madurai 1.jpg Lunch 1.jpg Pilgrim Madurai.jpg Boy pilgrim against stomachs.jpg Sharing a meal.jpg
St Francis Church Cochin.jpg Against orange.jpg Relaxed Madurai.jpg Reading in back of truck.jpg Statue 2 Temple Madurai.jpg
Hands crop.jpg Temple in Trichy.jpg Woman with glasses.jpg Butcher Madurai.jpg Rickshaw driver nap.jpg
Pondi french quarter.jpg Reading Trichy.jpg A rest.jpg Despondent.jpg Street ironer.jpg
Conversation.jpg Brother.jpg Temple Madurai 1.jpg Face.jpg Watching from the shadows.jpg
The hand.jpg Horse statue.jpg Sleeper Madurai market.jpg Woman at market Trivandrum.jpg Man in Pondi.jpg
old man with earring in Kanyakumari.jpg Helping Madurai.jpg Two shadow shapes.jpg Yellow.jpg Priest.jpg
At the temple of Tiruvanamalai.jpg Elephant eye Kanchipuram.jpg Lady in pink.jpg Cloth seller.jpg Hall of 1000 pillars Trichy.jpg
Bride and groom Madurai.jpg Pouring .jpg Woman in doorway Madurai.jpg Smile at flower market.jpg Sleeping saddhu.jpg
Elephant eye.jpg Peeking.jpg Tea maker 1.jpg rickshaw driver.jpg Sitting in temple Trichy.jpg
Quiet scene at temple in Trivandrum.jpg Anonymous train traveller.jpg Blue shutters.jpg Making an offering Madurai.jpg Pondi 7.jpg
Spilled fish.jpg Village kid Kanyakumari.jpg Life in the alleys of Madurai.jpg Sisters.jpg Tea picker.jpg
Pondi 8.jpg Relaxed market lady.jpg Jain temple Cochin.jpg Leaves.jpg Hinge.jpg
Asleep.jpg Soothsayer.jpg Midday rest.jpg Laborer Madurai.jpg Offering at temple Madurai.jpg
Pink lady.jpg Ironing.jpg Pilgrim in Tiruvanamalai.jpg Sitting man.jpg Boy in boat Kanyakumari crop.jpg
Statue Temple Madurai.jpg Seeking support.jpg Spice market worker at rest.jpg Laundry man 4.jpg Boy in front of roster.jpg
Painted statue.jpg Striped shirt environmental .jpg Girl in blue outfit Madurai.jpg Flower market scene.jpg Sleeping rickshaw driver.jpg
Fleeting fame.jpg Bridal party Madurai.jpg Saddhu Tiruvanamalai 1.jpg Hindu priest.jpg Priest at Sri Padmanabhaswamy temple.jpg
Man in Alleppey.jpg Old lady Madurai 2.jpg Painted saddhu Pondi.jpg Pondi 2.jpg Captain river boat.jpg
Laundry man 3.jpg Market lady Madurai 3.jpg Close up turbaned man Trichy.jpg Pondi 1.jpg Girl with father.jpg
In the temple of Thanjavur.jpg Ganesh decorated with offerings.jpg Tomato seller.jpg Two ladies in Mamallapuram.jpg Kumbakonam temple 1.jpg
Kerala woman.jpg Relaxed market man.jpg Duck walker.jpg Amused.jpg Market man in Kollam.jpg
Young girl Madurai.jpg Harry Potter magic disappearance.jpg Touching Nandi.jpg Man near Kanyakumari 2.jpg Lone blue Ganesh.jpg
Fishing nets Cochin.jpg Temple Nandi.jpg Statue rubbed with butter etc Madurai.jpg Market man Trichy.jpg Fertility statue maybe.jpg
Haircut.jpg Woman at the Padmanabhapuram Palace.jpg Pondi 6.jpg Street in Kanyakumari.jpg Small boy in Madurai.jpg
Boy against body.jpg Namaste man.jpg Light and shadow statue.jpg Curling poster.jpg Banana man.jpg
In rhythm.jpg Two saddhus.jpg Close up old lady.jpg Face Kumbakonam.jpg Trucks.jpg
Temple Thanjavur.jpg Traveller statue.jpg Butcher at the market of Trivandrum.jpg Fish seller in Trivandrum.jpg Multiples.jpg
Tea carriers 1.jpg Houseboat reflected.jpg Mossy statue.jpg Cutting grass.jpg Striped forehead.jpg
Bangles.jpg Disappearing act.jpg Green bike Mamallapuram.jpg Chai break.jpg Temple Kanchipuram.jpg