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Thokozani 21-Aug-2013 20:46
damn this girls are hot im going to swaziland
lucas 22-May-2013 11:45
Both chick on the picture above are hot, but the second from left she my queen.
nigerian man 22-Nov-2012 20:59
The one on the left is my queen and fiinest in all of. Africa and her boobs. Are standing and fresh.she is simply the. Best
mpimz_20224-Jul-2012 17:17
When does this festival take place?
Yearning John. 20-Jul-2012 15:41
That is the niche of life, when such a beauty like number 1 on the left is next to your heart and warming u up! Let her get my mail address and I travel to her parents. Yr Highness, I do not blame you for what you have, only allow her travel with me to Uganda! If she is not already hooked?
John 18-Jul-2012 19:05
U are not seeing those lips preparing for me? Ooooh! My....
John 18-Jul-2012 18:57
Guest 29-Dec-2011 11:28
Oh m God, I really love this people...
Christian 10-Oct-2011 23:59
This culture is very good, How i wish i could be there
Nana 02-Sep-2011 19:57
Swazis, you have beautiful girls. I love them all.
LISTA 01-Jun-2011 09:44
yhooooooooo madoda ndicela umtshato please maan second from left yhuuuu kuthi mandizibulale ngayer i have a great crush on her already, how to get in swaziland?
NGWEBE frm TANZANIA 17-May-2011 17:42
is there any age range they consider to get these ladies get envolved in the ceremonies? What about beauty: if really it is,then Swaz ladies were blessed------how beautiful they are! THEY ALL APPEAR THE BEST
Ayobami Khalid 25-Apr-2011 16:10
I could not believe it that this culture can still be practice in our region here in Africa, the wolrd is now growing into a larger civilized disposition, what a beautiful ladies and yound lad parading in this nude sense. Ooh! I hope they are not selling dis Africa beauty cheap?
Dedan 13-Apr-2011 20:41
nothing like the African beauty!!
Zuvarigere 23-Aug-2010 21:07
what could be more beautiful than a black. I stand and applaud every time
adam 14-Mar-2010 14:38
wow guys truly speaking swazi maidens are pretty
maavaor10-Dec-2009 04:53
I am a Nigerian woman but I tell you,these damsels are pretty.
Raymond Ekechi 10-Oct-2009 15:33
Oh!it is great to be an african but I want to add that african women must be treated with great respect more especially when it comes to sex.No abuse.They are quite naturally beautiful.
Guest 08-Jan-2009 11:26
This is beauty in its totality!
Bhinikwa 20-Sep-2008 22:28
Guest 08-Sep-2008 19:35
All I can say is "WOW"
manolo 08-Sep-2008 17:27
I am pleading to you tessa and all the pbase team can you send me these angels phone number and names or tell me how i can contact these angels otherwise. They are the proof that the most beautiful women are in africa.
titi 08-Sep-2008 17:20
Can i please have the names and phone number of these outstanding beauties.Angels send by GOD on earth, thank you LORD for giving us thesewonderful beauties in africa.
Kenyan Boy 08-Sep-2008 16:07
This is beautiful am proud to be an African,

what is better between,, and this?
let the westerners go to hell and hung
Guest 06-Sep-2008 19:53
Why are African women so beautiful, and American women of african descent not so much so?
FERDI IWU . 04-Sep-2008 12:32

Richard 22-Aug-2008 04:34
Beautiful hills. Sunny day. Lovely plains field. Bare feet. Black wild hair, green feathers. Earth colors. Proud sharing. Beauty. Smiles. WOW. Makes one proud to be human. Wish I had been there. Maybe one day...
--Richard, from Canada--
SIZWE 08-Aug-2008 09:34
i wish girls at your age could learn from you girls.continue to be the example to all of us young girls out there.
nonto 08-Aug-2008 09:31
Its great to know that there stiil some girls who still holding their virginty until they find their perfect match .[keep up girls u're extremly gorgeous] we are very ptoud of you since gilrs in your age are dying of AIDS
Tino 21-Jul-2008 13:59
Apa ndada mwana womudhara, ndichatoedza zvakasimba kutunda kwaMuswati kundotsvaka mwana ari kuruboshwe uyu. The girl to the left is the one.
Lutangu26-May-2008 14:12
Super natural breast so sweet and sweetest no regret when riding.
DiQ 21-Mar-2008 10:17
Virgin breasts can you see them?/ they are not there in europe. prodly african . tichikwatura zvedu
Power 10-Dec-2007 02:48
Natural standing african breasts! not the silicon based
Power 10-Dec-2007 02:38
Natural standing african breasts! not the silicon based
Kifua kabati 22-Nov-2007 15:55
oooh ma God, shiit. African countries should copy this Dance! Noooma
GAMBA EDWARD 22-Oct-2007 12:40
ANy Beautiful girl who appears on this sight esp.No one on 2272-038jpg
Please contact me on 000256773318263,Iam a lawyer based in Kampala-Uganda
Gamba Edward
tabs 11-Oct-2007 06:56
Borre ba Maswati o atsi ba akola ke eletsa ke ka bo ke le bone. Bots
Ncube Sibongiseni 18-Jul-2007 23:29
Keep it up Swati People with your culture, it shows that you are really proud of who you are. Zulu culture is dying guadually. I am glad to see the beauty of swati ladies, and I can see that they are really proud of who they are. I have promised my heart that I will go for a swati lady when time comes for me to get married. My heart is toughed by the lady on the left hand side of photo number 2272-038.jpg. I think I should start praying from now for a beautiful lady like that one. God is really the best creator, and there is no one like Him.
mwana nchi toka kenya 06-Jul-2007 01:23
Mila na zidumu zaidi. Watazame nauone niwarembo na hawajapuuza mila zao. Hongera ndugu zetu Waswazi kwa kukataa porojoo za wazungu mutupilie mila zenu.Nasema tena mpoteza mila nimutumwa. Namusikie Wafrika.
eddie sibiya 11-Jun-2007 14:37
I am coming to Swaziland to pay lobolo for the Swazi queen, first left on picture 2272-038. I hope all Sibiyas in Swaziland share my sentiments. The queen is beautiful. I am sending all Sibiyas in Swaziland to go out and find her for me.Call me at 031-3345000.My lobolo is ready for her parents.

I am serious.
Eddie Sibiya 08-Jun-2007 14:51
My comment is directed to the African Queen on the left,picture 2272-038JPG. It is a fact that Swazi Queens are our beatiful mothers. Can I remind your parents that I am not married and also respect the culture of lobolo.The rest is marriege date.
mwaura 29-Nov-2006 22:16
the left one ...and the firm grip on the sword. She definetely has what it takes..for me that is am not sure about mswati
Joe 23-Nov-2006 06:15
Exposition has nothing to do with promiscuity. It is in the heart of the Beholder. These ladies are merely following cultural traditions, which is good.

Message: Ladies, perform cultural traditions at the same time, look ahead and aim high. You have physical looks but be strong morally, emotionally and intellectually. We are proud of you.

The beauty is so enormous.
Guest 07-Nov-2006 00:07
Cute, pleasurable etc but are these the days to expose beautiful ladies like these?
Lando Ndunya 18-Sep-2006 13:29
Damn! ......... you can tell why Mt Kilimanjanro was made with two peaks, look the left girlfriend! and call me for a chat +255 77 3 546 586
Jennifer 11-Sep-2006 08:46
we have queens in Africa