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Guest 25-Jun-2013 16:25
ladyy j,
U have more bull...s...t than these innocent girls. Leave them to those who know the value. Never proud of the likes of yr sisters with breasts pumped with silicon? Ask Swazis. When was this? They must now be on market among real men!
kun-ji 13-Aug-2012 14:11
Africa is rich in culture and tradition,this futher place us in a peculier and unique position that the world will soon be rule by african who dont do deciet.
ladyy j 12-Jul-2012 10:32
bullshut get thes innocent girls sme clothes,culture my asss ther a nude wat abt aids haa..
all mtondoa 19-May-2012 19:40
hongereni sana waafrika mnaodumisha mila zenu mimi huwa naona faraja sana ninapoona tamaduni zinapodumishwa.
Guest 04-Jan-2012 16:11
this is an exibition of the 15century primitive african humanity which has no place on the modern world. am very surprised, i now understand why hiv aids has been this countries daily bread.
the world should stop waisting time on nuclear countries and capture this nonsense king to the ICC. what!!!!! does this country have any idea about develoment at all?
tafadzwa 25-Oct-2010 14:21
Guest 21-Oct-2010 22:05
Paedophilia springs to mind, pre teen naked girls paraded in front of full grown men looking for wives ?????? WTF
Ibrahim Nigeria 07-Oct-2010 16:09
I am very happy for a well cultured african children. It may be a Cultural shock, ancient way of live, not modern and so on. But the fact is that people should learn about their ROOT(S).
Am very Proud to be an African Scientist. Look at the cultural value not the innocent NUDES.
Bukhosibemvelo 06-Sep-2010 10:54
Noah and I think u ar the most immoral self-centred person I hav cum to knw...U did good to write"I think" bcos the men don't think of having sex....U c unlike u men in Swaziland knw that ds culture is to b respected...They ar not perverted like u are!
noah 02-Sep-2010 14:06
this culture is the most immoral i have ever seen, i think the men in the country will be thinking of having sex with this ladies as soon as they see their breast,
Mbalenhle 19-Aug-2010 17:12
Ayoba thina amaswati ayobaa... Dnt be jeals of us tu...
paragon15-Mar-2010 08:07
suka wena treasure what do u knw about culture n virginity,cos u knw u are nt a v....
silundika kasebele 24-Feb-2010 14:54
kayl123 19-Dec-2009 22:33
they are all in school,hellooo! its Culture, if this culture was an issue the swazi's would have taken action, your probablly thinking all these girls are uneducated, when really they are! so don't talk about something you have no idea about.
i know this beacuse i'm swazi, if i were smarter you i would have asked someone who is from swaziland and knows more about their own culture.
maavaor10-Dec-2009 04:48
I hope they are not out there because they want to be picked out by the King as the next new wife?Pls they should complete their education first (@ least high school/Secondary).
Bukhayinska 06-Nov-2009 15:35
What can i say? nice culture. No inflitration by the West. Wish my own was like this. Keep it up beautiful girls!
Mikel 04-Sep-2009 17:59
i have never seen anything like this befor i think is unic to conpair to my culture...but this cool SWAZI u rock guys...this enable woman to value them selfs alot and be proud of been a virgin.
Willie Cecogo18-Aug-2009 10:06
This not child abuse. That is their culture and that is their tradition, you have to respect it.
I was their also on 2004. I took lots of photos but of poor quality coz I was a newbie in photography that time. This year the Reed Dance will be held on the 31st of this month (August) and I'm planning to go there hoping to get better pictures this time coz now i'm more experienced than before and have better photo gears.
Lets go and watch the Reed Dance ceremony. See you there people!
Goddy 20-Jan-2009 17:40



Guest 13-Jan-2009 05:38
Diq, where is home for you????? This a beautiful traditional celebration. Are there any beauty pageants where you are? And why is the abuse to you? How many celebrations are just for the females of Swaziland?
Treasure Vilakati 18-Dec-2008 19:58
I am Swazi and DiQ this is NOT child abuse it is culture if you don't like it
Don’t look at it its simple it’s not only girls that go you should ask
Someone who has went to the reed dance most of the girls are not
There for the king they are there for culture they go when they want to
There is nothing wrong with these girls they are made by God so you cannot judge
their beauty they are unique all you know is that the king chooses a wife but you should learn a bit more about people's culture they have feelings obviously they would be upset if someone like you said "who would choose them to be a wife" please ask someone that is a Swazi you will know a bit more you don't have to have long hair to be pretty or have make up they are humans and they want to stay pure they chose to go
on another picture you said a girl was really pretty behind the police lady's hand and that girl IS Princess Sikhanyiso I have met her before she is really nice that is her Dad you are talking about like that and now your saying "this is child abuse" when YOU have been looking at the photos these are my questions

Why are you looking at the pictures when you don't like the culture?
Do you know about the Swazi Traditions and I mean all of them?
Do you know the purpose of them?
I want to say i find it quite funny because you’re the one who has been commenting on all the pictures with the miss Swaziland finalists and now you are saying this is child abuse one time you said a girl looked like she had HIV aids why can't you count
Other countries that have it as well that is insulting someone you cannot tell that someone has HIV you are not a medical doctor that is pure rubbish and ignorance

DiQ 21-Mar-2008 10:00
this is child abuse. gys are you sure the king wants any of the girls on this photo?? why waste their time
Julius 13-Dec-2007 12:53
So exellent so wonderful this is 100% love to ones culture.Please don't listen to any antsocial character.